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  • thelivingghost 114w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Feathers

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    Our lips ❤

  • thelivingghost 115w


    I left the only person who truly knew me to my core. And the weight of it is heavy today. I want to cry, to run back to her arms. But until I can shake my trauma, until I can stop putting her thru unknowns, I can't no mayter how much we both want it. And I know she probably hates me right now, I know I might lose her permanently... But I can't take the pressure and the pain, and thr pain I'm causing her.

  • thelivingghost 115w


    We spent the afternoon breaking open pieces of slate. Hours spent looking for traces of fern or leaf fossils. You told me you'd always wanted to go fossil hunting, so I said let's go. You had no idea we could find them so close to home, ten minutes away. Silently breaking rocks together, searching for traces of the past.
    Cutting our hands open to hope to see a glimpse of something that once was. That's a good explanation of how my experience of love has been. I hope this one is different.

  • thelivingghost 118w

    The greatest gift you ever gave me was the lesson of how to walk away.

  • thelivingghost 118w

    Please go.

    I haven't had contact with you in 8 months.
    Yet your echo resonates in my mind daily, as reliant and consistent as a morning alarm.
    I go about my day hoping it's the last I think of you - the promises you made me and the sincerity of it all.
    I go about my day knowing it's a type of insanity to think about you daily when 8 months have passed.
    I don't want this insanity anymore.
    But I don't know how to accept it and get you to leave. It's not even you, it's just the you my mind created you to be. And though I logically know that, my heart is having so much trouble letting you (or the shadow of you) go.
    Please go.

  • thelivingghost 119w

    I've let you go a thousand times before.
    Each time I thought was the last time.

    I don't want you anymore.

  • thelivingghost 119w

    What if I'm allergic to you?

  • thelivingghost 120w

    I didn't mean to hurt you.
    I felt the mistake I made as it left my mouth
    I was just telling the truth.
    Then of course my mind leads to the worst..
    You put a fake ring on my finger tonight
    And I thought to myself
    Maybe someday this will really happen..
    But youve been so quiet.
    You've been so ice cold when it comes to any next steps.
    And I worry that I just pushed you away from me.
    The last thing I want to do.

  • thelivingghost 120w


    You said "I'll meet you at home" like it was ours.
    We both froze in that moment - instant panic.
    Through the kiss I hummed and "uh huh", but said "you mean your home" when I pulled away. Instant regret - I don't want you to think I'm pulling away, I'm just not ready. But when you said home, it was the first time someone let slip they thought of such a future with me. You thought I was enough to share a home with.

    But I've been full of fear and anxiety all night, wondering when I'll ever actually feel like enough.

  • thelivingghost 123w

    3 Decades

    I really didn't know a love like this existed.
    I was wrong so many times.

    I'm thankful for all the wrong that led me to you.