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  • themessage 2w


    Her wings
    Is where I longed
    To be .
    But I found myself
    Fighting to keep my place
    Fighting to be heard
    Fighting for her love
    Fighting to keep my sanity
    There was no home to be
    Called mine
    So I kept searching
    I went from one
    House to another.
    Never to find my way
    Back home .

  • themessage 3w

    Be Brave

    I don’t want
    To be today
    I want to stay
    Under the covers
    I can
    feel my hands
    In between my thighs
    I can hear
    My thoughts getter
    Get up you can do
    This .
    But I don’t respond
    Not today

  • themessage 3w

    Moving forward

    I begin with wiping
    the tears from my eyes .
    I think back to a time where I was
    Always running and fixing and changing the
    things around me.
    oh “everything had to
    be just so everything…
    Ignoring the thing that
    Needed to change the
    Most was me.
    I don’t think it’ll ever stop
    filling the empty spaces
    with the next best thing my
    Eyes can see.
    Wiping the tears from my eyes again
    While listening to
    “Scarborough fair “
    knowing that this time it’s just me no one else helping me through no one else holding my hand
    No one else telling me it’s gonna be OK I don’t think I had anyone ever tell it to me deep down inside I wanted to be OK but will it
    Wiping the tears from my eyes now knowing there’s no turning back .

  • themessage 3w

    Baby love

    Oh you
    Poor baby
    It’s been too
    Long way
    Too long
    No not me
    I’m not feeling
    What she
    Is concerned about
    There was a time
    I cared
    But now
    That time has gone
    I’m completely
    And alone is fine .

  • themessage 3w


    He Watches
    Me like I’m ready
    For a battle
    I can feel
    His presence
    Even when
    he is gone
    It’s unfortunate
    Wears me thin.

    He is loud
    To himself
    He even says so

    He claims
    He is a hypochondriac
    He wears this as a
    Badge and he wears
    It proudly
    But I know he is
    A fake … He lures
    In his spectators
    With stories of illnesses
    That other people suffer f
    From exploiting them
    All Alluding like
    He is dying or something….
    He thinks I don’t
    Notice but I do
    Problematic some
    would say.
    But I say
    he is a Narc
    I can spot one
    From a mile

  • themessage 3w


    Recruiting whole
    People to find
    The corrupt ones
    Not seeing past
    the horror in
    Thier eyes
    While the weak
    get slaughtered
    Hiding the truth
    For a lie …..
    Turning a blind eye
    It’s a fine day
    For them
    When you can
    Put that notch in
    Your belt
    But I see you
    You can’t
    Fool me.

  • themessage 6w

    See you

    No special occasion
    Not this time no
    Not this time I wanted
    It to be cerimonial
    It would have been
    Apropos …..
    But I stuck a paid return label
    On it and off it went with
    All my dreams less
    All the drama when you
    Were here .

  • themessage 7w

    No starry night

    I’m clothing
    You the
    Saddest star
    It came to
    The first
    Day of
    For it was
    Dark .

  • themessage 7w

    No reprieve

    I feel the
    Of this
    Life and
    It comes
    My phone
    When it
    Used to be

  • themessage 7w


    I watched
    as they hung
    You flying in
    The sky…….
    now I have
    This heaviness
    On me and all
    I can do is cry.
    You were
    Someone’s son
    And maybe had
    you ran but
    Not fast enough
    You were held against
    Your will then hung
    For all to see.