" How dreary to be somebody ! "

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  • thelunareclipse 4h


    I've never expected anything from you.
    Just a bit of your artistic soul, your words conveyed in poesy, your thougts
    composed in a prose, I've never entered your dreams, I've never crossed
    that secret line of your heart.
    Even though , i sometimes wanted to...

    I've never asked you to stay, and you never hesitate to go.So, I didn't want to keep you longer than I could.
    But some vagueness has left in the air
    And an undefined incompleteness in the silence remained , echoing in my heart
    like unspoken sentiments...


  • thelunareclipse 11h

    Petya Dubarova ( 1962- 1979 ) was very talented bulgarian poetess and writer. During her short life she managed to leave a mark in Bulgarian literature . This is one of her the best poems, written when she was only 13 yrs old . Sadly, she left this world too soon by commiting suicide. I hope you will enjoy the translation as i enjoyed reading it in her mother tongue.

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     To Be A Sunny Girl

    Right in my palm the sun of red alights –
    good, light, just like a scarlet dove;
    then it huddles in me with a smile,
    and, fire-caught, my pulse starts singing.
    I want to have a sun for all my life
    and for my palms to burn like this;
    to bear the scent of the undying sun.
    To briskly flame, and not burn out.
    For people looking at me smiling
    to say: “She is a sunny girl,
    and in her veins so sunny-red,
    the tang of sun is running with her blood.”
    I want, when I am tired and breathe my last,
    that it – the sun – should not cool down in me,
    and that like my red blood its light
    should flare above the gardens and the farmlands.
    That it should fly among the happy people
    to tell about itself and me,
    and I would be alive, alive forever,
    because my sun would not be setting, ever.
    Translated by Don D. Wilson

  • thelunareclipse 15h


    I'm aware that this is not the best writing, but it's important enough to me. I need a radical change in my life.

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    Time's up

    Time's up for me
    to stop doing favours to those who
    are never there for me.

    Time's up for me
    to finally cut toxic relations in my life
    and start valuing myself more.

    Time's up for me to begin focusing myself
    on my goals.

    Time's up for me to stop thinking about others' needs
    and to give some space to my own priorities.


  • thelunareclipse 1d

    Is it love that doesn't let me breathing?
    I'm desperately trying to inhale you,
    You're so needed as an oxygen,
    Even though i know you're poisonous
    Carbon dioxide to me.

    Is it love that keeps me away from drowning
    As I'm floating on the surface of my agony?
    I need the warmth of your presence as sunlight,
    Even though i know your ultraviolet rays
    Are disastrous for me.


    { Inspired by the Image. Source : Pinterest. }

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  • thelunareclipse 1d

    { Inspired by the Image. Source : Pinterest }

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    now silence is
    between us
    and it seemed
    our love would
    forever last


  • thelunareclipse 1d

    You think of me as a skilful poet,
    Though I'm just a clever wordplayer,
    Trying to seduce you with my verses.

    You're looking at me with an admiration,
    You've found my stanzas delightful,
    Though i am just flirting.

    You said my poetry is aesthetically fine,
    But it doesn't reflect my heart,
    I'm just trying to impress you.

    I'm like a wine, sweet and tempting,
    I'm only trying to allure you
    And you're not even aware of it.


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  • thelunareclipse 1d

    Love recipe

    Ingredients must be pure and sincere
    And made it with heart.

    Now pour down your emotions
    And mix them slightly.

    Choose your words carefully
    Before you add them to the blend.

    Spice it up with a dose of passion
    And serve it while it's still warm.

    Consume it instantly,
    With devotion and soul.

  • thelunareclipse 2d

    And at some misty dawn ,
    I woke up, not remembering
    I was sleeping at all,
    It was like a coma without dreams,
    Like my soul was levitating
    For all these years
    In dark corridors of (non ) existence.

    Not dead and yet not alive ,
    I was walking the vast fields of the void ,
    Feeling bleakness in my heart.
    And suddenly , some heavy voice
    Has piercied through my mind, whispering:
    "God is just a word,God does not exist."

    I turned around and I saw no one,
    But this voice kept echoing
    Through the thick , grey air,
    And I felt like i was chocking.

    Was the devil playing with me?
    Was he tempting my faith?
    Like I was obsessed
    By his unholy presence.

    Or maybe i was just still dreaming,
    Stucked somewhere between
    Veritable Illusion and delusional reality.


    { Antonio Merini photography.}

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    The dream

  • thelunareclipse 3d

    This is not a motivational note,
    it's more like struggling letter,
    for those facing with writer's block.

    I wish i could say
    your muse soon will come back,
    i wish i could sound convincing,
    but for the one who lost
    the interest in inking,
    It's not easy to be encouraging.

    Dear writers,
    having no will to pen down
    is worse then
    dealing with a lack of the words.

    Dear poetas,
    getting fed of writing
    is way more serious
    then current impossibility
    to convey your thoughts
    into some writeup.

    Very soon again,
    you will be able to express
    what occupies your soul,
    it's terrifying when someone
    has a myrad things to say
    and chooses the silence
    to speak instead.


  • thelunareclipse 5d