That which is peculiarly unique is better than normality.

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  • theswordandtherose 1w

    Writing is more than expressing my heart and my thoughts;

    It brings healing to my soul


  • theswordandtherose 1w

    The choice to view my life depends on my contemplation of whether I want to see the way Abba sees or to see with the mirror of my humanness.

    The choice to extend forgiveness depends on the surrendering of my heart on whether I want to be moved by Abba’s compassion or by the obligation of my humanness.

    The choice to truly love depends on my willingness to love unconditionally as my Abba does or to love with the conditional limitations of my humanness.

    Such is my view,
    there is my perspective…


  • theswordandtherose 1w

    How do I love?

    How do I love and protect my heart?

    Do I love with limited conditions or human expectations because of painful experiences?

    Do I contemplate the fact that in love there is the possibility of being broken-hearted or discouraged?

    Do I ponder the truth that human love can become the obstacle that hinders unconditional love from moving with compassion ?

    Do I settle for a portion of love for the sake of peace for me, for them, for all?

    I wonder…

    If I choose to love not as the world dictates or conditions me to love, but to love in a way that is ethereal and eternal, will that protect my heart from opportunities to be disappointed, saddened, hurt, abused or even shattered?


    I wonder …

    Selah ~


  • theswordandtherose 3w


    The week has seemed long while being in the macabre of thoughts and emotions unwelcomed and in some situations, unchecked.

    You see, my thoughts and dream life reveal the overflowing that seeps through unnoticed until either I awaken from the dream state of my subconscious or when I recognize the rising of the reptilian part of my brain.

    Making tremendous effort to keep my emotions from reacting to the persuasion of thoughts being manipulated…

    I find myself in a quandary…

    but not for long…

    For to allow myself to stay in the abyss of thought and emotional manipulation would only give authority to chaos to continue…

    To keep me from the peace that guards my heart and my mind…

    Such is His peace;

    My shalom… which I embrace and trust to keep me safely tucked away in the cleft of the Rock, which is and Who is my wisdom and understanding; my knowledge and insight;

    My safety and protection;

    My truth…

    And my hope…

    Shalom be the journey


  • theswordandtherose 4w

    The nightmarish flashes of
    self-afflicting demise
    Sit silently in my subconscious

    Hidden in the dark
    Waiting for its moment to pounce
    Predator to prey


  • theswordandtherose 4w


    Dreams are made of many things that can bring light or dark as well as harsh and soft.

    Soft as cotton candy floating on a breeze; harsh as metal clanging with metal.

    Light as the sunrise on the revealing of the day; dark as a moonless night silent at bay.

    It can be a quilt of patchwork memories sewn together by the threads of lives intersecting; it can be a forest’s den, damp and dreary.

    It can be the oceans depth of many scarlet secrets and the buried memories that should never to be found.


    It is the mind’s way of detoxing the poison of choices made, relationships had or promises forgotten.

    It is the mind’s way of reminding one that there may be residue lingering in the hidden chambers of the heart; of broken, shattered dreams stained and tainted by the onslaught of betrayal.

    And yet, in the darkness, in the depth, in the silence… there is hope.

    The Hope that in spite of life’s encounters with the humanness of what might seem as selfish decisions that tear at the very existence of what the heart could be, should be, can be…

    There remains and abides in each of us the strength to hope, to love, to have faith; to trust and believe that Hope is and always shall be the light that heals and makes us whole…

    even through our dreams.


  • theswordandtherose 5w

    The Line

    There is a line that separates
    That causes one to hesitate
    Even some to contemplate
    The reasons for the line

    There is a line that sets to wonder
    Even makes one think or ponder
    Why we choose to keep asunder
    By establishing the line

    There is a line that dares to cause
    Consideration to the pause
    That silences thought’s future clause
    No promise from the line

    There is a line that seems to be
    Necessitating what we see
    In you, in him, in she, in we
    The truth about the line

    There is a line meant to protect
    Its purposed hope is to respect
    A sojourn’s journey that reflects
    The boundary of the line


  • theswordandtherose 8w

    There are those who cross the line of “quiet” with the urgency to vent, maybe rant and in some cases rage.

    Their consideration for your “quiet space ” is held captive by their need to be heard and to be seen because of the desperation of their heart’s cry.

    I wonder though…

    Could it be due to the invasion of someone else’s assumption and presumption upon their own “quiet”?

    If that be the case, how do we help them as well as ourselves in carving out boundaries for the sanity of mind and the peace of heart?

    With wisdom:
    Let us know our limitations by creating and implementing a “quiet place” where we can take deep breaths and rest.

    With understanding:
    Let us know how we can be and become our best selves in “quiet moments” where everyone can be inspired and inspire.

    With counsel:
    Let us know how we can encourage respect for “quiet time“ where we can strengthen without feeling obligated or guilty.

    With Hope:
    Let us know how we can be transparent in our faith and love of what we have learned in the “quiet” so others will desire the same.

    In Humility:
    Let us know how…


  • theswordandtherose 9w

    When you need a shoulder to lean on
    When you need someone to talk with
    When you need encouragement

    But others need you more


  • theswordandtherose 9w