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  • thenicestbitch 1w

    The confetti sky stopped by yesterday, gazing broken labyrinth! Threw a bubble of petals turning them into doors of beloved memory. clouds adapted all changed decisions I have made with sweat in my eyes!

    I was running in a field of words, I chose which served life to my pen. Few of them left, leaving their fragile fragrance! My blank pages were reek of death!

    I was tied with knots of nothingness, I am like a seed of cactus; waiting to be dried up to bloom as I should! The love, being poured on me; have held my ink to flow!

    I never was a cactus, I was flower; waiting for my roots to be strong. I grew up, you; you planted love into dead soil!

    Your heart wears print of my lips; and your arms holding my world. I dried up once and twice and few more time but tenderness of your eyes made me bloom again! My pen has stories to tell now, a river of ink have home now!

    I am blooming with dawn “


  • thenicestbitch 30w

    Things that resemble petrichor “

    Thick burned skin under chiffon cover, uncovering phases, pages by pages. Paragraphs of painkillers to keep flow of ink, indulging each drop, fell after numerous sniffles. Under the grave of moonlight, there lives a sky, who sing petrichor like a lullaby.

    Ladder to reach the cloud, holding a hammer to break it down. Dipping myself into myth of soil. I was muddy but dried with sin. One time for the soul and two times for the soil of my skin, my hands started to break blue beneath the hills. It rained and fragrance of melting away glow up my chin. I became petrichor or I was one, from the very beginning?!

    Cracks of wall started to talk about my rhymes. On the rhythm of cracked up heart my pen took thousand classes of sewing. Threads were filled with black veins but stitches were holding crimson patch. Colourblind pebble drew grey rainbow, I was turning into tears of droplet falling from semicolons. My earth stopped rotating to stable ocean which was overflowing. Those cracks were now merged, clouds and ocean became one. I were that fragrance all along, soil of myth bloom for life. Those chiffon covers worn petrichor from core”

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 48w

    I have been above the earth
    But couldn’t reach sky
    I was lost enough to be stuck

    My soul lived among spices
    There is no taste it hasn’t had
    But it’s being called Stone

    Between crowds of words
    Behind walls of lines she hides
    Her bravest yet coward heart

    Her cheeks forgot color of smile
    Bones only knows how to hold body for miles
    And eyes, they betrayed her in every sights

    She was locked up in reality
    Her nights never came, she stayed awake
    But she was like a sculpture

    Her teeth bite her lower lip
    It closed her eyes but
    Couldn’t give her will to move

    At last she did nothing
    She was shattering like a mirror
    The kite flew away giving
    Cuts in hand for life “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 48w

    A palace within
    countable walls,
    Made of paper mint
    to avoid barks of doors.

    A crumpled poetry lives
    inside wide hole of soul,
    Holding a mountain
    But of fragile soil.

    Stinks, it stinks as
    She breathes.
    Wimpier her heart
    as she was living.

    A note she could
    never wrote,
    Her reflection was
    defeating her existence.

    Her feet never
    never made her walk,
    Yet she made her
    way through clouds.

    She wasn’t good
    with rope climbing,
    Yet she flew with one
    when she was rhyming “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 48w

    I was taking off clothes of tears
    In the cup of their hands my heart pounds off beat

    I put cotton gloves to stay dry
    On their back I found mud of past

    Thousand steps ahead my time was running
    I already know I am never going to made till the end

    I stole some designs of that muddy past
    And drew over and over again to make it better

    I am still drawing and I guess I will always be
    Because they never gave me a pencil to draw and colours?! I never had them

    The things were like this from the beginning
    I escaped from nothing because there were no other traps than me “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 49w

    Soothing bruises
    of eyes on pages
    Snores of words at
    middle of the night

    Pile of dreams
    turning into nightmares
    Each pot of weed
    singing for twinkling stars

    Left over wine seems
    to say goodbye
    Buried graves
    asking for new coffins

    A book called world laying
    under bed as cup mate
    Smirking the life hanging
    over slow wall clock

    Four walls with
    no corners
    stopped feeding
    overflowing chin

    Grinning each
    places who’s
    one part of me

    Crooked teeth
    of my first snowman
    The scarf of water
    around my neck

    Crimson hair and
    black scalp of horizon
    The wounds have
    been better place

    Don’t know
    when this world
    a terrible place

    Those bandages
    are sliding down
    at the beginning
    of dreams

    Reflecting breath of
    lights on
    my fingertips
    as I waved to moon

    I dodge some scenes
    of Spring And
    asked for
    cherry blossom rain

    I was in continuous
    circle again I walked
    away just to meet
    them again “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 49w

    Among 26 characters 

    My heart smiled seeing 

    I picking U 

    And rest of them

    Became part of my age

    There is a garden

    Around corner of my eyes

    Autumn grow verses there

    And spring awaits for lullabies 

    Eyes saw absurdity of colour
    When my sky stay up in one shade

    Roots of sights collecting each knot 

    Calling them crayons to paint black board

    There were so many pages on table

    But one under fragile drops of ink

    I saw life between empty characters 

    They see overflowing sighs of my pen

    I escaped from wardrobe of their eyes
    They turned me into abominable silhouette "

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 49w

    Some songs are like
    Stubborn moles; stuck
    And echoing under my pillow

    There is a waterfall
    At the beginning of my grip on pen
    And there is no such thing called end

    Once I stopped crawling
    Under words of borrowed emotions
    There was a fall of snow in my heart

    My fingertips are dipped in ashes
    They barely knows how to giggle anymore
    And they can not write as well

    Weep; for your wantings.
    That’s what they keep reading
    And running here and there to feel less lost “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 49w

    I remember holding a cold cup
    And hot coffee inside

    I waited for a sign from

    That stillness of sky

    Then all of sudden
    I saw
My mouth forgot the way

    To take a sip and my hands;
    They gave up without even trying 

    I remember stares

    From my hair to my thick eyebrows 

    Those mole and some pink pimples 

    Like a new makeup my skin is using 

    And I didn’t even pay for it

    My ring was now in short chain

    Hanging around my neck

    I remember staying under tree
    While it was raining hard and 

    I purposefully left my umbrella at home

    I was not waiting for it to be stopped 

    I was imagining what if I will be a paper boat 

    And will slay until I visit

    My last puddle

    I crossed the street
    And flowers were welcoming me
    I couldn’t touch them

    Their fragrance started to echo
    I fainted there
    They made me withered like them

    Yet I was blooming inside
    And my hands were still
    Rhyming on skyless cloud “

    © thenicestbitch

  • thenicestbitch 49w

    I now try to remember 

    The abstract design of my shirt, I couldn’t
    But I remember each of your wrinkles 

    And your breath's touch

    I now try to remember 

    Taste of sins and how I became an echo, I couldn’t
    But I remember your laughter 

    And fragile time on deathbed 

    I now try to remember 

    How my lungs were breathing same air as you

    You gave all air to me and didn't even bid bye

    And I collapsed seeing unutterable signs

    I now try to remember 

    The shape of heart which I could never draw

    Lusty finger carved it on walls but couldn't on paper

    Failure was the shape; a fake one

    I now try to remember

    How forgetful I have been for my mind

    I put life on the stove and burned it all to feed

    But they ate last piece of me and left their sins as my tip

    I now try to remember 

    Who I was and who you were not; I couldn’t
    Left over colours of rainbow sang epiphany
    Now I see who's arms
    I were holding; your voice; some stardust "

    © thenicestbitch