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  • thediaroink 56w

    Love is not sacrifice and Sacrifice is not killing.
    Letting go in love is sacrifice enough

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    Life is unpredictable , sometimes miserable
    Sometimes a miracle but for some , LIFE is a luxury irreplaceable

    Life is not unfair The truth is we need to be fair
    To EVERYONE around to make sure they are loved and are safe and sound.

    Because life is love and love is for giving
    Giving enough For every CREATURE'S peaceful living

    So We need to stop being cruel
    as no one gives us the right to stop ANYONE
    from LIVING their LIFE to the full.


  • thediaroink 62w

    Dreaded harsh sunlight but today's sun doesn't sting
    Soaking in its rays embracing the life with which it brings
    Rays still hidden behind the horizon is what I seek
    Rejoicing today for tomorrow might be bleak !


  • thediaroink 69w


    Wish to run away from where you find yourself drowning in
    Where they say life is happier then it has ever been

    To that utopian world
    where all are filled with tranquility
    The world which isn't oblivious to humanity

    Where all smiles reach the eyes
    And all truth triumphs over all the lies

    Where there is no I and me but an us and we
    Where things are as easy as they seem to be

    To reach this Neverland someday
    One has to do more than just pray

    To come together and work as a team
    To make something real out of this utopian dream !


  • thediaroink 73w

    Things get bad for almost everyone at some point
    or Maybe Even continuously
    But then again bad things keep happening
    maybe because that's the only way to remember how good things look like and that soon they are coming your way.


  • thediaroink 80w

    Sometimes the raging storm
    Reminds of the forgotten sun
    Sometimes it's the long years
    That brings to mind an old loved one ✨
    Continue with your 'sometime' thoughts
    Keep'em coming ✌️

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    SOMETIMES. . .

    The perfect song sounds mundane;
    But the mere silence is a melody

    When everything feels right but wrong;
    A warm smile becomes the remedy


  • thediaroink 98w


    Tress in the autumn beauty
    Standing proud and tall
    It's in the Dry lands
    following the October duty
    Where Life starts all over again
    as it gets crisp in the fall.

    It's all in the magic of October feelings
    The subtle changes and gusty wind blow
    embracing the end and beginning of new things
    Showing how beautiful is to let go.

  • thediaroink 100w

    Now is all we got

    Running or loosing, Blend in or stand out
    Sulking or embracing, Keeping quiet or shout
    Its about time for taking the call or making the fall
    Its about time to give the best shot
    because now is all we got.

    Facing the fears or chicken out through leaking tears
    Following the inspiration or loosing to the fascination
    misery or ecstacy , regret or satisfaction
    Poison or remedy it's the outcome of your descion
    It's the choice we have to give in or not
    Because Times running fast and now is all we got.


  • thediaroink 107w

    Being there

    To often we underestimate the power of a smile , a touch, a kind word , a listening ear, an honest compliment and the care our own set of people show us . I wish for everyone to enjoy the feeling of being there for someone and being wanted by your set of people .


  • thediaroink 108w

    Heart and mind

    When we speak our mind it seem heartless and when we follow our heart it seem thoughtless .
    The mind replays what the heart can't delete and heart listens to what the mind doesn't like on repeat . And so it's a battle between the mind and heart and nobody seems to have aced this art .


  • thediaroink 113w

    The world sees a fighter

    Dreams grow old and heartbreaks untold
    Souls get torn as new facades are born
    The night seems bright as we breathe failure tighter
    But all the world sees is a fighter .