A mind full of insane thoughts which I pen down in form of stories, poems and quotes!

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  • theinsanemind 1d

    Some people really be disappointed when you're doing good in your life.

  • theinsanemind 1d

    No bigger fool than a person who thinks she/he knows everything.

  • theinsanemind 1w

    People be thinking I'm dumb and don't get their 'sarcasm' but you know what, I refrain from engaging myself with/replying to people who find joy in making fun of other people in disguise of humour.

  • theinsanemind 1w

    You deserve all the love in the world so don't doubt your worth just because the last person you loved didn't love you back enough.

  • theinsanemind 3w

    Have you ever felt like your honesty and loyalty has been taken for granted? Yes that shit hurts.

  • theinsanemind 6w

    We've glorified perfection and flawlessness so much that we're forgetting what normals looks/feels like.

  • theinsanemind 7w

    Women supporting women is the most beautiful thing but it's sad that we don't see it happening a lot around here.

  • theinsanemind 9w

    Everytime I do something I used to dream of, I dream of several other things, even those which seem impossible because when you live your dream, your faith in them strengthens.

  • theinsanemind 15w

    it's a truth universally acknowledged that a person who can't say NO to others hears NO most of the times.

  • theinsanemind 17w

    We all learn with time and we never learn enough.