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  • thejaredly 51w

    I'd rather be the one to be left
    than be the one to leave.

  • thejaredly 51w

    The safety that no one could understand,
    knowing that I am holding your hand.

  • thejaredly 51w

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    Write a 6 word short tale on Peace

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    Until, your peace is without me.

  • thejaredly 51w

    Silence doesn't always bring peace.
    It messes up my mind.

  • thejaredly 51w

    Is it the water from the shower
    or the water from my eyes
    that runs through my skin?

  • thejaredly 51w

    I was never happy alone.

    You're my happiness but
    I feel so alone.

  • thejaredly 52w

    The pain will fade away
    but never will my love.

    Now that I know how to keep it the right way.

  • thejaredly 52w

    We're far from each other now
    yet you keep on distancing yourself.

    It breaks my heart
    whenever you ignore me.

  • thejaredly 52w

    Each time I open my eyes,
    your sweetest face wakes my mind up.

    When going outside and looks up to the skies,
    I remember the days when your head's on my lap.

    As I take a bath, there's still the cries,
    expected to come more when the nights stop.

    I can't help but think, with all of my tries,
    is there also something I did which makes your tears drop?

  • thejaredly 52w

    One day,
    I'll just find myself


    about us, about you.