Broken but smiling

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  • the_silent_one 177w


    Its hard to breathe
    But I am smiling.
    I'm suffering inside
    But I will always be the supportive friend when you need me.
    I am broken
    But I am smiling.
    I'm loosing myself
    And no one is attempting to notice it.


  • the_silent_one 177w


    Few years back
    We shared secrets,
    Called each other bestfriends,
    Believing we were "goals".

    But what happened?
    Is it just me who miss 'us'?
    Did you find someone better?
    I was not even worth a goodbye?

    I remember our promise to never let go.
    Well it didnt last for long though.

    But late at night I cant help but still crave for your messages.

    And I really thought having a "boy- bestfriend" was possible...


  • the_silent_one 180w

    You dont know...

    Maybe we know each other
    But you dont know, you dont really know what its like:
    To feel unwanted every single time
    To feel like a burden every second
    To feel insecure everytime I stand next to someone
    To hide all last night's tears under a smile
    To pretend to be happy
    To crave death everyday

    You dont know me.
    And dont try to, because each time I open up I end more depressed.


  • the_silent_one 181w

    Keeps your head high Queen,
    No one can change the fact that it you who rule your own life

  • the_silent_one 181w

    From butterflies and blushes
    It went down to tears and sleepless nights...


  • the_silent_one 181w

    I know you...

    I know you they said,
    Not even knowing her favourite colour.
    I'll be there for you they said,
    And still left her on read.
    We're inseparable they said,
    'Forgetting' her each time they meet others.

    Sometimes life seems comforting but deep down
    Its just another nightmare dressed like a day dream.

  • the_silent_one 181w

    Not worth it

    He is not worth it,
    He is not worth your tears,
    He is not worth your scars,
    He is not worth your sleepless nights,
    He is not worth your pain,

    You're way more precious to be his darling.


  • the_silent_one 181w

    To every girl out there

    To every girl out there whose smiling so wide so she can hide her tears,
    To every girl out there whose stressed her self too much so her parents would be proud of her,
    To every girl out there whose dreams are buried under the society's eyes,

    Never forget how much worthy you really are.
    Not everyone appreciate the real diamond.


  • the_silent_one 182w

    I didnt know that wrist and razor makes such a great pair...


  • the_silent_one 183w

    Everyone thinks I'm better now.

    But its all a lie

    I have just got better at hiding it