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  • the_venting_poet 3h


    You will stop thinking of someday.
    You heart will be warm
    Your hands will be warm
    And your soul will be full.

    Someday everything will be as you dream of.


  • the_venting_poet 4h

    Dear Angel


    You will wish
    There's a hot meal waiting for you
    But you'll just come back
    To stone cold rice
    And turned curry.
    Hold on.

    You will think
    There's a friend who will care
    But you'll just be alone
    With your thoughts
    And pain that's killing you.
    Hold on.

    You will hope
    There's someone who's worried for you
    But you're just only wishful
    Because there's none
    They're all living their own life.
    Hold on.

    Because, Angel,
    They'll never know.
    They don't know
    That Angels need saving too.
    They don't know
    That Angels need a shoulder to cry on too.
    They don't know
    That Angels need some extra love sometimes too.
    Angel, they don't know many things,
    So they won't live up to your needs.
    Forgive them, Angel.
    They're only doing what they know best.


  • the_venting_poet 21h

    But what do I do
    When my body's failing
    And my spirit's broken
    My tear ducts torn
    And my voice all shriveled.

    What do I do
    When my nerves are shredded
    And my blood's clogged
    My DNA confused
    And my bones all white and sliced.

    What do I do
    When pain has become a part
    And the stabs feel normal
    the pull of tendons feel fine
    And the swelling makes me me.



  • the_venting_poet 2w

    She disappears
    For weeks, sometimes even months,
    No one knows where
    Or why.
    And when she returns,
    Some say she's a ghost
    A genius, a witch and other names
    That meant not a single good.

    But when she returns,
    She comes back straighter,
    Brighter, bolder
    Like a boss.
    She takes her time
    To do things that heals.
    And protects,
    From all the harmful gaze
    Of human connection.


  • the_venting_poet 10w


    I was only doing my best
    Trying my best
    And giving my best.

    ' ,



  • the_venting_poet 11w

    Little one

    Little feet came running
    Into the arms of one who did not want to hold.
    Little arms stretched wide
    Unconsciously seeking comfort from one who had no warmth to share.
    Little body softly bounced,
    Backtracking as happiness around it froze
    Because it sought for light in one where darkness ruled.

    Poor little one, hardened by the air around it, never sought once for solace or joy,
    In another person.


  • the_venting_poet 12w


    Said I was a bully
    Because I used my arms and legs too often
    Reaching out in force without intention.

    , .


  • the_venting_poet 12w

    Sat by the window
    I picked on the food, cold food
    As I think of you.


  • the_venting_poet 12w


    Despite science and it's sisters
    Working together to predict and forecast
    What will or might happen
    Today or any day in the future,
    It just doesn't care,
    It brings rain or sunshine and wind and others
    Without any strings attached,
    Whenever, however, and sometimes
    So much that we end up doubting
    If we should check our phones and news.

    , ?


  • the_venting_poet 12w

    Haiku 3 (Of Buts)

    what did we do
    We both parted our own ways
    Neither of us stayed.