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  • theabandonedsoul 41w

    Bella and dreams

    inside those lonely dreams

    a love poem wanders

    and holding the thread

    of two abandoned hearts some undyed clouds rumble.

    near the endless silence

    a warm verse murmurs

    and standing near a faded facade

    of caucasian catastrophe some candelabras saunter.

    Let's paint those dreams

    with the crayons of sunset let's render the sable silence

    with the melodies of us


  • theabandonedsoul 44w


    She wears the necklace of sonnets and anklets of haikus. And I am stunned after seeing her earrings which are made up of bewitching elegies. And in her hand I see plethora of lexicons to adorn her fingers as rings.

  • theabandonedsoul 45w


    Near the gulmohar tree of your meadow I sit there holding some white jasmines Every evening, those jasmines wither darlin' But again I run to bring another bouquet for you.
    Time changes, day changes and years too
    And I wait there to melt in your stillness My metaphors droop near the abysmal clock But I wake them up by crooning an unstinging song.
    The grasses of your garden abut my barefoot But they never speak about your footsteps I want to talk with those 'touch me not' plants But they become shy when I embrace them.

    I want to listen the beats of your heart And portray the tunes on the canvas of my dream Those dreams will fly towards your warm heart And to infuse inside your little megalopolis.

    waiting for your footsteps

  • theabandonedsoul 55w


    Swivel the aftermath which bleeds some slimes: untouchable they are.

    Holding the holocaust

    inside the unscented eye-pits tears scribble with bloodstains.

    Inside the fiendish morgue death breathes there and unidentifiable skulls smirk.

    White jasmines peel off the off-white veil from the face of ashamed life.

    The castle of miracle shatters there neatly and where unconquered the demise is.

    The diamond rings and gold bangles with big bungalows kneel down infront of the grandsire of end.

    Corpses put down the ode with frozen derma and purple patches on chest.

    //hiding beneath the rented clouds stars watch the limpid life and envious passing yet dazzle with the naked ennui between life & death//

  • theabandonedsoul 90w


    Control can sometimes be an illusion. But sometimes you need illusions to gain control. Fantasy is an easy way to give meaning to the world. To cloak our harsh reality with escapist comfort. After all, isn't that why we surround ourselves with so many screens? So we can avoid seeing? So we can avoid each other?

  • theabandonedsoul 99w


    I do see the beauty in the rules
    , the invisible code of chaos
    hiding behind the menacing face of order.

  • theabandonedsoul 102w


    My sentiments are mort
    My cœur est mort
    pour moi you mort

  • theabandonedsoul 117w


    ALIF ❤️
    हमेशा ❤️

  • theabandonedsoul 135w

    i love you ❤️

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    I feed on the
    elixir dripping
    from her lips

  • theabandonedsoul 147w


    तुम्हारी आँखों मे मैं अलिफ देखता हूं
    तेरी बातो में मैं अलिफ देखता हूं
    दुआ करते वक़्त तेरे लबो पर अलिफ देखता हूं
    तेरे होटो को चूम के तुझे अपनी बाहों मैं सुला लू
    तू ही बता कैसे आबि के आबि तुझे अपना बना लू