A mind full of insane thoughts which I pen down in form of stories, poems and quotes!

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  • theinsanemind 1w

    थोड़ा और रुक जाओ अभी शाम बाकी है
    तुम्हें आंख भर निहार लिया
    मन भरना बाकी है।

  • theinsanemind 3w

    किसी शाम चाय पर मिलना मुझे
    एक कप काफी नहीं बातें उतनी है करने को।

  • theinsanemind 4w

    Sometimes I feel like I am just trying to find my chill in the world full of chaos.

  • theinsanemind 5w

    Our hearts long for people, places and moments that give us good vibes. Isn't life all about finding and romanticizing such vibe every once in a while?

  • theinsanemind 6w

    यह लोगों की भीड़ तो बोहत कुछ कहती है
    सबकुछ सुनोगे तो बोहत कुछ नहीं कर पाओगे
    फिर बाद में पछताओगे की काश थोड़ी खुद की भी सुन ली होती।

  • theinsanemind 7w

    Life has planned great things for you, reminding yourself that might help when you're stuck in one of those phases where you're convinced that life sucks.

  • theinsanemind 9w

    I hope there are more days in your life where you find beauty in every little thing.

  • theinsanemind 11w

    When you get over your insecurities and feel beautiful in your skin, there's no joy greater than that.

  • theinsanemind 11w

    Friendship day in school was all about buying friendship bands with a small budget and flexing the bands you get by your friends.
    Good old days!

  • theinsanemind 12w

    Sometimes I feel so indebted to the efforts people put for me, I always feel like I'm not doing enough for them.