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  • the_wonderin_soul2 5d

    As I gripped on my pen
    Thinking of writing about you
    Letting my imagination free
    I let my mind finding resemblance
    What if there's anything as beautiful as you

    If the moon
    It does look beautiful
    But the moon is lonesome
    And it does have the scars

    An ocean
    Too deep
    And impatience
    Pollutes nature
    And free

    A rose
    Too many layers
    Of scarlet delusion
    And lies

    If star
    To please an

    If candle
    Too selfless
    And devoting
    Pleasing to hear

    No metaphors for you
    Your beauty is undescribed

  • the_wonderin_soul2 5d

    I saw her
    Sitting over a metal pole
    Sighing solace
    Cherishing silence
    Finding wonders
    Looking miracles
    Breathing a crowd of lights
    Glory(ing) on unparalleled hills
    I saw her shading vibrant(s)
    The grey(s) and the black(s)
    Immortal pearls over the sky
    I saw her greeting crescent
    Arcing sky
    Swifting spring(s)
    Loving autum(s)
    Abandoning petals
    Popping droplets
    Attiring dews
    Flickering candles
    Swinging twigs
    Wearing warm
    Embracing cold
    Strumming music
    Widening arms
    Catching hopes
    Cozying nights
    I saw her Painting beauty
    Decorating molds
    Beautifying connections
    Tendering hearts
    Smelling roses
    Dawdling peeks
    Blowing lanterns
    Singing smile
    I saw her Gesturing future
    Lifting murk
    Walking clouds
    Fantasizing dreams
    And being the bloom
    Smitting soil

  • the_wonderin_soul2 5d

    #wild @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤

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    I'm planting a rose
    Of your name
    In my garden
    Just for reminding myself
    Of a coincidence
    Made me flatter
    Somewhere in the wild lanes
    And hustle bustle of this world
    Whilst my heart startle of you the one

  • the_wonderin_soul2 1w

    #wild @writersnetwork thanks for the ❤

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    I sight her cherishing wild tulips
    Wearing scarlet
    Getting lost in a worldly wild crowd
    I sight her being kindest in her wildest silence
    Laughing on star's cluster and wildly thundering clouds
    I sight her dancing with rain ,admiring aura
    Following constellations ,lightening candles
    Leaving grudges and smiling out loud
    I sight her loving amorphous
    The life of no shape
    But wildest beauty and routes
    I sight her living utmost
    The most she could ,
    Climbing happiness ,bucking spirit
    She was a singing nightingale
    Happily firefly as light as dandelion
    A painter's colour palette
    A sculpture's mold an illustration
    And a cageless dove

  • the_wonderin_soul2 1w

    Blah @shadowofthoughts_ no effort junk #temporary

    #anaphora @writersnetwork thank you so much ❤ for the love and (Ec) #1

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    From sunrise to sunset
    From ardently seeing twilights to loving dawns
    From heart breaks to healings
    From visualizing you to sitting under your arms
    From hating you to loving you
    From secretly cherishing you to tucking letters inside your notebook
    From noticing you to wishing of you to the declining stars
    From writing our names to letting plucked petals decide
    From sharing lunches to sharing our life
    From making moments to paving paths for each other
    From loving you in astray far of your concern to solely cherishing each other to redamancy
    From seeking you on everyway to sharing couch with you
    From reading novels to articulating summaries to enjoying coffees with you to exchanging meals
    To precisely seeking hobbies to loving your flaws
    From passing days to sharing decades
    From eccedentesiast to smiling happily with you
    From sharing chunks to sharing bites
    From astrophile to replacing you with stars
    From hitting puberty to loving you till wrinkles
    My heart resides your name
    My pain seek your peace
    My eyes carry your beauty
    My henna resonate your touch
    And I see your belonging
    We shared a bond of love

  • the_wonderin_soul2 1w

    "I love things being fine"
    Oh "nevermind,I'll dream of it one day back to the scene Bleeza"

    "Watch your steps girl" I heard a voice past by me
    "Heck ya" as I mumbled into a gloomy tone cz I wanted to avoid everything like I wish I could disappear from this hustle I've been into
    It's not a new day not a new beginning but everything is as tough as it were when I first tripped into a dismay and could never get out of it

    Ahh another crash "darrnnn" , "can't you just see..." He looked angrier watching my bare face while I had no interest in him (The Handsome Sleepyhead) and nor into his words even though he wanted to sue me still I choose to walk un-affectingly right into my clumsy tone And he I think he felt boiling getting unnoticed so he grabbed me closer deciding to play a bad boy snobbish style which I was totally bearing since I don't know and uttered "Hey you don't look bad at all... Don't you" with making his body fit into mine and sneaki(sh)ly smiling "Jeez!! Your smile is ugly and self is annoying do you want me snapped about you more ...don't you" i asked in a similar tune "Bleeza" a sense of familiarity got rid of his lips and mine too "Darek how about you getting off to me","of course who is into you after all you're so annoying its just you keep pestering me" , "oh please everyone knows its just you babysitting me all the day" I smiled seeing a shock on his face "heartbreaker"he said , "ummhmm its just a truth speaking itself" ,
    "where" ,
    "on your face" ,
    "haha I ignored your sarcasm" ,
    "Darek" I called him in a serious manner "Yes ABleeza"
    Ah "its Bleeza stop drooling over me",
    "And you too stop embarrassing me over it" ,
    "How could you ",
    " why can't I ... Can't I love you ? Or say I'm not deserving ",
    "i don't mean it you know you only deserving its just I'm so clumsy and devastated" ,
    "let me fix it",
    "and what's there to fix",
    " Your heart", "How" ,
    "just like you crave banana split on epic random moments and after getting it either you Tripp over its empty jar else you crash it on my squeaky dashboard and ask me to fix it",
    "jeez that was very random" ,
    "just like you purposely sprain your uncle and let me carry you every time",
    "hah to my surprise what you're uttering" ,
    " bleeza" , "hmm",
    "Confess it", "Stop carrying me", "Why should I ..let's go with me", "Where" , "Behind the bleachers ", "Wwhy", "for fixing it actually" ,

    I resisted but he was carrying me just like rain muse with soil and the petrichor provoke itself I know Darek I can't confess but you're teasing my life and being a beautiful aspect of it

    And to my dismay

    Love finally seek my threshold and someone is knocking on it I know the door will eventually get open while Sun drench me of its rays and life will put it's hues inside me unlike your streak draining emotions out of my soul

    (I was too tired of ending it in a same way ) @shadowofthoughts_

    #start #idreamc

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    The feeling of wanting to be
    With someone till death

  • the_wonderin_soul2 2w

    If I'd write you hundred pages
    Of confessions would you believe
    This ritual called " L O V E "

  • the_wonderin_soul2 2w

    Silence my most compatible
    relying nowadays .

    I don't speak yet I speak
    by my actions.

    Dear self
    You were never considerable
    Yet might be
    But I'm happy
    That you never had loosen the grip
    And being a scintilla
    Will probably be "prominent" one day

    Its just a bad
    Aspect of life
    For soon passing away
    So keep breathing And be compassionate


    The bad is
    "The Chapter"
    Not a whole plot
    Articulated in the same way

    Describing yourself
    You'll known
    And judge
    By the way
    They think of you


    It's the intellect
    Forbade you of responding

    You might be different
    But not outdated
    Stop devaluing yourself


    Be with the people
    "The being of you"
    The being you

    Take in
    That misunderstanding
    And then not making efforts
    For clarifying it takes you
    Towards the way
    Leading judgments

    As you know ,

    One sided perception
    And assumption towards
    Provoking negativity can clearly
    Cause destruction in one's life

    Dear life
    You're nothing
    But a concept of lie , laughter
    And tears

    Something I know
    Is that
    We all suffer of

    But so do we know

    Flawless is when
    You be
    And perfect with being
    A little imperfect
    Yet never go out of yourself
    Loving zone

    Have you ever
    "V I B E "
    The world ..!
    Believe me
    It seems so

    Feels like

    Spring reviving
    F A L L I N G
    Autumn leaves

    The birds chirping
    The sun blazing
    The sky patching
    The rain embracing
    The rising petrichor
    And the lapping up of the shores
    Through each corner of your soul


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    Randoms/Insights (4)

    To smiling people
    I know
    Behind every smiling face
    There's a hidden tale
    Which no one tends to say
    And no one tends to find

  • the_wonderin_soul2 2w

    Today's misery
    tomorrow's ease

    Somewhere lost
    to be
    somewhere found

    Changing perception
    is like changing the whole cycle
    just like wearing an attire
    both from the inside and outside

    Work for the stage
    Where you see
    yourself standin

    They say
    It's the broken heart
    Mostly be kind

    Life is not for
    Dawdling clueless(le)
    Its all about focusing your direction

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  • the_wonderin_soul2 2w

    Have you ever seen
    a scintilla illuminating in the mirk
    And feels like its guiding you

    (Too short right❤)

    You're such a book
    I wish to re-read
    Re- traverse
    And re-love

    (It just feels like homely in a sink with you )

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    Randoms (2)

    Simplicity evokes
    The simplest in me
    But that simple me
    Always knows the value of love
    And loving(s)