Happiness is a Choice. (He/Him)

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  • the_speccy_outsider 4d

    She observes. She starts confabulating. She still observes. She pulls your leg. She starts to appreciate you. She looks for a common thread. She tries to find a mutual factor. And then she spreads her magic.

    Everyone knows that she's a positive soul, who stands up for her people; lends support when in need; rejoices in others' victories; pacifies the ones who are engulfed with melancholy; appreciates what is beautiful; makes you realise that you are going wrong; assures that everything will be fine; and so on the list of her engagements with fellow beings on this planet goes on.

    But I want to express something else here about a soul that never left perseverance. It is not an easy task. To constantly bring determination on the prime front. To have a dream, and then chase it, along with facing innumerable predicaments, whether personal, professional, emotional, social or mental. She is a story of how one should never give up even if situation goes awry or that plethora of doubts encompass your sanity.

    To still be humble and down-to-earth, despite being a part of one of the most reverential fraternity of the nation. To never show-off her knowledge or talent, albeit having abundance of it. She is so modest that she'll never acknowledge her struggles. To be so emotionally connected, for she only has love to give.

    Yes, the love, that she claims never fades. And it never will. Her quill speaks of profound insights. Her feedbacks are heartwarming. Even on this platform which is virtual, she showers virtues. Never would've thought that on a strange land, I'd find a pure and genuine soul like her. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Kin. And I thank you for this kinship, Kinni!

    Here's wishing you the happiest birthday! @kin_jo @lovethatneverfades



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    With Love
    That never fades

  • the_speccy_outsider 1w

    To the one, who always taught us to smile in every situation, whether happy or sad; to not let the negativity out there disrupt our peace; to be kind to one another and be there for each other; to speak our heart out even if it isn't appreciated by the crowd; to be fiercely opinionated; and at last, to spread love, laughter and joy. A collaboration, from his OGs, @jaya___ @kin_jo and I, to him. For, our dear brother would've loved to see this. And yes I won't ever forget that ''Babumoshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi".

    Words of his spread hope so big
    A mine of happiness yielding more the more you dig
    A bright sunshine in a world so sad
    Infectious humor turning everything good from bad
    A brother, friend, poet, comedian
    Living by ideology of carpe diem
    Full of vigor making life memorable
    Weaving his own endearing fable
    Always in our memories and our thoughts
    All his battles he bravely fought
    A guiding light to love our lives
    His hopeful vivacious spirit surely never dies!!



    Words of his spread hope so big
    Words so jovial and band-aid banter, His style of comic
    An effulgent ray amongst the world so dark
    With a heart so tender, a rare gleaming spark
    An invigorating breeze chasing away the gloom
    Spreading smiles and giggles in magic woods tune
    A brother, a friend, a kind of light
    Tho, A gleaming star in the blue moon delight

    A year back he found a new place
    To roast, grow and reside
    Teaching us lessons of unborn tomorrow
    In the silent night



    Words of his, spread hope so big
    Like the fragrance of those old books
    He held wisdom, courage and knowledge
    Whilst hugging humour, love and positivity

    Just like his Pen-name
    He put smiles on everyone's faces
    Whether with the roasts, banter or jokes
    He made Mirakee a home for many

    He welcomed the new budding writers
    Revered and admired the old ones
    Through his quill he wrote masterpieces
    Addressing the societal taboos and issues

    He was a staunch film lover
    Often replied with legendary dialogues
    Even dedicated a post to his favorite film
    But never 'Acted' and adhered to 'Realness' in reality

    And such was our dear brother,
    Who only believed in going forward
    For the show must go on
    Yehi Kehta hai Joker




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  • the_speccy_outsider 2w

    The day holds much gravitas
    For it speaks about victory
    The profound tale
    Of how Good triumphed
    Beating Evil, ferociously
    So in this life of ours
    When we stumble
    Upon any predicament
    The most radical thing to do
    Is to encompass ourselves
    With only goodness
    As that is a despotic act
    To put aptly


    P.S. Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Dussehra!

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    Good over Evil

  • the_speccy_outsider 2w

    My submission for the fabulous challenge hosted by @jaya___

    //A fabricated landscape
    A fallacy of attributes
    A fake portrait of beauty
    A framed depiction of optimism

    Application of filters to images rather than to foul words//

    Freedom of expression has become a joke these days. One often tries too hard to portray the image of being the quintessential know-all and seldom try to be themselves.

    What I feel is that we watch these public figures, who put on a show on social media platforms, and think that we too should do something like that. Maybe we want to feel like them as it is a fantasy many adorn. But we should know that they get paid to do that, or that they have to create an image that helps them sustain in whatever they do.

    We as citizens should have an opinion, everyone is entitled to one. But having an opinion just for the sake of it, or to show the world how woke or incisive you are is extremely redundant. But the absurdity augments when we try to pick a fight. Just like we have an opinion, others too could have and express the same. One should respect that in a dignified manner. But I see a war of words, hurling of abuses and the boundaries of integrity and reverence being crossed.

    Social media has become a platform to showcase how fake we can be. From the perfectly cropped and filtered pictures, to those not so candidly candid moments; those conversations about money presented in a manner that might even make an economist or a financial advisor run for their money; people interpreting laws as if they are the aficionados, for even jurists sometimes differ or fail to interpret them in their apt context.

    What was started as an activity or initiative to bring people closer or spread awareness, has on the contrary, become a place to segregate people and spread malice.

    Hence, I feel the Image one tries to make should not be done, as one should be real. And it is absolutely fine to not know everything about everything. And if one doesn't wish to express an opinion on a certain topic or want to post something hilarious when there's a critical time in the country or surroundings then that person should not be judged for that.

    You never know how many silent battles are concealed by that smile or a post. Be kind, be real and stop being appallingly judgemental.


    #contest_j #anaphora

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  • the_speccy_outsider 3w

    My submission for the challenge hosted by @jaya___
    A post dedicated to the best piece of art I have seen. Ever!

    During the days of naivety
    I found solace in them
    Rachael, Monica, Phoebe,
    Joey, Chandler and Ross
    They became my family
    My Friends
    And I never felt forlorn
    Indeed if it wasn't my day
    Or my week or month,
    For Six Years
    They've been there for me
    I laughed at their hilarity
    Cried with their sorrow
    Was overwhelmed by all the marriages
    Babies, proposals and those apartments
    And sighed at the utterance of the Wrong Name
    I never was On a Break with them
    For they held my hand tightly
    When situations went awry
    I learnt a plethora of things from them
    And still hold it dearly

    Rachael taught me to be confident
    And that it is fine to be a bit spoilt
    Whilst being a genuine friend
    Monica taught me importance of discipline
    And to be a thread that holds everyone
    To nurture and embrace the company
    Phoebe taught me to be unapologetically weird
    To wear unconventionality as a crown
    And not care about others' opinions
    Joey taught me to love my curves, seriously!
    And that being a foodie is cool
    Swear loyalty even at the cost of your happiness
    Chandler taught me to be debonair
    In my imperfections and flaws
    And to find humour in everything
    Ross taught me to be pragmatic
    To have clear goals and to just be yourself
    Even if people find you boring due to your intellect

    I know what kinship means
    I know what being a friend means
    I know that situation won't always be in your favour
    I know to seek out little things
    I know to never let go of hope
    I know to live my life with happiness and laughter

    Just like they did, and still do. As for me, the show is not over.



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  • the_speccy_outsider 4w

    One-liners are not my forte but I still tried. Inspired by the post of @inked_selenophile

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    Pain is like a foreplay, before the pleasurable act of Healing.


  • the_speccy_outsider 4w


    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! Made my day. ��


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    Complacency inbuilt,
    Crooning boastful lies, whilst
    Coaxed by such beings who
    Conceal emotions and
    Compensate it, baiting
    Cleaverness, so as to
    Claim redundant beliefs


  • the_speccy_outsider 4w

    My submission for the unique challenge hosted by @jaya___

    There was a time when you were hopeful, thinking that the silver lining won't pose as a distant dream.

    But there was a time when I wasn't even hopeful about Hope. Life is not fair, and I learnt it the hard way. I accuse Life for being guilty of larceny. It took some extremely priced possessions from me that I once held close to my heart.

    Albeit, soon I found that what I held dear to me was the reason for my misery. I was so inebriated by them that I relinquished my grasp on pragmatism. Living in illusions and fantasies was something I adhered to for so long as I felt that nothing else would grant me euphoria.

    Hence, it was necessary. For me to experience the epiphany that, even though brought me utmost torment, made me realise where I should invest verity. Something that gave me a verisimilitude view at the inception, was in fact a conductor of arson.

    So I decided to placate my mind by sprinkling the powder of Hope. My imperfections made me debonair. And I felt that it is a discombobulating struggle to keep perfection alive. That is the sole reason why I have decided to 'Go with the flow'.

    Alas! Embracing the concept of Enso.


    #once #contest_j #enso

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    You once told me that
    Imperfections are in vogue
    As they speak of hope
    For improvisation

  • the_speccy_outsider 5w

    Over the years
    I've kept the memories of
    Those jaunty rendezvous
    That I now reminisce
    When humour seems subfusc
    I still embrace the lovely words
    Of my grandmother
    That keeps me intact
    When hindrance hollers
    The pristine experiences
    Of receiving laurels
    By showcasing my talent
    Aren't engulfed by cobwebs of past
    Rather are cleansed
    When adversities dance around me
    Those lovenotes from my mentors
    That are more than remarks
    Serve as resplendent allegories
    My perspectives and perceptions
    That are dear to me
    For the gravitas they hold in today's world
    The gruntle from photographs
    Of family outings during childhood
    Endear the soul, still, so bewitchingly

    And the learnings
    That myriad of people
    Taught me so dearly
    Formed reveries of strength
    That I use to claw
    My way onto the top
    Every now and then
    When all I need is
    A closure



    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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  • the_speccy_outsider 5w

    So here is a late submission for the challenge hosted by @jaya___

    Staying happy is a struggle, contradictory to being miserable which can happen within a fraction of second. If you want to fight then do so, with utmost alacrity. And don't let the world or even the vile side of your subconscious tell you otherwise.

    They say money can't buy happiness, I used to deny this as I thought that there's everything you can buy from it. But, no! Happiness is a feeling, and you can't buy happiness as it is a creation in itself. And there's no one who can do that for us, except our own self.

    So collect the much needed capital of memories, and invest it in optimism. There will be times, when pessimism will try to lure you with some enticing schemes but those are nothing more than fallacies.

    Just like the weathers, there's always summer after a cold dark and foggy winter, in the same manner there are various ups and downs in the indices of the Happiest Stock Exchange. Sometimes you'll earn a profit and during the rest you might incur losses too.

    But don't close your account of sanity for you'll go 'Sanerupt'. It is better to have zero balance than to become insane, as there's still possibility of inflow of endearing memories.

    Thus, the material money might not guarantee you jubilance but the money in the form of blessings, prayers, positivity will surely earn you a humongous reward.



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