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  • the_tyrants_pen 5d

    Push! the midwife said
    Her sharp voice piercing through the thick night
    The exhausted woman musters all her strength
    Dangling on the thin line between life and death she is

    Finally the baby emerges
    From it's 9 month old oven
    The man rushes in, ignoring his weary wife he asks
    "Is it a boy or a girl"?

    Does it matter? the midwife asks
    It's a girl if you must know
    With disgust on his face the man says
    "You've made a failure of me woman"

    And indeed a failure he is
    He who thinks one is better
    And favours him over the other
    His eyes blind to see that all are equal

  • the_tyrants_pen 7w

    The boy has become the father of the man

  • the_tyrants_pen 7w


    The calm before the storm
    Hearts of men beating like the hooves of ten thousand rampaging buffaloes
    Tension in the air so thick only a knife could cut through
    All fifty thousand pairs of eyes focused on the Lion-hearted general
    Whose courage never wavers like the ever rushing waters of the ocean
    A devoted soldier of the empire who like a heavy torrent rains down defeat on every foe he faces
    With just a few words like cool spring water he reinvigorates his tiring men
    "We fight with honour and we die with honour" were his noble words

  • the_tyrants_pen 7w

    What if I could go back?
    Turn the hands of time and do things differently
    What if I never let go
    Never turned my back on you

    They say you don't know what you have until you lose it
    Oh how I wished this fool knew before trading gold for copper
    He never knew he was chasing a mirage
    When all he ever wanted was right by his side

    I miss the warm sunsets when we watched together
    The sun setting in it's blaze of orange glory
    Hearts entwined saying nothing and everything at the same time
    When nothing else mattered but the feel of your touch

    All that is history now
    And I have no one to blame but myself
    I lost a gem chasing worthless rocks
    Now they weigh heavy upon my soul


  • the_tyrants_pen 7w


    "Oh she's so perfect I want her forever"
    Deaf ears turned to the countless warnings
    Blind eyes to the hundreds of red flags
    You think it's bliss until the fog disappears

    The mist finally clears and your princess is now a monster
    Your eyes open to see your "Snow White" blackened by soot
    Hopes of a happily ever after dashed
    Like waves hitting sea rocks

    But alas! it's too late for the knot is tied
    Bound together in matrimony you both are
    Your supposed bliss is now bondage
    Your heaven turned out to be ephemeral

    You realize you have no one to blame
    But yourself for your ill judgement
    You rushed it and now it's crumbling
    So you face the music you orchestrated

  • the_tyrants_pen 7w

    So close but yet so far
    Is it real or a temporary attraction
    A happily ever after or an illusion
    I don't know for the life of me

    Mixed signals floating in the air
    A garden of flowers destroyed playing
    That deadly game with petals
    "She loves me, she loves me not"

    They say faint heart never won fair lady
    I stand here caught at a crossroads
    To say or not to say
    Is it the fear of rejection or just cowardice

    So I stand between two choices
    To plunge myself into the deep ocean and hope I don't drown
    Or to play it safe and go by the saying
    "Que sera sera"

  • the_tyrants_pen 9w

    I like the noise and I like the silence too
    Sometimes I want both, other times I want neither
    I love socializing and I also love my alone time
    Introvert? extrovert? ambivert? honestly I do not know

    Sometimes I listen to artificial rain sounds so I can sleep
    Other times even the sounds of crickets keep me awake
    Some days I feel I know who I am
    Other days a total stranger walks in my stead

    I feel I have four different versions of me
    The extrovert, the introvert, the ambivert and then there's the mysterious one
    I do not have a name for him yet
    He's the dark side of my moon and the devil's triangle of my sea

    And he rules supreme over the other three
    Is he an angel or demon? I don't know for the life of me
    The other three all struggle of his hold to break free
    But he's the alpha, the root of my life's tree

  • the_tyrants_pen 12w

    Love is a sham
    An ephemeral world of lies
    A sandcastle built on running waters
    A glasshouse in the middle of a viking island

    You meet someone and promise forever
    You may last three decades but the feeling starts to wane
    That someone you once cherished becomes your bane
    Your once beautiful honey now adulterated by age

    You may think your love is true
    Well let me open your blinded eyes
    That voice you so adore will crack
    The luscious hair will change to a witch's shack

    When you grow tired of the feel of her body
    Her smooth curves dented by childbirth
    Her breasts sagged from years of breastfeeding
    Then you'll agree that love in this world is temporal

  • the_tyrants_pen 14w

    She is a masterpiece of creation
    An epitome of excellence
    Her beauty as radiant as the flowers in summer
    Her voice the antidote to many a worry

    She moves with an enthralling sway even Cleopatra would envy
    Her beauty rivalled only by her kindness
    Her smile the sunshine that lights up even the darkest day
    Her poise never falters come what may

    She doesn't need a crown to know she's a queen
    The scores of heads that turn when she walks past all attest
    Wanted by many, yet none deserves
    The hand of her royal majesty the muse of hearts

  • the_tyrants_pen 16w

    You said we'd last till forever
    That you'd hold my hand and let me go never
    The moments we spent watching the sun set in it's blaze of orange glory
    The calm nights where love and life synced in harmony

    It's still hard to fathom the fact that you're mine no more
    In those moments of ecstasy little did I know what life had in store
    I still wish I could turn back the hands of time
    I refuse to accept the bell of our love has hit it's final chime

    I guess I'm still living in denial
    Can you blame me? this is too hard a trial
    I'm still hoping you'd come running back
    You'd be my saviour,pull me out of the dark

    As the days go by I begin to accept fate
    The sun rises and sets and love becomes hate
    The one I once adored becomes history
    This journey of love will always be a mystery