Kal pe sawaal hai, Jeena filhaal hai!

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  • the_spur 13w

    Days passing as seconds,
    Unproductive,i reckoned
    Hopelessness on it's peak
    Happiness,where i seek it?

    Imprisoned in my life,
    In loneliness,i'm dived
    Anxiety drips from my body,
    Making my entity more shoddy.

    Scars on my heart
    Screams to reveal my pain,
    Acquisting the inside child
    Same as petrichor after rain!


  • the_spur 41w

    I'm gonna enter again in a new year,
    I should be happy or full with tears?
    Happy cuz i'm going to become more bolder,
    Cranky because i'm going to get older!

    Whatever i'll feel,the day will just pass,
    And i will be loaded with more burden,alas!
    One day of existence,one day of attention
    Very next day it's shun,as it's our convention.

    I wasn't able to conclude all the above lines,
    So leaving it incomplete,as my emotions are confined.


  • the_spur 47w

    यूं बेवज़ह में जिये जा रहे हो
    एक-एक दर्द की घूंट पिये जा रहे हो,
    यूं तो बेवज़ह नहीं होता,बिना किसी वज़ह के जीना,
    फिर भी ये सोच कर खुद को,क्यों सताये जा रहे हो।

    हर एक अक्स़ जो दिल में समाए रखे हो
    निकाल फेंकने में उन्हें,तुम्हारा क्या जाता है,
    समझ नहीं आता क्या तुम्हें,
    यहाँ कुछ खो कर ही इन्सान,कुछ पाता है।


  • the_spur 49w

    Lost in this world
    And things falling apart,
    Filled of grief
    With uncertain heart.

    Delusion of success
    Has made me dazed,
    Thoughts of getting left behind
    Making my mind depraved.

    Why this drama?
    Why this race?
    What this is all about?
    To prove my pace?

    I'm no more part of this bout
    I will run solely,
    Yeah,my fate is erratic
    But at the end i'll be radiant surely!


  • the_spur 49w

    गुम हो जाती हूँ मैं अक्सर
    ये सोच कर ही,
    क्यों हूँ मैं इस दुनिया में
    जहाँ इंसानी रूप में हैं दरिंदे कई।

    डरती हूँ मैं हर पल
    हो ना जाये कहीं,किसी मोड़ पर अनहोनी,
    अपनो के बीच में ही
    मजबूर और लाचार हूँ मैं खुद ही।

    ना जाने किस रूप में आ जाए मुसिबत कोई,
    दोस्त या शिक्षक या फिर कोई रूप नयी,
    सहम कर रह जाती हूँ,ये सोच कर ही
    क्या लड़की होना ही गलती है मेरी?


  • the_spur 50w

    गंवा मत खुबसूरत पल
    झूठा अतीत,अदृश्य है कल,
    जो है अभी,यही है पल
    जीते चल,जीते चल।

    चिंता का स्त्रोत भविष्य
    अतीत तुझे जाएगा छल,
    परिवर्तनशील संसार में
    वर्तमान सदा अचल।

    भविष्य खुद होगा सुखद
    परिश्रम की ताप में जल,
    गंवा मत खुबसूरत पल
    जीते चल,जीते चल।


  • the_spur 54w

    Have you ever lie awake at night?
    Just between the dark and morning light.
    Listening to the peaceful night's sound,
    Waiting for the sleep to come around.

    Do you have scary nightmares often?
    Which can't be describe nor be written.
    Which come by and consume your sweet dream,
    And make your mind a little dim.


  • the_spur 54w

    Insomnia is a curse.

  • the_spur 63w

    कभी कभी बताना भी चाहिए,
    कभी कभी जताना भी चाहिए।

    यही तो इश्क है यारा,
    कभी कभी सताना भी चाहिए।


  • the_spur 102w

    Dear Sushant Singh Rajput,

    I don't know exactly where to start from or perhaps I'm not that okay to gabble anything.But I need to blather my feelings and thoughts to normalize my mind.I still can't believe that you are gone and will never come.I can't believe you will no more give any realistic messages via your movies.
    I'll not blame you for doing this. That is our biggest problem.We just see people from outer aspect,we even never try to know from which trauma they are going through.You were must be facing a gloomy and depressing state.
    I have seen you from "Pavitra Rishta" to "Chhichhore". A thing which i found similar in your every act is your talent and your heart.From "Patna" to "Mumbai", and from "engineer" to "actor",you had gone through a very struggling phase.That inspires a lot of people to begin their journey who aspires to be an actor.If I talk about me,the thing which ping on my head is your hard work,patience and dedication.When a child is born in a middle class family, the thought of becoming an engineer and doctor is put in his/her head.But you broke this perception and proved yourself.

    When i saw you as Dhoni,i idealised him as you.Beyond this,Chhichhore shaked me to my core.After watching it started thinking and working on my "after failure plans". Chhichhore was that which i urgently needed.And that movie made my life more piquant and ecstatic. It made me capable to accept my failure positively.You made us to believe that failure is not ultimate end but it is the things which motivates to do myriad endeavours.

    Your death is horrendous and bitter truth. It's feeling like a personal loss.

    Mental health is everything. At least, talk to someone and express yourself in front of any close people about what you're feeling and going through.No matter what you're facing,you must talk to any close clans.Brooding and solitude never makes you a happy person.I know,i might be sounding over positive but everyone goes through ups and downs but ending your life is a very big decision.Think more and more before taking any step.��

    P.S: Thanks for reading such a long write!!❤

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