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  • theclairebaire 10w

    Finding Me

    When I think of finding me
    I think of past me
    How I had so many hopes and dreams
    Dances I ran away in the middle of
    Roads I wanted to travel
    Aisles to walk down

    I discovered
    Over the years
    I am finding myself
    Through the walks
    People I meet
    Even every new second
    Or minute

  • theclairebaire 10w


    86 is the word
    Every kitchen has heard
    Oftentimes it means you're out
    Othertimes you wish to just verbally pout

    86 is the word
    That cooks cry when heard
    They feel stressed about
    They didn't get their ordering time out

    86 is the word
    That wait staff cry when heard
    Waiters and waitresses alike
    Feel now compelled to fight

    86 is the word
    Every kitchen manager has heard
    They flip their shit
    When they have had enough of it

    Now I know for sure
    Not to say the word
    For I do NOT want to get in the mix


  • theclairebaire 51w

    No Title

    You said goodbye
    See you around
    But I'm always wanting more
    Its unhealthy
    How can you pull me into your spell then drop me like I am the cause of your pain
    I miss me more
    That's the hard part
    I liked you better before I even knew you

  • theclairebaire 141w


    To get away from social media, and all it's harsh expectations, is the best distraction yet


  • theclairebaire 173w

    Turning Tables

    Our story began of love and honesty.
    Our story began with more love than I could ever deserve.
    Our story began with rides and sunny days; even when it rained outside.

    ...the tables have turned...

    Our story is now shattered and torn.
    In the library of lost memories.
    In the ghost town of a thousand broken promises and dreams.

    I now travel this road, alone, only to realize how much the tables have turned.

    For I have brought this turmoil upon myself.

  • theclairebaire 176w

    Loveblind Written In 2016

    When I looked in your eyes I saw light instead a dark tunnel full of drunken nights and blows to my head and dignity

    When I looked in your heart I saw a warm fire glow instead of feeling the cold wind of jealousy and anger

    When I listened to your words I ignored my mother and friends who spoke of warnings and pain...oh how your words were candy to a baby...

    Wherever we went I never felt any different though friends were worried.

    Your sorcery to my mind was poison and I was slowly dying. Inside. Needing only you.

    When you left I felt like I could see how empty I felt without those things...

    Love isn't supposed to hurt...right?

    Love is patient...right?

    Love knows no wrongs... right?


  • theclairebaire 178w


    You are more than anything in this world

    You are more precious than jewels

    You are more than the lies and jealous rumors people may say about You

    If only you could see how much you mean to me

    For you are my Jewel and my World

    No one can take that worth from you.

  • theclairebaire 179w

    Love each other; for love is the greatest gift you could give one another.

  • theclairebaire 179w

    A Letter Of Gratitude From Me

    To everyone reading...and who may be reading...I find it difficult to put in words how I, myself, feel about how much power my words have gained over the past 10 hours.

    While I am honored that my post has helped writers on Mirakee, I want to take a moment and thank all of you.

    Your words have been seen, and read, by so many others including myself. Words are powerful. We can either break, or build, one another. Choose words of love in a hurting world such as this. We all need to feel love; for love is a gift we must share.

    I feel nothing but gratitude to everyone on Mirakee; whether you may be old members, new members, or passerbys.

    Thank you for being the community you are.

    Thank you @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld


  • theclairebaire 179w

    Tonight I Lit A Candle

    I decided to light a candle tonight. Not just any candle. A candle that kindled a flame that burned in my heart.

    I lit a candle to stand for justice for the children without a parent to hold them and love them tonight. As it burned bright in my heart, I thought of the parents who worried about their children and where their child was. I wept as I lit a candle for justice.

    I lit a candle for the 15 year old boy, who was just a child, who had friends and family who loved him and whom he had given 15 blessed years of pure joy and who had been ripped from this planet too soon.

    I wept as I lit a candle in his memory.

    I lit a candle for those who had to say goodbye too soon to those they never knew, or got to hold, and to those who had lived many cherished years with their loved one. To those who waited days, even weeks, to hear the news it was too late.

    I wept as I lit a candle for love everlasting whom death can never steal. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

    I lit a candle for you. The one reading who may have experienced loss, joy, or just passing through Mirakee and looking for words of encouragement for whatever situation you may be in.

    I wept as I lit a candle for we may never know another person till we have walked in his shoes.