to love is to destroy

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  • thelostone_ 1w


    In the harsh winter,
    at the time of nightfall,
    His eyes speak up the truth,
    And his smile lies,
    Hiding his pain and injury,
    Deep down in his heart,
    Facing all the trauma alone,
    He is a broken soul,
    His heart full of scars,
    I healed them all,
    And someday he will know,
    Who was there for him
    He will run down to me,
    At the time of my nightfall!


  • thelostone_ 3w


    What are the things that a loving God would do?
    He would have created him from the best of things,
    He would have made his eyes from the white pearls,
    of the dark blue oceans,
    He would have made his lips from the delicate petals,
    of the blood-red rose,
    He would have made his hair from the silk,
    of the silkworm,
    He would have made his nose so perfect,
    that from every angle it would look beautiful,
    He would have made a small perfect scar just above,
    on his left eyebrow,
    He would have made his hands delicate but yet strong,
    He would have made his smile magical,
    that it could heal thousands of wounds at once,
    He would have made him gentle yet hard,
    He would have made him understanding yet ignorant sometimes,
    He would have made him polite yet rude sometimes,
    He would have made him sober yet a little childish,
    He would have made him patient yet sometimes impatient.
    He would have made him unique just for me,
    He would have made him love me for every second of his life,
    He would have made him just like me,
    He would have made him imperfectly perfect.


  • thelostone_ 6w


    My love for you is inevitable!


  • thelostone_ 9w

    Dead soul!

    I don't know how I'm alive even when my soul is already dead!

  • thelostone_ 10w

    As long as,

    As long as, I will breathe,
    My soul shall be your shield,
    I don't believe in forever,
    But I believe we will reunite in the hereafter


  • thelostone_ 12w

    Let me know in the comment box should I write part 2 of it.
    #pod #writersnetwork #readwriteandunite #love #mirakee #mirakeeassistant #breakup #hope #reunion #loveyou

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    And went offline...

    It was a Saturday morning when I heard two birds chirping on my window. As it was the month of October I opened up my eyes and with a blur vision, I saw a couple of sparrows sitting there close to one other. I just closed my eyes and started to listen to their chirp. It was somehow very soothing to my ears. Just when I  was having my time someone was banging my door so hard that I almost felt my heart came out of my mouth. "Hurry Up! It's almost 7 o'clock and you're still in your bed. Don't you have your classes in one hour? You lazy head wake up! " Yelled my mom outside the door.
    "I'm coming. Just give me 15 minutes and I'll be there by time." I said.

    I got up from my bed, went for a warm shower and got ready in 15 minutes as I had told her. In this rush, I realised that this morning was not usual. I felt something different, something that I felt after a long time, I felt good, I felt happy. This feeling was unusual for me for the past four years. It was somewhat strange for me now. I felt that warmth in my chest because of happiness. I was cheerful and relaxed.

    I had a problem of low appetite, so I usually used to skip my meals but, today I was forced to have my breakfast. It wasn't good at all. I headed towards my room while adjusting the taste of my mouth. I started my class and it was history. History is the mother of all subjects and was the reason for my low appetite because remembering all those dates and events, used to take the maximum space in my stomach and there was no space left for the food. While we were studying how Napoleon Bonaparte lost the battle of Waterloo on Sunday, 18 June 1815. Here my mind was losing its capacity to bear this class anymore. Finally, it got over after 10 minutes and now I was a little bit at ease. But this comfort didn't last long. I had to attend another class and it was English. Although, It wasn't boring but I was tired because of history.

    While I joined my class I came to know it was combined with the other two sections. First of all, I was completely pissed off. I was sitting on my chair and messing around, going back and forth, until I heard a voice of a boy with a low pitch but the heaviness in it. I started looking for my phone around the table. It was under my books which I was reading just when my class started. I picked it up and I saw the green colour going up and down on the mic of the boy. I felt my heart was beating three times faster than usual. I hadn't felt like this before, not at all, not for anyone. This was the first time I felt like this.

    My heart was beating at a high rate. I almost thought is this a thing that happens before a person experiences a heart attack? My chest was warm because of happiness. Happiness that I have never felt. My eyes were welling up. I wasn't sad but something was going on in me which was stimulating all these feelings that I was feeling in me.

    I looked at the right side of the mic and his name was displayed there "Aaron Brooks". I started reciting it as a verse of my favourite poem of Robert Burns, 

             "O my Luve is like a red, red rose

               That’s newly sprung in June;

               O my Luve is like the melody

               That’s sweetly played in tune."

    I kept reciting it until the class got over. Just when the class got over I opened up my Instagram and went to search his name. I typed his name on the search icon and it showed a lot of stuff but my eye catches the second person on the list. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Here is he. O My God! I can't believe I got it!" I screamed out with joy. I clicked on the follow button and my follow request was accepted within 6 minutes. I was amazed to see that he had requested back. I accept the request and started to look into his profile. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it. 199 followers with zero posts. But his profile picture was quite attractive. Anyways, I put my Mobile phone down and it beeped. He sent me a text message. I opened it and he had texted "Hey! " I replied with a normal "Hi" hiding my excitement and then we started to talk.

    He then asked me, "Have we met before?!" And I told him no. But he didn't stop there he went on and on. He started giving me his whole introduction and introduced me to his choices, what he likes and what he doesn't like. He told me to tell him about what I like. What are my choices in life and all? I felt at home while talking to him but there existed sadness deep inside him. He made me laugh out loud for the whole day but I was able to feel sadness coming from his side.

    I asked him if he was alright? He told me just a body ache and nothing. He told me not to worry and he was feeling sleepyhead so he wants to sleep. I didn't insist him to tell me what was wrong. He sent me a goodnight text and went offline...


  • thelostone_ 12w


    I will choose to stay in dark for rest of my life but I won't even dare to go out in light without you!


  • thelostone_ 16w


    You're perfect for me in every way!


  • thelostone_ 21w


    A story of a sainte sitting under the giant evergreen,
    Trying her best to make her soul go completely free,
    Reverence is the only key to end the worldly desire,
    Fighting hard with the austerity and going higher,
    In search of her path she revered day and night,
    Making the world go as blind as a bat in her sight,
    The months passed away and so the years passed too,
    But she didn't stepped back from the dream she saw,
    After persevering for so long her dream came true,
    She gained the endless pure love of her beloved,
    and which was the only truth,
    She raised herself to such an loftiness,
    Where she was cherished with a fate of glossiness,
    Where she doesn't had any wish but get close to One,
    Not caring of all, she doesn't own anything not even a son.
    She was cleansed of each and every sin,
    Trying to win the heart of her beloved one,
    Neither she was weak nor she was dependent,
    Gave herself to Him she was now self-sufficient,
    And even if the world will shatter and will get end,
    She has a faith that her faith will never end!


  • thelostone_ 24w


    why did you promise me forever?
    when you knew you'll be with me never!