a sky full of stars and he was staring at her. ~atticus

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  • thelostmetaphor 37w

    #elements #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Just wanted to attempt this prompt
    And this is pretty difficult

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    Earthly Earth.

    I revolve around the sun
    Though it burns me till the core
    I believe in its fire
    For it brings up the sweat of fierce all around me.

    And I know is
    this hope won’t last today
    So I rotate myself
    To bring a new beginning
    The morning and night which makes you alive.

    I am surrounded with the planets
    For they can break me tomorrow
    I don’t fear for my death today
    Cause then that broken earth will give a birth to a new planet.

    I was born spherical
    Because I know there is no end of hope
    There is no end of new beginning
    There is no end of our believe.

    ~planet earth taught me the endless hope which is symbolised by its spherical shape.


  • thelostmetaphor 37w

    Silence can be peace here.

    #silence #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    When my ink turned
    my sombre stories
    into silver sonnets,
    My verses
    sailed along
    with the ocean of
    golden silence.


  • thelostmetaphor 38w

    #silence #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Salary of silence is peace
    And she is gifted with it.

    Maa once told me,
    “I can’t earn money
    because all i have earned is
    peace with silence ”.

    Gift her a saree,
    And notice her eyes :)

    Ps: it would have been better
    But I thought to pour my unfiltered feels
    In one attempt :)

    Thankyou For The Like Wn🦦

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    Salary Of Silence.

    She wakes up with her numb eyes
    to check their blankets
    “It’s winter, they’ll feel cold”
    this thought awakes her up
    at early winter 4 AM.

    She forgets her shawl
    and sleeps under
    a plain bed sheet
    For her middle class house
    affords her one blanket
    which she folds up
    upon her children’s skin.

    When the planets favoured
    evil traits upon her husband
    in the dark
    she aided him
    with her resources of rituals and spiritual spark.

    But her husband threw her away
    with all his rage and agony.
    The corner cement wall
    turned red,
    when her scalp scored
    a pierce by his push
    there were chances
    that she might get dead.

    “ What curse had god gifted me,
    instead he would have gifted me death”.
    He screamed all along late night
    with drunken voice.

    “Maa, I am late
    can’t you do things on time?”,
    her daughter screeches in the morning.
    She made her daughter
    wake up thousand times
    but her pure thought pictured,
    “ I should let her sleep,
    she was working till late night”.

    Who knows behind her hardwork
    her daughter
    was loosing her glamour.
    She was up with a wrong guy,
    but her pure heart made her believe
    upon her
    that she can never be wrong
    she is working hard till dark night.

    “Can’t you make something different
    or something which I can eat?
    You want to make your child sick,
    with these green vegetable leaf?”
    Her son bangs on,
    every noon after his football game.

    She leaves her cleaning,
    and makes chapati
    with his favourite food
    but what he said was just
    ” oh thankyou”
    which then makes her eyes numb again.

    What do you do?
    All day long?
    You just stay in a house
    Go work like me and earn some money ,
    you’ll get to know what hardwork means.

    Why aren’t my clothes washed?
    Do you just eat and sleep
    all day all alone?
    Where is my handkerchief
    and where is my watch?
    Did your parents ever teach you

    She bears all this,
    every day all alone
    She skips her meal
    so that she can complete cleaning.

    Washing, making,doing everything
    what she gets to hear at the end of day is
    “How can a person
    like you exist?”
    from her daughter,
    from her husband
    and from his son.

    She never utters what she needs
    No one ever asked her
    “Did you eat your meal?”
    She sobbed all the night
    uptil the morning daylight.

    Yet, she smiles
    and encourages you.
    Can you pay her the salary
    of her silence?
    salary for her peace?


  • thelostmetaphor 39w


    writer’s block sorry :”
    Thankyou so much for the Editor’s Choice☁️

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    the time cured her
    by the stitches of hope.
    Where the darkness
    was her charcoal detox
    which wiped all her scars and sore.


  • thelostmetaphor 40w

    I did a mistake
    by planting floret lily
    in the fields of wild roses.


  • thelostmetaphor 40w

    Cause I miss someone,
    Whom I have never met.
    Do you miss me too?

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    To The Love,
    Of My Stories.

    When I stare at these STARS, they remind of you.
    Beholder of my tranquil heart, the sky reminds me of your poetries.
    Filled with chaos of many other stars , but I see one star smiling with it’s wailing eyes.
    You remind me the aura of my own world, which was thereby replaced by the unsteady grey climes.

    When I stare at the SKY, it reminds of you.
    With the tint of darkness and textures of cosy vibes, it reminds me about the infinity love.
    When I was lagging behind in the name of love, I lost myself to find others.
    But these skies reminds me the limit of love, I always deserved from you.

    When I stare at these CLOUDS, it reminds me of you.
    It reminds me about your heart filled with cotton clouds. With it’s purity from within and silver linings of a clear heart, it reminds me of you.
    Your heart, which is a glee of heavenly love.

    When I stare at the MOON, it reminds me of myself.
    It reminds me about the fairy tales which I wrote few minutes back.
    It reminds me the conclusion of my life, about being a solely solemn.
    It reminds me about the stories of my own sky, clouds and stars which are nothing but a fairy tale.
    At the end, I am just a MOON which reminds me of myself.


  • thelostmetaphor 40w

    It’s a cut.

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    I gotta a heart and it aches too.

    Do you remember the last night,
    When your heart was throbbing tears.

    When the lone night was a mirk sea,
    And i sailed for you being your boat.

    I offered you handkerchiefs
    To weep your sore and tears of grief.

    But you,
    Instead asking you left me the way the moon is left.

    I am a human,
    I gotta feels too.

    Just like you,
    I gotta heart and it aches too.


  • thelostmetaphor 40w

    Believe was still a fragile feather,
    What I did was a trust
    with all my clear heart together.


  • thelostmetaphor 40w

    When I saw the stars,
    I felt I am surrounded by my sparks.
    Didn’t knew,
    Sparks hurts too.


  • thelostmetaphor 41w

    I Thought I Was Lost.

    The roads were
    my fragile expectations
    where you chose to
    walk upon.
    When you left me
    right there on the unlit streets
    I thought i was lost.

    With the buckets of hope
    i showered the water
    upon your pale papers
    and soaked pen.
    When you printed
    an elegy instead a ballad for me
    I thought i was lost.

    The world
    where you brought me
    no longer felt real
    It turned out ideal
    with chaos of emptiness.
    When you left my finger
    I thought i was lost.

    Where you painted your walls
    with your paradox and metaphors
    And scratched my name
    From your sonnet poetry
    I thought i was lost.

    Apart from your world,
    I then created
    my own @raika_ (beloved) novels.
    Moulding them into
    dome shaped proses
    With the embroidery syllabes
    of @turquoise_stars.

    My scent smoked an ignite
    to my @sangfroid_soul
    From the
    deviation of devastation
    I inclined myself
    upto the @surefire elevation.

    When I fabricated my world
    Upon the peak,
    The peak roared,
    “You weren’t lost,
    You were misplaced “...