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  • thetorturedstories 4d

    गुनाह बस इतना सा मेरा,
    मैंने तुम पर यकीन हर बार किया |

  • thetorturedstories 5d

    कुछ यू चल रहा है सिलसिला मोहब्बत का उससे,
    मेरी आसुओं का वज़न हमेशा कम होता है उसकी नज़रअंदाज़गी से |

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    वह सरेआम मुझे अपना बताती है,
    आंखों से इशारा कर अपना हक जताती है,
    और, अगर हो जाऊँ परेशान मैं, किसी भी बात से,
    अपने होठों को मेरे माथे का पता बताती है |

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    Some beautiful things about being single:

    1. Unique Bond with on self.

    When we are in a relationship we ignore the bond we should have with ourselves. But being single we have a great opportunity to explore ourselves. We learn to bring positivity and happiness around us without depending upon anyone.

    2. Realising that you are complete, on your own.

    When you are single you learn an important thing that you don't need to be in a relationship to feel complete. You are alone enough to make yourself feel special.

    3. Your confidence speaks louder.

    Being single makes you fully dependent on yourself. For any kind of mental or emotional help, you don't have to rush to someone because you know you are prepared to face anything alone.

    4. You don't compromise with your decisions.

    When you are in a relationship, there are many moments when you have to compromise with your decisions for the sake of your partner. But when you are single you have the freedom to make decisions without compromising with them.

    5. You learn to feel better alone.

    This is the most important thing one discovers about being single. Earlier you used to be dependent upon someone to heal from a bad experience. But now you get the opportunity to know how to recover yourself from your bad/past experiences.

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    Sometimes life becomes harsh with you to make you realize why they weren't lucky for you.

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    हैरान हूँ तुम्हरी पहली झलक से ही,
    अब गुदगुदी सी होती है तुम्हें सोचने पर भी|

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    तुम्हारी साजिशों से जान गई थी मेरी,
    वो तो लोग थे, जिन्होंने इल्ज़ाम ज़हर पे लगा दिया |

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    गुमशुदा हो गया हूँ अपने ही कबीले में,
    लोग मेरी कहानी मुझे सुनाकर कहते हैं
    "यहां एक कमाल का आशिक रहता था|"

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    The right person will notify you of your missteps and stand with you to correct them.

  • thetorturedstories 1w

    उसकी मेहंदी में उसका नाम ना था,
    फीकी हथेली में टपकती उसकी आंसू ज़माने को कोष रही थी |