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  • the_writer25 148w

    I was a cool and a bold kid
    Got many friends wherever i lived
    Everyone for me were like treats
    Oh no! But i never took those hard pills

    I thought my journey will never end
    But i lost so many friends
    Cause i left so many places
    Didn't leave my any traces

    Now , everything is so tough
    Every second seems so rough
    My life isn't mine anymore anyday
    I can't do anything in my way

    I got to set myself free
    Cause am tied to this field
    Where i can't survive
    So many dangers in my life

    I don't want to make myself better
    I don't want to start a battle
    I want to live my life in peace
    Ain't nobody with me so am free

    Won't carry those burdens with me
    I'll throw them away so they'll not take my seat
    Am going to rule not like a coward , am a tonic
    Cause my every heartbeat makes me courageous.


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    I left so many memories behind
    But i still remember everything
    Now i entered the world
    Which is dark and where am going to suffer
    Am going down but I'll rise and see the light again
    Cause i know myself from the beginning of my life
    So i run cause i always look forward
    And cause only i know what i want


  • the_writer25 149w

    I've been living in a ghost town
    I never dared to look around
    Am living like a stranger with a crown not mine

    Sorry but i kept your blanket for my memory
    I've Never seen a love tragedy
    Everything was so fascinating that time

    Wish i never knew you
    Wish i never hold you
    Wish i never talked to you
    Wish i never met you
    Wish i never saw you
    Wish i never breathed you

    You were the only one i wanted
    You were the air i always took in
    You were my medicine for every pain
    And those disease just ran away

    You started blaming me for everything
    You started trolling me everywhere
    You started a war with me for her
    Why you didn't tell me about it

    My nerves just got blocked
    When you said those last harsh words to me
    Now take care of her better than me
    Cause am not worried about you, am worried about her....

    The_writer25 ��

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    Every part of me was beneath your skin
    They embraced my heart
    You heard my heartbeats under my scales
    And made that story to shine in space
    Whatever you said was a lie that I bought
    Your words and eyes made me your slave
    I starved for you until i realized that you're gone
    I feel betrayed and can't get over it


  • the_writer25 149w

    I was addicted to your structure
    But didn't know who you were from inside
    I am the one who you've tortured
    You say that you don't know me now

    You were stuck inside my mind
    Myriads of your images were in my head
    I can't get you out of my sight
    Even if you aren't not around here

    Now I know that you lied to me
    I wasn't familiar with that before
    Your words were just cutting me off
    Cause they were like sharp knives

    I wore your oversized t-shirt and waited so long
    I slept with it and saw the time just passing by
    You show that you're not missing me then you're wrong
    I can prove it what you think as you are fake

    Never call me from now
    It's the best advice i can give you
    So i never replied your messages and calls
    I can see your bad shadow cause it's not new

    You made me out of control
    I wasn't that butterfly anymore
    I should've called you asshole
    When you threw me near the shore

    I already knew that you got someone else
    But i don'twant to your sombody new
    I know she must be better than me
    So all i can say you is a goodbye


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    After i had that coversation with you
    I got to know that you've been cheating on me
    I wasn't surprised cause i was sure
    I knew that everything you told were lies
    But i believed you cause i was a fool
    And now am not ok cause am hurt


  • the_writer25 150w

    Why my heart wants to die
    Is it because they make me nervous
    Can't I always refuse their words
    To come into my ears....
    They make me to hate my life
    I don't know why I was born
    I can't even live any moment
    I can't even enjoy anything
    I can't even raise my voice or speak a word
    Every time am ordered to shut my mind
    Am not allowed to breathe without permission
    I don't even own a single stuff
    Nothing in this life is mine
    Not even a particle of dirt
    Yes people, am frustrated
    Am in a cage where I feel like a prisoner
    Or worst than it you can say
    I have to hide everything cause of fear
    Am not allowed to show my tears
    Even if I want to cry
    Nobody understands me here
    Every one just ruins my life
    Cause they say am useless


  • the_writer25 150w

    When i look into your eyes
    I feel like am going out of your sight
    That made me feel like am no one
    That makes my song so dumb

    If i make you fall for me
    Then i know you'll push me down
    If i keep myself calm for you
    I know you'll drag me on the ground

    Don't you want me
    Even if am on your side
    I always do whatever you want me to
    You don't believe me and say am of no use

    I write so much for you
    But the words even flow opposite to me
    I make you beg for my love
    But you then leave so early

    Why you hate me so much
    I don't even know so i want to know
    Just let me breathe in your lungs
    Don't be fishy and take me with you

    I'll touch the clouds
    I'll breathe the air in which you are present
    I'll drink the ocean
    I'll catch the stars for you as you need it

    I'll make you shine
    But just accept my heart
    Believe me that i never lie
    So don't be rough and harsh


  • the_writer25 152w

    I miss you Yeah i do
    But i can't explain
    Anyone the pain
    That am going through

    Am happy for you
    I know wherever
    You are living forever
    You will feel something new

    I don't know how it feels
    When some people meet again
    Is any pain they gain
    Am unaware for real

    I miss those days
    Spent with you and now in vain
    Now am all insane
    Couldn't make myself happy and gay

    I have found a clue of you in the rain
    As we have such a long diatance
    Love still flows in my veins
    That strikes my brain

    You became camouflage
    Your love wasn't guaranteed
    Fly to me and make the moment
    My heart is waiting for you to steal it

    I still love and want you
    Baby come back to me
    I can't explain and can't see
    I made myself blind until you come back


  • the_writer25 152w

    You blamed me for everything
    You made me fall and am stumbling
    My feet on the ground were shaking
    My life was in danger as you wrecked it

    Never shouted and said a word
    I always calmed down and now being a jerk
    You can see me that i act like a nerd
    Throw all the words about me you've heard

    I forget you as you were so dramatic
    Everything seems like cinematic
    Told you that am not so fantastic
    Am a critic and in a position that's static

    Feels like everything is distorted
    Am feeling so discarded
    Am all alone and can't feel the cold
    But your words made me bold


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    You think that i may fall for you
    But never think like that
    As you are wrong


  • the_writer25 153w

    I don't know what i am doing today
    As i was supposed to die yesterday

    All i hope that i would stay fine every day
    But the situations always make me late

    Everything i did was a lame
    Never misunderstood that i gained fame

    Things in this nasty world aren't same
    Always remember that your life is a game

    Don't be afraid to go solo
    This ride alone is better in slow mo

    Your shot a strong aim with an arrow
    Cause you don't want so many sorrows

    You know that you are so strong
    So never let people think that you are wrong


  • the_writer25 153w

    I've got to see the ecstasy
    And now all i see is fantasy
    So everywhere i express it
    And never do that impressing things

    I dump all those emotions
    Hate all those lotions
    Lost with the locations
    When i thought of a vacation

    I never come across the happiness
    Cause of my bloody laziness
    Got injection of tetanus
    As i got someone's fungus

    All those things i did
    I threw as they were shit
    But all i do now goes in a pit
    Cause everything is just splendid

    Founded my throne
    But everywhere was full of thorns
    Now i am warned
    With all those burden on me !

  • the_writer25 154w

    You said that I'll be there
    And I'll be your shelter
    So I've finished my work
    And waited for you to come

    You made me to wait for you
    It was so long i died for you
    But you! Nobody can take your place
    And so, come back again

    So many Memories
    They took me in
    And i went in politics
    To wash my sin

    I wonder that you are no more
    How you left me without your zone
    Baby it's true that you didn't keep me safe
    But now come back again

    I've fallen down on my knees
    And am just begging you to don't move your feet
    you! Cause nobody can take your place
    And so, come back again!