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  • theconfused_voldemort 23w

    Before you leave..

    there is something I need to tell to make my heart feel better and stop hurting.

    It was never the right time whenever you've called me, and there are times where I've let all my walls down for you.

    If only you had my eyes, you'd know how I replay all our moments in my imaginary 70mm resolution screens.

    Well time can heal things,but I guess this won't.

  • theconfused_voldemort 24w

    Things I've kept a secret about the guy I loved


    1. I loved a guy who doesn't love love.

    2. I had been so loyal to him that I had betrayed myself for falling completely to him .

    3. I had always and still fantasize about holding his hands in public.

    4. I was ready to give up everything i wished for, if he wished to stay with me.

    5. The bridge for our hearts would always be under construction because I join every little end and fight against all the odds to make it up to him.