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    “Let's celebrate freedom" you said.
    With what though?
    A Blood soaked flag
    and shackles around our wrists?
    Empty vessels walking around
    trying to find peace away from their mother land?

    I don't want to criticise you
    I don't want to say you aren't doing enough.
    you've got enough resources — wealth to make us happy.
    but you are the typical example
    that talent without sense or proper management
    is pointless.

    We lock the doors of our home
    maybe then we can ignore the fact
    that the sun is indeed shining
    but we cannot see it because we are hiding.
    we are hiding from the things we make fun of
    I know we like to make jokes
    but the biggest joke is the reality we live in.

    Our leaders of tomorrow are still waiting for
    the tomorrow our past promised yesterday.
    how do we move forward?
    when the past is controlling our present.
    pulling us like puppet strings.

    I know we like to make jokes
    make skits of our experiences as nigerians
    but let's not forget....
    today we celebrate 61 years of freedom...
    Yet every year was staged.


    Sad Independence day. October 1st 2021

    Offs mic. I need to go and update

  • theafricangirl 3w

    Dear me, I am sorry for thinking you were anything less than you were.

  • theafricangirl 3w

    I have learnt to say "No" without feeling guilty

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    It's funny how,
    people embrace us
    with the same hands
    they used to slay our trust.

    It's funny how
    people are so quick to judge
    Ever ready to pick the easy way out.

    It's funny how,
    People prefer to cry at graves
    rather than emit the love we crave

    It's funny how
    people mess with our feelings
    and still have the audacity to ask
    why we are acting "Strange"

    ****could you relate to this?*****

  • theafricangirl 6w

    It's funny how people mess with your feelings and still have the audacity to ask why you are acting "Strange"

  • theafricangirl 6w


    Sometimes I get tired of everything. I feel like I want to run away or escape from reality, but the truth is, All I really want is to be found.

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    Parents need to realise this. Your kids aren't too young to be going through issues. You need to stop ruling out their emotional and mental needs.
    Sometimes your words, actions or even body language can scar your kids for life.‼️

    They aren't too young to be going through depression, anxiety and so many other things, don't make it seem NORMAL to them! it is not! TEENAGE DEPRESSION IS REAL?

    What are your thoughts?

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    I no longer have space in my heart
    To bottle up the pain
    From broken promises.

    I no longer have space in my heart
    To bear the cross
    Of all the dreams people broke when they left.

    I no longer have space in my heart
    To hide the pages of my life
    When people were simply cruel.

    I no longer have space in my heart
    To give refuge to,
    Temporary people.

  • theafricangirl 25w

    They say I play a lot.
    so maybe I'm a player.
    I'm probably stuck kicking a ball
    missing the penalty over and over again.

    Still don't get it though
    why it won't just go
    Haunted me for a while
    cause all the effort I put in
    kept hitting a poll.

    After a few trials
    and many unspoken words
    I realised it myself.
    I had set the bars too high.

    I kept kicking the ball so hard
    it deflated before my eyes.
    I killed my goals with heavy expectations
    murdered my dreams with too many assumptions.

    And maybe also,
    underneath, some where deep
    I wasn't that sure of my capabilities.

    Because there were two ways to distruction
    Overestimating your capabilities
    and Underestimating your worth!


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  • theafricangirl 28w

    so, I know I decided to take a break. but I had to do this now. It's the prep for my book. (something big is coming guys! and I am excited to monetise this book! Yay!) but first it has to grow. I want a suitable audience for it so I know what I'm bring to the table each time.

    The title of my book is sane madness. it's a suspended filled thriller that focuses on Various characters centered around finding a killer that's hunting them down.

    I will only post the first FIVE chapters on here. the remaining is AVAILABLE on novel cat. I have 10 chapters up there and update daily. (please do not read from Wattpad. Reading on novel cat would mean so much to me! make sure to leave your REVIEWS too!)



    Would you believe someone was innocent, even though you caught them red-handed? wouldn't that be considered stupidity? isn't that stupid?

    These thoughts roamed around Mide's head, The 27-year-old detective was at his wit's end with his case, he rubbed his face once again with his palm as he paced around his office.

    He sighed as he stared at the case file which currently sat in his hands.

    Temi Adeyemi

    That was the only name they could attach to whatever was left of the girl. The killer was simply psychotic, no arguments there.

    Temi Adeyemi

    He didn't know her too well, He just knew her enough to know that she was his sister's best friend. Temi was Ire's close friend, and he had seen her come over countless times, He had even had a conversation with her once! Temi was not someone who could have an enemy, she was a saint! a pure one! but the drugs found in her system showed otherwise.

    Mide felt conflicted. How exactly was she going to break the news to his sister? How was he going to tell her that her best friend was found detached and soaked in blood in an apartment, and her supposed killer claims Amnesia, He already had issues with Ire. Irewould not take this news lightly.

    Mide groaned loudly when he remembered he was supposed to pick up his fiance, Gina. But Gina would understand. right? he hoped she would.

    He flipped the pages. glancing over and over again, trying to find a loophole, a slight ditch, a small pathway, a tiny leeway but nothing!

    Mide had spent the last five hours staring at this case file, and everything seemed in order, the dates, pictures, events, time frames, it was almost perfect, but there was nothing like the perfect crime, and Mide wanted to prove that!

    He gave up as he plopped down on his office chair. The case file rested on the brown polished table which complemented the cream walls. Mide sighed. threading his hands through his hair, The events of the past few minutes replaying in his mind.

    " I didn't kill anyone! please listen! please ! please! pl-"

    "I wish I could unsee what I just saw" A voice confessed. soon an Afro-haired, dark-skinned lady walked in, her gun tucked into her pocket carefully, and her badge on display.

    It had taken Mide a few minutes to register that he was no longer alone. he raised an eyebrow at the woman who had helped herself to a chair and was now looking at the dreaded file, maybe she...

    "Jane -" He began, but he was cut off abruptly.

    "Save it" she cut him off, Registering the look in the man's eyes and attempting to put out the flames before it began. "It was a case, We solved it. we found the killer, just let it go!" She suddenly roared. She was up to her neck in this too, The press, Media, The higher-ups, they all wanted to get to the bottom of the case and now that they had finally done it, She was not going to let her goody-two-shoes partner ruin it all because he decided to play detective all over again.

    Mide frowned. “It couldn't have been Hannah, you know that! it just doesn't make sense!” He yelled back.

    “What doesn't make sense? There was a dead body, and the killer was found beside the body! what else do you want to know? why are looking for trouble where there is none?” she roared again.

    Silence slapped them both on the cheeks after that. They wanted to speak, but for some reason held back.

    "I'm leaving" Mide announced as he placed his gun in his pocket, collected the file from her, and walked away. He refused to even cast her a final glance. he knew when to give up, and now was not the time. He had this gut feeling, that maybe, just maybe that girl was saying the truth, and his gut feeling was never wrong.


    The interrogation room was quiet, Mide winced as the girl was brought in, she looked tired, confused, and completely exhausted. she did not look like someone who just derived pleasure in killing someone, or was she just a good actor? who knows?

    "I need you to tell me as much as you remember," Mide said as he sat down on the chair opposite the girl.

    Hannah Derele.

    There was not much information on her either, all they knew was that she worked at a bakery close to the scene, she had no family members, and was seen at the bakery twice a week. Today was one of those days.

    Mide was curious though, How did she end up soaked in Temi's blood and holding the murder weapon? Isn't it too convenient for her to claim has no memory of the incident? Everything points to her, The dates, Events, actions, and even witnesses, Hannah was in for a long time in prison, or even the death penalty.

    Mide knew she was smart enough to know this, So why was she claiming Amnesia? how did that fit into the whole puzzle? Mide was confused.

    "I've already told you, for the millionth time, I don't remember anything! I'm blank okay?!" The girl whisper yelled, she was confused, frustrated, and terrified. I mean, how would you feel if you were through into this horror movie where Someone was detached and murdered, and for some reason, people claim you are the "supposed" Murderer.

    Silence hovered around them for a bit. The interrogation room went quiet, even the sound of a pin could be heard before a tiny voice spoke,

    "I remember as much as you do, even less," began, "I remember lights flashing, and..and feeling liquid on me" she recounted as she closed her eyes reliving the horrific moment. Mide caught himself from offering her some form of comfort, He offered her a bottle of water though, what could he do? He also had a sister, and she was his whole world, maybe that's why he was insistent in getting to the bottom of this case, As much as the killer's profile matched that of a psychopath, this girl looked nothing like one, but it isn't written on their faces is it?

    "Screams.." the girl suddenly admitted. Mide raised an eyebrow at that, coming closer "Screams?"

    The girl nodded, her eyes looking distant "I remember the tearful screams of a girl, and a- Ahh! " the girl suddenly shrieked, Eyes going wide and it took Mide a few minutes to realize she was having a panic attack, He immediately asked for help, and soon she was carried out, but he did not miss the small whispered the girl gave.

    "A chameleon's tatoo"

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