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    Try breaking your bad habits this Ramadan rather than just putting a pause on them.


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    Lockdowns punish the poor,
    not the virus

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    Maa-Baap ❤️

    Maa baap marr Gaye jise
    dekar tamaam zar,

    Ab woh madad bhi krta ha,
    Ehsan ki tarah!

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    You the morning
    I the Night
    Come,Let us Mingle & become satellite in the sky.

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    you & I

    So what if,,
    You are the bright 'morning'
    & I'm the dark 'Night'
    Can't we become one
    In the 'evening' twilight?

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    I crave a love that adds value to my life.
    I don't want a relationship,
    I want a partnership.
    Someone to aid me up the mountain of Life
    & Guide me through the valleys of adversity.
    Someone who is able to breathe in sync
    & dance by my side through thick & thin.
    I want that grind-together type of love,
    With a close friend I can build an empire beside.

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    Loving Yourself is
    Loving EveryOne

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    Sabar & Salah

    Seasons come & Go.
    Ocean tides Go high & Low.

    Learn to trust Allah's timing

    Sabar & Salah will keep you Going.

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    Sometimes what feels Good
    Might not be Good for you

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    To All the Overthinkers ™

    You don't have to be sorry
    about loving too hard

    You don't have to be sorry
    Being too nice with everyone

    Because one day..

    The right person will walk into
    your life & make you feel

    Like the most beautiful person ❤️

    Remember Someone, Somewhere is watching your good intentions ✓

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    My belief

    The biggest lesson i learnt is not forcing anything.

    Conversation, friendship, relationship, attention,love.

    Anything forced has never lasted long