feeling sad is my side hobby ��

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  • themoonandthesun 1d

    They said, happiness knocks your door when you least expect it.

    I'm not expecting you right now!"

    ~girl who wants to smile

  • themoonandthesun 3d

    My Awkward Persona

    I'm an awkward person

    I never perfected introductions
    Neither do I know how to hug:
    Should I do the tap-tap embrace
    Or hold the someone tight
    Tight enough to snuggle.
    I do neither, I never hug

    I couldn't perfect "thank you"
    Neither do I know the right smile
    Should I do the plastic regularity
    Or the one that let loose my vulnerability
    Vulnerable enough to tear up
    I do neither, I never smile-real

    I did perfect apologies
    When I was not wrong,
    Nor was I right,
    Black to my grey
    I apologize regardless
    For being myself
    Too much, loud, slow
    Furious, vulnerable, needy
    I apologize all the goddamned time

    If I could turn back time
    I would unlearn "polite sorry"
    Relearn everything that made me "normal"

    Yeah, I'm an awkward person


  • themoonandthesun 4d

    White noise
    Confronted tranquil loneliness

    ~girl with headphones

  • themoonandthesun 4d

    I know it's lame. Will try something better.

    #haynaku @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Guilty of
    Passion, freewill, anarchy

    Blessed with
    Passion, subordination, anarchy

    Enduring persuasive perspective


  • themoonandthesun 4d

    "We have till dawn",
    Said the dream to the eyelids

    ~nightmarish nights

  • themoonandthesun 5d

    @murryben @treble_clef @sumiinked �� ⚰ this is dark �� buhahhaahhhahha

    #oxymoron @writersnetwork

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    Remember five shades of RED to forget them again and again.

    Death promised life an endless doom:
    A memory of those five shades
    That resembled stupefied life

    Monochromatic sunset is more lively
    Lovely than the skeletal reaper
    Life would differ,
    Time stoops for none, blesses none
    Turning the once warm body icy cold
    Brittle that begs for death.
    Wrinkles that hold on to youthful skin

    Life wished for death's kiss
    To seduce the knife at bay
    Gush of pleasure, with right pressure
    A final imperfect slice of perfection
    Every moment counts as death sneaks
    Eternity ticks for a momentary halt
    To unsee the lifeless sunset

    Filling the echoing silence
    In claustrophobic cave of selfhood
    Scribbling the umpteenth emptiness
    Onto a burnt hue of paper
    The poet found her lost sanity
    Peace and serenity
    With five shades of red:
    She defined her soul
    Guilt, love, lust, pain and bliss
    To forget the defined all over again
    A loop that ends with time

    Never once the wise realised
    Why they named her
    "Crazy woman in the attic"


  • themoonandthesun 1w

    @writersnetwork you guys are love. Here have this �� thank you so much for the repost. ��

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    To, colorless sky

    I found my muse in the unwrapped gifts you showered upon my melancholic reverie. From the gray stars that broke under the burden of my hope, the sunlit ball of serenity that sooth flooding ocean in me, to the blushing hue of day light that paints me gold. Filled with momentary hue of stupendous sunset, fireworks in my soul yearned to touch the scarlet glitter in you. I filled my dark poesy in gaps you left while rewriting stars. Dabbing it with my broken soul.
    I claimed a portion of your happiness mine.

    ~a poet holding brush of darkness
    Miraquill therapeutic centre
    Fri, 22 Oct 2021

  • themoonandthesun 1w

    Torn Feathers kiss the Starry Night

    Broken wings yearn for flight,
    A free open night sky.

    Solution within the wings,
    A feather broken loose,
    Free falls negating gravity.
    Flying up without baggage,
    Torn feathers kiss the starry night.

    Tied down,
    Burdened, with responsibility,
    Obedience and future,
    At times, a soul yearns for
    Liberation, free will and resistance.
    Whole can never be perfected.
    But broken improves with time.
    Scars a token of lessons learnt
    //A piece lost(/found) with free(falling) fight//

    ~flightless Swallow


  • themoonandthesun 1w

    #end #amru_gone_mad #temp (this post is gonna stay)

    I hate happy endings �� (no I take it back. I love happy endings)

    PS: @treble_clef @murryben I kept this post bcs you guys asked me to ��. @sumiinked yes! you are my lucky charm ��

    Thank you so much @miraquill for POD. You made my day. Love you. ��

    Thank you fam for reposts and likes. ��

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    A Broken Cup

    Reading cups each morning
    Instead of a newspaper
    Turned a habitual action.

    News that brought frown
    Followed a smile
    With lines on the cup
    "My Lady Love"
    One that broke
    With a humongous

    They say before hitting you
    He hits near you. Was it right?
    I never got to test the theory.
    Throwing him out,
    I patched the cup,
    Placed it amongst the broken
    My trust, my heart, a bit of my soul

    Years have passed
    Multiple tokens rest
    Near the broken cup

    With an equally broken smile

    I thought of forever,
    A thought, when I thought
    That love would last forever

    I was wrong

    (Or was I wrong?)


  • themoonandthesun 1w

    #end #wod #onec Self love was a chore indeed. I'll try something better. ��

    Thank you so much for EC ��
    @writersnetwork you guys are love. Thanks for the repost. ��

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    Trapped in a loop of Uncertainty

    Stooping to look past the
    Make up covered face
    I tried to touch the stagnant lake
    Reflecting treacherous moon
    Blushing under sunlight hue
    I forged the mirror to fit
    Accordingly at conventions

    Looking past the confident girl
    I called out for a dubious self
    One doubt at a time
    Clustered cynicism at the end
    Uncertainty at judgment
    Ambiguity rooted after optimism
    I sealed the smile and mended
    What's broken, indeed
    "Self love" was important

    Foolish or naive enough to trust
    The world that judged regardless
    Swinging like a spider
    Damp with burdened dew
    With unshed tears
    I searched for fissures
    In my lovely mended soul

    Trapped in a loop of uncertainty,
    That grew like weed under my skin
    Mutated, yet amputating confidence
    Blooming the unwanted that stink,
    Of rotten carcass, of smiles bright,
    Uprooting was a chore,
    Suffocating was never a choice

    Trapped in a loop of uncertainty,
    I thought that love would last forever:
    I was wrong

    //I had to unlearn uncertainty again, take lessons to love myself anew//