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  • thecrumbledtales 1w

    You don't know me
    And don't know my heart
    You say you love me
    But you left me scarred
    And I don't trust your heart
    Cause I seek a love like art
    Where nothing keeps it apart
    And I don't trust you like I do me
    So I hope atleast now you see

    You kept asking me
    If I loved you back
    I was a chaos inside
    Clarity I always lack

    I was questioning
    All that I knew about me
    Yet you insisted
    And kept popping around me
    We Kept fighting
    We kept shouting
    We bacme toxic for eachother
    So I asked you to just be my friend
    If you want that too
    But you wore a mask
    Said I friendzoned you
    You never knew the right reason
    I said no to you
    I admit I am guilty of a little bit love too
    But I denied it and messed it up
    I could have handled it better
    But everything that was us was always meant to shatter

    But we too were friends
    If not ever more
    And even though I want you
    Out of my life forever
    I still miss you
    As a friend I left behind
    I keep questioning
    If I was right and kind

    I hate you so much
    For the history you hold with me
    You are the boy
    I never dated, yet like a first love you hurt me
    And when I saw the toxicness
    That brought out the worst in me
    And brought out the worst in you
    I had to let you go, I knew

    I wish I loved you likee you loved me
    I wished that every day
    For I couldn't be the cause of a pain
    I know hurts the most
    But I hope now you feel okay

    I hope you are happy
    And I hope you let go of me
    I hope I let go of you
    And the confusion you bring

    #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork #love #you

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  • thecrumbledtales 2w

    She loves him
    Like sun loves burning
    She loves him
    Like the stars love shining
    She adores him
    Like rainbows adore the skies
    She is a fool in his love
    And his love makes her wise

    She loves him
    Like the moon loves the nights
    She loves him
    With all his wrongs and rights
    She forgets everything in the world
    When she looks in his eyes
    Cause she is a fool in his love
    And his love makes her wise

    She loves him
    With all her heart
    She loves him
    Like Da vinci loved art
    His love tranforms her
    Caterpillar into butterflies
    She is a fool in his love
    And his love makes her wise

    #love #miraquill #writersnetwork #pod

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    She is a fool in his love and his love makes herwise


  • thecrumbledtales 2w

    Everything is a side effect of death says Hazel Grace lancaster.I have never met her but I know her from the fault in our stars by John Green.
    And everything that she has to say makes me think, makes me wonder,
    and makes me stunned.
    I wonder if living is a side eddect of death too.
    Do we live the way that we do because one day death is inevitable . Does knowing the date of death makes us more alive ? And does Immortality change our perspectove of life?
    Is living just a disease that will one day end in death? Does living only exist because of death?
    Is death the pill that we all took as a cure for existence but it works of different people at different times?
    Does death change our reallity or is it our reality?
    I wonder and wonder, lost into a rabbithole of eternal questions and I wonser if you do too?

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    I wonder


  • thecrumbledtales 3w

    If only I could
    Cry my worries away
    And smile like I used to
    Like everything is okay

    If only I could
    Rise above the pain
    And laugh truly
    With my heart again

    If only I could
    Stop digging at my scars
    And be healed
    Shining like one of the stars

    If only I could
    Shut my thoughts away
    Like everyone tells me
    to just relax anyway

    If only it could be
    That simple, that easy
    If only they knew me
    They wouldn't label me lazy

    If only I could
    Runaway from my mind
    Be carefee , escape
    Leaving everything behind

    If only someone could Understand what I feel
    If only someone could
    Stand beside me as I heel
    Life would be a lot easier
    My smile a little brighter
    If only all the darkness could go away
    My heart would be a little lighter

    #pod #mirakee #ifonlyicould #writersnetwork
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    If only I could


  • thecrumbledtales 6w

    Who are you?
    What's your name?
    In my dreams
    You have been gaining fame

    Faceless boy with captivating voice
    I saw you by the window sill
    My favourite book, you were reading
    Some song, you were humming

    Who are you?
    Whats your name?
    Oh faceless boy
    Whats your game?

    Your hair dark and messy
    Like curtains to your face
    I saw you sketching
    I heard you laughing

    Who are you?
    Whats your name?
    Oh dreamy artist
    Do you see the same?

    I wish you materialize
    So I know you better
    Are you my soulmate?
    How long do I wait?

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    The stranger boy in my dreams


  • thecrumbledtales 8w

    (This post in NO WAY implies that all men are criminals / rapists and knows that it is indeed NOT ALL MEN.
    It is only trying to tell that we do not need to make every henious crime against women into GENDER WARS and When trying to post or fight for a victim we never imply that it is all men
    We just ask for support to fight the actual crime and its impact on so many women that go through such instances everyday so that this place becomes a better place for every human.
    Thank You. )

    I read everyday
    Atleast one rape case
    And I see everyday
    The fears on the face
    And I try to tell people to do all we can
    But all I hear is " Not all men "
    But all I hear is " Not all men"
    And the topic is shifted to gender wars
    Justice unserved and news all forgotten
    Facts distorted and criminals hidden
    Courts with files rising to the ceilings
    More to add and further more killings
    But all I hear is " Not all men "
    But all I hear is " Not all men "
    I try to tell them that I know
    But I always go unheard
    While wings are cut of every bird
    And tear striken faces haunt dreams
    The struggling and the screams
    I ask for support and respect that is due
    And its all same old and nothing new
    Cycles repeating again and again
    But all I hear is "Not all men"
    But all I hear is 'Not all men"
    The blames are exchanged
    And the victim pitied on
    Nothing seems real and everyone a con
    Movements of metoo take active roles to help
    While foxes are unmasked
    Yet again victims blamed and repeatedly asked
    All I want is for crimes to stop
    But all I hear is Not all men
    But all I hear is Not all men
    I come by sexist jokes frequently
    And am labelled " stuckup" for stopping them
    Told that I cannot take a joke
    And I yet again feel that humanity is broke
    Marital rape is not even considered a crime
    I would be rich if I had a dime for every such crime
    And all I do is fight a little for respect
    But all I hear is " Not all men
    But all I hear is Not all men

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #notallmen #miraquill #fightagainstcrime
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Not all men


  • thecrumbledtales 9w

    Cryin on the inside
    Lookin for the places to hide
    I told her I could do it
    But I am feelin like i lied

    She thinks that I might be broken
    And I fight telling her otherwise
    All through the night
    But i am feeling like she is right

    I see her with her judgy eyes
    Looking at me through the mirror
    Her words are as cold as ice
    Even if she tried, she could never be nice

    She thinks I am worthless
    And a complete mess
    And we start again, bickering
    But I am feeling like she is winning

    She keeps mocking me
    Like a constant noise in my head
    And I yell telling her to shut up
    But I am feeling like giving up

    She keeps me involved in her stupid fights
    Making me loose myself
    In endless nights
    And I loose track of everything in surrounding
    But I am feeling like I am whining

    She keeps giving me doubts to keep me busy
    And I fall into her trap everytime
    And I am stuck again
    But I feel like I will not get out this time

    I tried rejecting
    I tried ignoring
    And she makes me suffer
    But now i am feeling like accepting her

    She is frightening
    And makes me paranoid
    She thinks she is right all the time
    But i am afraid she has convinced me this time..

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #miraquill #pod #she #selfdoubt #overthinking #writersnetwork #overthinker

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    She thinks I am broken


  • thecrumbledtales 15w

    There is just so much of us that we don't understand ourselves and there is so much to feel in this life , that we are overwhelmed with the complexity that a human heart brings with it . But then someone smiles at us , someone comes so close to our soul that for sometime it is all forgotten and life becomes a little bit easier . When a book you were reading ends up on a happy note or when your favourite character finally gets together with their love or when on a sunday morning you wake up to find there is no school to go to , it brings that little joy showing us how these complex feelings are so simple . When you're laughing at some silly joke with your friends and you look at their smiling faces and feel comforting happiness within you .
    But also when people leave leaving just their memories caged in our heart , when you see the pain in someone's eyes who has just lost someone important in their lives , when things go wrong , when your favourite character had to die , when you see people suffer , the heart aches for those we don't know and eyes cry for those that were never real and sadness arrests us for something that will never be or for something that was.
    And everytime I just can't fathom the life that we carry, the courage and the bravery that is feeling , always feeling ...

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    Always feeling

    And everytime I just can't fathom the life that we carry, the courage and the bravery that is feeling , always feeling ...

  • thecrumbledtales 15w

    I have too much love to give
    But no one to give it too
    So come find me , oh darling
    I have been waiting for you
    To hold my hands
    And look into my eyes
    To be my only truth
    Amidst all the lies

    I know it's stupid
    To believe that you are real
    Or that you even exist
    To look for love so ideal

    But I can't help it
    And keep looking for you
    So come find me , my love
    I have been waiting for you
    To prove me right
    Among all those that call me hopeless romantic
    To be a poetry thats been written only for me
    To be all that I seek

    I am in the dark
    And the night is eternal
    I am lost among crowd
    In silence that is loud
    So come find me , my companion
    I have been waiting for you
    To just stand beside me
    As I cut through these bushes
    To reassure me that its all okay
    To not save me , but be with me alll the way

    I don't know what you look like
    And I don't know where you live
    Are you a writer or do you play guitar
    But I wished for you on a shooting star
    So come find me , my beloved
    I have been waiting for you
    To sing me a silly song
    To be weird together
    To be my spring
    In a stormy weather

    People say I have unrealistic standards
    From novels that I hold so dear to my heart
    From silly sitcomes that make me laugh
    To find a love as deep as poetry art
    So come find me , my always
    I have been looking for you
    To be my augustus waters
    To be sarcastic like chandler bing
    To be a Jake to my Amy
    To my granger , be a weasely

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    To being a hopeless romantic


  • thecrumbledtales 21w

    I have been scared
    Scared of everything I do
    I have been afraid
    Afraid of what ifs
    And today I feel frightened
    Frightened of everything that is past
    And today I feel fearful
    Fearful of future and failures

    And I dont wanna be terrified
    But I can't help it
    Trust me , I tried

    I procrastinate and procrastinate
    Afraid that things might fall apart
    Planning and planning away something that I never start

    And all I know is my fears
    Fears that are getting to me
    I think I need help
    But no one can help me afterall
    I am nothing and no one but a stupid human doll

    And I am crying
    Crying over the losses that have never been
    Fussing over the future
    That probably never will be
    But I don't see , you don't see
    I am in the dark and it is lonely

    I feel like a loser
    A loser who never tries
    A loser wanting to touch the skies
    With no courage , never flies

    And I am intimidated my what will be
    What will be and what was
    I am sorry for your loss
    I think I may be a lost cause
    But here I might take a pause
    For I need to replay again
    Get past my sorrow and get past the pain
    Cause nothing ever goes to vain
    Afraid of disdain
    I have nothing to lose but everything to gain

    So I start again and this tine for real
    I start again and conquer those fears
    I will meet you again ,dear reader
    Thankyou for reading my tears..

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