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  • the_scorus_3011 13w

    Aakhir unme aisi kya baat hain
    Jo humme na ho

    Ishq ki imtihaan leke toh dekhiye
    Aap nirash huye toh, toh hum har gaye

    Karte hain aapse beintihan mohabbat
    Lekin aapko wo kabhi na bhaye

    Aakhir unme qisi kya baat hain
    Jo kabhi humme na ho.

  • the_scorus_3011 32w

    It's like I waited my whole life
    For this one night
    Its just you and me
    Under the stars

  • the_scorus_3011 32w

    I was at unease
    All I wanted was
    To crawl beside you
    and for you to
    hold me unscathed

  • the_scorus_3011 32w

    I wish there was a way to know that you are in the good old days before you have actually left them.

  • the_scorus_3011 33w

    All the things that I wanted to tell you
    Are now lying scattered around like petals from a tree
    You never gave me any reason
    To gather them from the dirt
    So even though I miss you
    I am forbidden to remember you

  • the_scorus_3011 34w

    I wish i could have been a thing on your search list on a 3am night.

  • the_scorus_3011 35w

    Oh darling
    You can never be unloved by me.
    You are just too well tangled in my heart.
    You just can never be forgotten easily.

  • the_scorus_3011 37w

    You mended it when it was broken
    You had made me
    The memories of you are still fresh in me
    What was once yours is now lost
    My world was complete because of you.

  • the_scorus_3011 38w

    The 3 am butterflies hit me when I saw you
    Maybe it was love or what was supposed to be
    Maybe we would be together
    In this lifetime or the next

  • the_scorus_3011 38w

    The fastest way isn't always the best way
    The best things in life take a while.