"an angel who wants to fly high but is drowned in the sea of brokenness and lonliness"

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  • thebrokenangel 49w

    I love you,
    Yes, I never say it,
    Neither am I good at expressing it,
    So instead,
    Here's a short piece of love for you .

    I remember all the times when we got cheesy,
    We cried, we laughed,
    We made fun of the people we hated,
    And yes, those 2 a.m. calls ,
    I can never forget how vulnerable we both were,
    The best part of all of this was,
    We were together , through thick n thin,
    Through everything.

    There was a time we got separated too for a short while,
    That period was equivalent to experiencing hell,
    I lost myself
    I had no one to go to n rant for hours,
    I had lost my biggest support system,
    I had lost my everything,
    But i think god made ways to get us back.

    In the end
    All I wanna say is,
    Please never leave my side,
    Be my rock forever,
    I know, these words won't do justice either, to the love I have for you,
    But i guess you got it,
    Just like you get my feelings when I am sad, angry or what not.

    I love you,
    (Your guinea pig:p)

    PS:- I'm gonna annoy you forever:p

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    Best friend

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  • thebrokenangel 130w

    Its hard to keep a straight face and try to be happy when alot is going inside your mind

  • thebrokenangel 131w

    He proposed, it was indirect though
    But she didn't rejected, she took time
    Because deep down she knew , that if she lets him go she'll might never find someone to call her true lover and now, their bond is stronger than ever

  • thebrokenangel 132w

    Ain't the victim

    Faced abuse,
    Lost those "so called" friends/ best friends
    Still i ain't the victim
    Neither i tried for once to become one
    Faced bullying,
    Even faced ignorance and the feeling of exclusion from the closest of people
    Still ain't the victim
    Neither i tried for once to become one
    never have i ever cried the tears of grief , infront of the "crowd"
    'cause even if i am the victim, i won't play like i am one
    'cause what i believe is that i'm better on my own ,
    That i don't need fake consoling

  • thebrokenangel 133w

    "what's the thing you don't like about him?"
    "His obsession" she said
    "What you wish you could do to that?"
    "Nothing, just try to embrace it and live with it, it hurts but sometimes you gotta pretend it's alright" she replied with a tear slipping down

  • thebrokenangel 135w

    Don't be nice in the beginning, if you can't be nice till the end

  • thebrokenangel 139w

    If she makes you happy , makes your heart race even more and also if she's more important to you than i am then trust me let me leave , cuz i don't wanna be the third person between you two

  • thebrokenangel 143w

    It's long i know it, hope you don't find it boring❣ #love

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    "i think we should start our lives from a new chapter, it has always been us, i know. But now this us will be forever and always, only if you say yes." He smiled at me and knelt down on his knee and a beautiful ring in his hand caught my sight . I was so overwhelmed that words weren't able to find their way to my mouth , i couldn't help but shake my head back and forth with the tears of happiness welling up in my eyes. He didn't wasted a moment and put that ring on my finger and i hugged him tightly as he did so.

  • thebrokenangel 143w

    As much as i try to run away from you and this darkness , i can't.
    'Cause i don't know why i keep on coming back to you,
    I know you're bad, you're wicked, not good enough for me, but i just don't know why i have a thing for bad guys and can't help but always fall for 'em.
    But i get this vibe of protection from you unlike any of 'em.

  • thebrokenangel 143w

    If that makes sense�� #love #life

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    You ,
    You did me wrong,
    You broke me apart,
    You left me burnt,
    You left me in the dark,

    Yet i didn't stopped loving you,
    Even though with my burnt and broken parts, i loved you with all my heart