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  • theknightrider 83w

    Lamborghini doesn't have any commercials because their target audience isn't sitting around watching TV.
    -Amit Singh

  • theknightrider 86w

    Man, whatever we do.We will always be a villain.what did we do worse with women???
    Even today how many men before sitting in the car open the door for women, before entering the cinema hall we says "ladies first",buses have reserved seats for women and there is a full compartment in the metro.We have done all this and what to do.

    Well done all this , first ask any woman she will tell.
    Do not do this much,if you want to open then do not open the doors of the car, first open the windows of the mind.If you want to speak,then don't say "ladies first" say "we are equal".
    Don't share post of women empowerment but while listening to the idea of a woman in the office,be fair.
    Don't give a compartment in the metro,and seat in the bus.

    Just do it so much that if she is standing next to you,she don't be afraid.
    Don't consider her victory as your defeat.
    Don't assume your authority over her life.
    She want equality not begging.
    So whatever you are doing is not right.
    If you can do so much that she should not consider herself more than you,nor less than you.

    -Amit Singh


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    What did we do worse with women....???

  • theknightrider 87w

    "Brother To My Left,Brother To My Right
    Together We Stand,Together We Fight"
    Shoulder To Shoulder
    -Amit Singh

  • theknightrider 88w

    You become very dangerous once
    You learn to control your feelings.
    -Amit Singh

  • theknightrider 88w

    I will not lose me
    to keep you.

    -Amit Singh

  • theknightrider 88w

    Train Harder
    In Ground
    Bleed Less
    In Battles.!
    -Amit Singh