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  • thepoeticprophet 16w


    Everything is meaningless, chasing after the wind
    I know my will is to do the Lord's work, but where do I begin
    I looked and knocked, and he answered the door
    Filled with reverence and awe, my knees hit the floor
    He said no one could do it alone
    So I asked for help, and worshipped at his throne
    I confessed my sins, and I was forgiven
    And the Angel's began to rejoice and praise God in heaven
    For I once was lost, but now I'm found
    I'm no longer trapped in the wilderness, but safe and sound
    My dreams are touched by your mighty hand
    You've shown me wonders that can be done by no mortal man
    You've brought me through the darkest and hottest of all hells
    And cooled my soul with water from Jacob's Well


  • thepoeticprophet 22w

    A Fucked Up Midsummer Night's Dream

    Lying in the grass in the hot summer sun, high as shit, sweating and drifting off to a place called dream rem

    "Do you like dying?", was the question I asked. One man said, "Who asks a question like that, an ass?"
    Another man said, As long as it's for an honorable cost!"
    Laughing an old woman says, "Hey y'all! I think some of his marbles are lost!"

    Then I said, "Please pay close attention my dear old friends"
    "Because this night must soon come to an end"
    " And please don't be mad, because you're to blame"
    " How foolish of you all to think you could use me and slander my name"
    "So please please believe me when i say,
    that fate holds something very just and deserving for the rest your days!"
    "By the way, if you must say something, then answer me this", "How do you like the tea?"
    "I take pride in saying it was poisoned by the very cunning and conniving me!
    "I'm sure you're saying this can't be"
    "Why thank you, You see... But this is why your chests are tightening and you can barely breathe"
    The room went dead as the clock struck three And i am very pleased to report that no one left that room but me
    And another thing... As real as it all may seem
    It's just another Fucked Up Midsummer Night's Dream

  • thepoeticprophet 29w

    This Pen

    With this pen in my hand im so much more than I could ever be
    So much more than what the naked eye could ever see
    With a gifted tongue and a way with words
    Whenever there's pen and paper I get a surge
    To write...
    What people are afraid to say
    To define the times of this modern day
    Stuck in this tormenting jail called society
    Where I am being judged solely by my sobriety or either the color of my skin
    Oh my wounded generation where do I began
    Slavery is over but we're still in shackles and chains
    Enslaved by the madness that goes on in our brains
    Our hearts and souls are all we have left to save
    Listen to this young prophet rant and rave
    Madness i declare, madness at a time when the world needs love
    Self destruction is our favorite drug
    The government is off raging third country wars
    When the real problems are knocking on our front doors
    With this pen in my hands I wrote the truth that I heard the children cry
    Because in the end it will be their generation who decides
    Whether us selfish adults live or die

  • thepoeticprophet 29w


    The enemy is close and he has started his reign
    A thousand years terror, destruction, and
    He sets up his minions against the godly as if he's playing chess
    And his time is running out so for this reason he cannot rest
    For those who have been blinded by their sin and cannot see
    He uses them as pawns as they partake in his poisonous tree
    And the Lord is not blind he knows what's going on
    Raphael, gabriel, Michael, and Uriel stand ready at his throne
    And then there are the ones that the Lord holds dear
    He keeps their eyes open as he whispers in their ear
    What lies ahead for them and what must be done
    That satan will fail miserably and the Lord's battle will be won
    See, but satan is cunningly wise and he won't give up without a fight
    God prepares his army when they lie down for the night
    Because satan will use your eyes and mind and things are not always as they may seem
    The Lord will step up and show you everything you need to know in your dreams
    Satan's has put in his bid and his people have been marked
    But God's army is always ready please listen to the angel hark
    The poetic prophet