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  • themirakeeclub 19w

    Shout-out to @eurusgrey for winning yesterday's Question of the day in our discord server��

    Kudos Sakshi!��❤

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    Q. What's the most difficult problem you have ever solved?

    People pleasing, I think has been a great problem for me. I don't know if I've solved it completely, but I'm working on it. Always being the one to give doesn't usually end well, trying to get everyone's approval, being the nice person, even when it doesn't end well for you. And the thing is I'm (people)are aware of it all quiet well, we even know the answers or what steps to take, just doing it is what's terrifying. Anyways, I'm learning, so I guess that's what matters.

    – eurusgrey

  • themirakeeclub 25w

    Guest : @_scas_

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    Hello Mirakeeans, It's been a long time.
    Hope you guys doing great.

    Tomorrow we will be hosting our eighth podcast session and it's a great pleasure to have Anurag @scas as our guest. Please make sure that you grab your seats on time and cheer us up :')

    Time : 6:00 p.m
    Channel : THE PODCAST
    Theme : Will be discussing Writing , Socializing, Science fiction and much more.

    Only on Discord. ❤️

  • themirakeeclub 29w

    Hey everyone :)
    This Saturday we will be having a small event at the #cafe-lounge events channel in our discord server. It's going to be about FUNDAMENTALS OF PUBLIC SPEAKING , discovering your own speaking style, improving your articulation and speaking in general with @shrillsilence . It's gonna be fun and super helpful so make sure you grab your seats on time. Join the club using link in the bio

    About Shrill : She has done various square conferences, MUNs and attended sessions with people like Barry O'brien and Pranab Mukherjee. She has also participated and won in various national level debates

  • themirakeeclub 35w

    Mentioned below is an anonymous confession that can help you understand and overcome people-pleasing.

    Read. Reread. Understand.
    Have a good day beautiful human ��

    Join the club if you haven't already.
    Link in the bio :)

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    "to the person who asked on how to be overcome people-pleasing. I'd have to say that the pandemic forced people to change and that change is almost always asymmetric. It started with isolating oneself and almost any and all people-pleasers would have to find their own way out. The process was extremely gruelling and painful. It felt like a slow burn. I started asking questions like instead of Am I worthy of this I would ask is this worthy for me. Also, I tried to picture the long run. I would isolate myself for days weeks and in fact even months. I realized not many actually cared. So I tried my best to shift my focus. Yea there were nights when I cried myself to sleep. And yes the urge to act in certain ways to impress people mixed with inferiority complex was always there. Yes, it's not gonna be easy but trust me it's worth it in the end. Start by setting boundaries. No, you may not know your worth but that doesn't qualify others to take advantage of it
    Ex people pleaser"

    An anonymous confession

  • themirakeeclub 37w

    Let's wrap this day by falling in love with ourselves a little more! What say?

    Take good care of yourselves people.
    Lots of love ❤

    P.s: Join the club if you haven't already.
    Link in the bio.

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    "I'm just so sad that-idk"

    "I understand, we get sad easily and then we stay sad for a long time. How about we start doing small things that can help lift our mood. You know have a to-do list and then marking things off it can make people happy. Try that? Spend some quality time with yourself. Do something for your self. I promise it'll be okay, hold on tight until then. Okay?


    A conversation from the confession channel.

  • themirakeeclub 37w

    Hey! everyone ��
    Here's a piece of wisdom from one of our club members. We hope this gives you an in-depth insight into human emotions. Let's grow together! :)

    Join the club if you haven't already.
    Link in the bio.

    Take care people ��

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    "feeling jealous isn't inherently bad. There's something so skewed about the narrative that it gets explained in. Jealousy, anger, are emotions every human has. What's "bad" isn't that you feel them, rather when you fixate/hold onto it, thinking of it as normal. The analogy goes something like, emotions are like the lights on your car's dash. When one of them turns on, you need to check under the hood and fix them. It's not wrong or bad that the light turned on per se, what's toxic and dangerous and likely to break things is when you let that light stay on, until whatever the fluid is that fails and the engine crashes completely. Don't feel bad for feeling jealous, feel bad when you let it stay that way."

    An anonymous confession

  • themirakeeclub 37w

    Hey! everyone ��
    Here's something to beat your Monday blues! :)

    Mentioned below is an anonymous confession in our discord server. Again, very proud of my people for lifting each other's spirit high. We hope this gives strength to you too!

    Take care. Lots of love ��

    P.s: Join the club, if you haven't already.
    Link in the bio!

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    "I met this kid who fought with cancer and got cancer-free this January. He found me talking to a friend about my past being rough and me being sad and he texted me and told me that life can end at any minute so I need to try to get over whatever happened in the past because that is not who I am and I need to enjoy my life in the present and now that I think of it so many of us are not living our lives, we are waiting to move on and we are waiting for things to get better and we are waiting for a version of life that might not exist so maybe they were right when they said Time is now. Let's live. Until we can."


    An anonymous confession.

  • themirakeeclub 37w

    Hey! everyone ��

    Mentioned below is an excerpt from an anonymous confession in our server. Feedbacks like these make our day. We are so proud of our club members who literally leave no stone unturned to help each other get rid of the emotional baggage.

    We have a separate confession channel with the anonymous confession feature for members to open up their heart and feel lighter.

    Isn't that amazing?
    Join the club if you haven't already :")

    Take care. Lots of love ❤

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    "...this place is becoming like a haven for me. A safe place. It's becoming the place where I can confide myself. I'm not so much comfortable about talking my problems, guess most of us aren't, but this confession channel is a blessing. So whoever you are, thank you so much for putting it up there. I have tears in my eyes, just thinking about how this server is helping me out."


    An excerpt from an anonymous confession.

  • themirakeeclub 37w

    Hey! everyone ��

    Here's a new, fun and super exciting initiative brought to you by @hafeezhmha & @my_cup_of_poetry

    It's the Mirakee Club ��

    Have you ever felt like being in a literary club or society but just because there were none around you or because you were socially awkward, you couldn't join any. To cut this roadblock we are bringing for you a virtual club in the discord app. The link for joining is in the bio. In case you find any difficulty there, reach out to either of us here or on Instagram.

    The purpose of starting this was our love for discussions, exploring ideas and sharing perspectives but it is going to offer you more than you can imagine.

    It's a forum where you can talk to all the participants altogether, participate in discussions, listen to music, share memes ( in specified channels ) and the best part, it has audio channels where you can hear live discussions and participate in them too. We also conduct weekly podcasts on important themes where our guests enlighten us with their wisdom.

    We have a study cafe too where you can study with other members and an accountability channel where you can list your daily tasks and publicly acknowledge whether or not you completed them.

    So what are you waiting for ? Get there! Quick. Don't miss out on all the fun, lessons and a way to productively use your free time. Happy clubbing ;)

    Lots of love ❤

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