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  • thestoryofthepuzzles 134w


    Many deal in words,
    Millions deal in drugs.
    How do I draw your attention,
    When you have much more than above?

    My love is feeble,
    My need, heavier than I can bear.
    What song shall communicate my plight,
    to my ever floating ever radiant dear.
    Words on words pile up and sink,
    in my ocean of salty tears,
    How do I transform myself
    to be able to float near.
    I am unworthy, and at the verge of fall,
    Come save me here.
    One by one my fingers slip, Save me my dear.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 136w

    in my head

    I promise to forgive you for stealing my heart,
    if you just return it back to me.
    We could talk about your scars, if you let me see.
    We could trade our pain and set it free.
    We could start a new chapter over a cup of coffee,
    A long walk on a silent beach, or a giggling conversation over morning tea,
    The conversation could last our whole lives, if u let it be.

    I promise to forgive you, if you return my heart back to me.
    Or you could give the one you have to me.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 136w


    do you still love me despite my sins?
    Do you feel my love gasping for breath buried within?
    My love, do you understand this pain that I cannot comprehend?
    Can you straighten this mind, that refuses to bend?
    Do you feel my loss, as I mourn my death everyday in these flames abright,
    Do you see, that when my demons set fire to the world, you are my soothing moonlight?
    My master, will you teach me how to fight?
    My only one, let me rest for a while, protect me from this sight.

    Raise me when you think it's time, I trust myself with you, my divine.
    Only you, my solace sublime.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 137w

    Memoirs of the resurrected

    Both consume my heart,
    Both make me toss and turn in feverish nights.
    Both give me a high and send me off into the stars hallucinating, just to pull me back into the ash and dust of whatever is left of my existence.
    Lust and poison, two sisters, twisting their claws into the fate of cursed souls that confuse one for salvation and other for love!

    But recongnising that love is salvation is the only cure.
    Finding refuge in love the only solace.
    Once you have drunk the ambrosia, poison affects you no more.
    The dark sisters become the distant nightmares that in anguish, roar.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 137w


    Rage personified!
    fire filled veins.
    finally lava spewed out.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 143w


    My beloved,
    The thirst for you rises each time it dies.
    If I look at another face, I pray that face sees you in my eyes.
    Drunk on your love, destructed at your rejection.
    I will roll around in my ashes and burn like my love for you, at my ressurection.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 145w

    Lost at dusk

    In moments of dark, in the acceptance of destruction,
    I come at your door.
    Fire burning into my flesh, my wounds sooted, eyes burning like ambers,
    I want you to raise me back, raise me whole.

    The battle comes again with the next morning,
    But we both know how it's gonna end.
    With the battlefield renewed, the illusion of enmeity subdued.
    Me in your arms at your door.
    Heavens finally beneath my feet.
    And you finally in my heart.
    Raise me whole my lord!
    I want the healing to start.
    Raise me in your image my beloved.
    I don't wanna be apart.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 146w

    Blessed in love

    Blessed is my wild heart that has a lover like thee,
    I fall and you raise,
    I get lost you catch my trail.
    Blessed is my every ordeal that brings you closer to me.
    Blessed be my lover for I glow for him to see.
    Blessed is my wild heart that has a lover like thee.

  • thestoryofthepuzzles 146w


    One step in,second step stuck.
    Both arms raised to the divine in and above.
    I take a leap into the forgotten familiar,
    From the assumed doom rises my kingdom.
    Wisdom on my left, ,guidance to my right!
    It was only a lesson, but I put up a fight.
    No more fear only bold submission.
    In my solace revels my power.
    Love and abundance are my skin,
    My teachers have been my dubious sin
    I rolled out with honours to the land of light
    May my lord guide me to paths bright
    I attract what I am, I attract what is highest of the higher
    My limits are boundless, I become whatever I desire.
    Each breath is a spell, I create as i respire.


  • thestoryofthepuzzles 151w

    My own

    If my words were not twisted, would you think I am?
    If my ink was not so cursive would you still understand the curves of my brain
    If I poured out my heart's diseases to you, would you still hold them as dear as you hold my poems that I birth out of them?
    Wont you be scared, if I came to you unclothed, unbashed, shameless in my own achievment that is my survival at the hands of pretentious lovers like you?
    Will you be able to handle my thirst for life?
    Will you be able to worship the fire that burns in my mind as much as you do the one that burns in loins.
    If i came to you as who you want me to?
    Will your thirst stay?
    Or then I would be a circus freak and you think you can toss in a penny of your attention and walk away?

    You see, my disease and my gifts are not for your entertainment,
    To be powdered and puffed up, to be cut and trimmed at your disposal
    These flames and these whirlwinds are the by products as I become who I am
    And you are just a lucky spectator,
    Be glad that the process didnt scar you and be delighted that you have seen what I chose to.
    Its not about if you stay or not.
    Its not that I ashamed of my own wholeness.
    Its just that its my own treasure, my own thoughts.
    I am my own being as I mould myself in this journey to permanent bliss.