Clandestine Rant

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  • thejypsy1922 4w

    Over stretched anxiety and Bewildered thoughts.
    Are much potent at keeping you wide awake and
    Pull an all-nighter Despite being consumed.

    Ps : Explicit Insomnia

    © Jitendra Teja Kanta

  • thejypsy1922 21w

    Oh my Bae & Boo,
    And times when you're a Baby too,

    Overseeing the shore,
    On an Overcast Equilibrize.

    Clasped hands started to ease off
    As the breeze hit our trade off.

    The switch around,
    While you held my collar and voiced
    "You're mine" with a peck.

    The carry away started to soothe our souls,
    With drizzles starting to be
    The sparks that flew.

    We were in our Bear hug
    Nudging our elbows
    While I ruffled your waves
    And the short gaze too
    That's my cloud-9 through.

    Then the thoughts etched into a tipsy stir.
    Kissing those lips softly as they quiver.
    Thus we met our perfectly messed up spheres,
    Where we always belonged.

    Perhaps the ardour was the Petrichor,
    That unfolded our predestined longings.

    PS : je t'aime

    © JitendraTeja K

  • thejypsy1922 30w

    Did I just rush ?
    Perhaps I bought the deceiving blush.
    Maybe it's time for the feelings to flush
    My loudest cry was merely a Hush.
    Was it being a hoax Leprechaunish
    Or unerring subterfuge


  • thejypsy1922 31w

    Now that it's getting dark,
    I can feel your every mark.
    From those that were affine,
    To those that prompted you aren't mine.
    Maybe it's a snag everynight I bag.


  • thejypsy1922 35w

    Getting Back...

    I dunno why it's getting so hard,
    Are we just new to this vanguard?
    Maybe we've lived through
    Each other for so long,
    The adjustments seem so oblong.
    The Chords just don't sound
    Where they belong,
    Revisiting the pages is a purpose
    That's just gonna overlong.


  • thejypsy1922 35w

    Maybe the things that tore us apart,
    Occupies the headspace to every End.
    Though rift was bitter
    Oscillating with the new muse was just getting better.

    Snap back and sober up.
    This time I'm my oneself.


  • thejypsy1922 39w


    My mind's a mess ,
    Only struggles caress.
    Body so sore,
    Mentally amor no more.
    With hope turning bleak
    And Giving up was an immediate creep.
    As the why and whom muse on
    The Hustle resonates fortification.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • thejypsy1922 47w

    In the quick paced life,
    I've slowed for once
    The stubborn me
    Had to mould every ounce
    Your talk and time
    Was my new trance
    Every time we hug
    Your aura is my fragrance
    Girl I can't help
    But fall at your stance
    If I had to speak of us
    Dear Munchkin ,
    I'd do it in an perfect Eloquence.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • thejypsy1922 55w


    The Scars that I hid ,
    Never spoke about the claws that did.

    The loudest cry was me
    Sitting in desolated silence.

    Was I getting any better at hiding ,
    Or were things becoming bitter yet sliding.

    What can I say,
    I'm a Dark soul with Dank thoughts
    That potray.

    © Jitendra Teja K

  • thejypsy1922 56w

    Whom to be more afraid of?
    The people who left you stranded,
    Or the ones who're gonna leave you wounded.

    Is finding a way out easy,
    Or healing the scars?

    © Jitendra Teja K