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  • thedarkoptimist 41w

    Colour of silence

    What is the colour of your silence?

    Blue, for your hidden melancholy
    or red for your rage probably

    Is it black for the coldness you feel
    towards the world which wont let you heal

    I wish its yellow, for happiness fulfilling you
    Hope you stay mellow, add shades of pink too

    Show me the colour, let your silence speak
    In this darkness, the only answer I seek

    what is the colour of your silence?

  • thedarkoptimist 118w


    Six months went by
    Six more months to go
    The year is half over
    Keep on taking it slow

    Few dreams might have come true
    Few promises might have been broken
    Sugarcoated lies would have manipulated some
    And truth still remains unspoken

    You are doing great
    Living one day at a time
    Ageing shouldn't trouble you
    Everyday you are at your prime

    The upcoming months will be welcomed by hopes
    Just like they have been doing since long
    Wishing that one day they will achieve completeness
    And join the world where they rightfully belong

  • thedarkoptimist 138w

    Where, why, how?

    Dark cloudy night sky
    where have you hidden the stars?
    I am in desperate need of some light
    To ignite hope in my aching heart.

    Cold chilling angry wind
    why are you blowing so hard?
    My heart is recovering from a break
    Don't shatter the pieces far apart.

    Dry tired heavy eyes
    How can you run out of tears?
    I can't bring sweet dreams to you
    My mind is burried under pile of fears.

  • thedarkoptimist 139w


    I have held your tears
    Burried your screams.
    Comforted your sleepy head,
    taken you to the world of dreams.

    I listened to your thoughts
    during those sleepless nights.
    Was tossed during your battle
    between wrongs and rights.

    Now I am old and worn out.
    Its time to say adios amigo.
    I will always miss your warmth.
    Yours sincerely pillow

  • thedarkoptimist 140w


    Blinded by the city lights
    I was walking on lanes alone
    Lost my way back home
    Sent my mind out of zone.

    Music beating my eardrums
    Temples thumping by its beats
    I pushed myself into nothingness
    Ignoring the people on streets.

    I bumped over something and fell
    Shattering my fragile soul apart
    I was trying to come out of oblivion
    When my brain started scolding my heart.

    "Stop being an emotional fool
    And get yourself together
    If you can't help yourself
    No one can help you either"

    My heart being too meek
    gathered the courage to say
    "I don't intend to hurt the soul
    I am just structured this way.

    It's you who overthinks
    and have conflicts with me
    always denying my advice
    Of letting the soul free"

    Having had enough of their quarrels
    I asked them to stop
    Assembled my soul in one piece
    Careful now not to drop

  • thedarkoptimist 142w

    Can you?

    Pain, can you be a little kinder?
    I am trying to heal.
    Mind, can you be less chaotic?
    It is my earnest appeal.

    Heart, can you be logical?
    I am done being hurt
    Life , can you embrace me?
    Before I bite the dust.

  • thedarkoptimist 142w

    Take care

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    Actually you know what
    we all are broken inside.
    Our fears, flaws, faults, failures
    and all that we hide,
    those are 'The Naked Truth'
    those are 'The Reality'.
    Yes, acceptance is tough
    but don't label them as life's brutality.
    This is our price for being
    the smartest creature on earth.
    We think and we over think,
    to the extend that we forget our worth.

  • thedarkoptimist 143w

    The chariot of death

    I shut my eyes
    and saw death,
    coming towards me
    in a huge chariot.

    My stomach churned
    like its giant wheels.
    Their sound concealed
    my futile squeals.

    "No, not today"
    I cried in despair.
    "I haven't said goodbyes
    to those who care."

    My life started laughing
    hysterically like a madman
    "Look at you, acting like
    a frog in a hot pan.

    You always complaint
    that I am being unfair.
    You have humilated me
    beyond any repair.

    Now when I am
    ready to bid farewell,
    you changed my status
    to friend from rebel"

    I looked into her eyes
    which reflected grief.
    As the chariot passed me by
    to my utter disbelief.

    I ran to her and
    hugged her tight.
    My eyes now wide open
    to the bright light.

  • thedarkoptimist 145w


    On Monday, you thought you have it all
    By Thursday you realise it wasn't your call.

    You changed jobs in search for satisfaction
    Went out on solo and group trips for distraction.

    Staring at the spreadsheet, sitting in your cubicle
    You laugh at your own life, which has become comical.

    You lost relationships not realising when and why?
    Social profiles of your peers squeeze your heart dry.

    You feel like a lost piece of an unsolved puzzle
    Working like a puppet, shut up by an invisible muzzle.

    Hey, I just want to say few things to you
    Yes adulting hurts and it's ok to feel blue.

    Growing old with friends is a joy in its own
    We all are in the same boat you are not alone.

  • thedarkoptimist 150w

    Stop and Reflect

    Stop asking the question, why your life is not like others
    Reflect on the reasons, what exactly is holding you back
    Bear the scars, which will remind you of your courage
    Visualise a life, where all your struggles will be rewarded
    Be the warrior, whom you want to look upto in the mirror