When the days are pleasant, i'll write to you a poetic present. When the days are sad, i hope my poems make you glad!❤️

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  • the_poem_place 10w

    Beauty upon you

    Beauty upon you, might find sunsets a sight for sore eyes,
    Beauty upon you, as they say ; in the eyes of the beholder it lies.
    Beauty upon you, can be found maybe in the joyful wags of a dog's tail,
    Beauty upon you,just a little lovenote by the mail.
    Beauty upon you, may be found in the smile of the girl across your street,
    Beauty upon you, found within the hearts of the people you meet.
    Beauty upon you, through the skylines covered with city lights,
    Beauty upon you, amongst the farms where sunkissed grass is all across your sight.
    Beauty upon you, the nights that get lit up by the little dragon flies,
    Beauty upon you, as they say ; in the eyes of the beholder it lies.


  • the_poem_place 10w

    Conversations with myself

    Ive always pictured myself a certain way,
    And that person is certainly not the one I am today.
    I've painted my life with colors so bright, but nowadays those colors just don't come to sight.
    There are always these questions in my head, quarrelling amongst themselves, and when I try and attempt answering them, the more I begin to lose myself.
    Questions about me, questions about people around me.
    The people I want to cling on to, and the very same people from whom I want to let go, be free.
    As I sit watching the city lights with the apartments so high, to that busy world I want to fly.
    Where you're on your feet, you're content.
    Where you're not missing out on anything, it's everything you've ever wanted.
    Then the very next moment you switch to your place in solitude,
    Where you want no one to intrude,
    You suddenly feel you're enough for you,
    And you don't need people to wipe your blues.
    As the song on the radio changes, I still sit and wonder, whether all I've done till now has just been a covered up blunder.
    But like everyday I just learn to pick up my pieces and continue to walk,
    And with each step again you and yourself began to talk.
    Yet again you talk about your fears, you talk about your peers. You talk about your bold days and the ones with tears.
    On this walk I'm onto, I may find friends, I may find love. I may find just sweet company, joy, or even frowns.
    But at the end of the day, it's only you who has the make sure your crown of self love never comes down.


  • the_poem_place 13w


    There exist masters, the slaves.
    The poor, needy and rich.
    The cowards, the brave,
    People who style, people who stitch.
    People who destroy, people that engrave,
    A thousand such people belonging to a niche.

    Amongst them there's hustle there's spite,
    Each one think they're the one that's right.
    What they don't realise is there's no dark without a light,
    Their interdependence they don't see, only competition is on their sight.

    They need each other to survive the way they do,
    If there's no false there'll never be a true.
    We forget that whatever we are, it's all just relative.
    We need to go beyond this world that's just competitive.

  • the_poem_place 24w

    Dear diary

    11th June '21
    Dear diary,
    Well I am no diary person but I guess the lockdown is just supposed to make you do things you usually wouldn't. So here I am :)

    Today is just a normal lockdown day that started with the sun shining but people's lives not actually so bright.

    Like everybody else, I'm at home too stuck with this routine that has been going on for as long as I can think of. Today's day like any other started off with online classes, way too much screen time and maybe some chores in the middle. Honestly I feel like the lockdown is one such phase where every day is so repetitive they're etched in your memory, but on the bigger picture everything's just changing so fast.

    Like any other lockdown day, I've spent my day so far trying to cope up with classes and lazing on the couch. Well it has been really boring but it just grows on you, cause now I've just started accepting that this is the way it is and we've got to make our way around it. But I will still hope that future me won't still be going through this and will read this and say "oh wow that phase existed!"

    So that's it, no other updates as such cause obviously you can't expect gossip worthy discussions off a lockdown :)


  • the_poem_place 24w

    In a new space

    I'm sitting now in a new place,
    Exploring the unfamiliar space.
    The "out of your comfort zone" phase
    Where every person you see is a new face.

    I put myself out there, with only fear if I'm "cool enough"
    Ill even brag about being a movie buff.
    I sit and sigh about whether they'll judge me.
    And in this process i forget who I even want to be.

    For a reason i don't know, I'll treat myself inferior.
    Assume by default that they're the popular ones, they're the superior.
    I wonder when I'll shed this skin,
    And trust that I'll pull through thick and thin.

    I'm still sitting now in a new place,
    Exploring this unfamiliar space.
    But only without a mask this time.
    It can be a new place with new people,
    But I'll still speak my heart out,
    Cause life is more than just a mime.


  • the_poem_place 29w

    The fable of the king who wanted new clothes but was foolish enough to pay huge amounts of money for nothing at all, paid money for humiliation.
    This fable talks about peer pressure, jealousy, wisdom and just the importance of being yourself :)

    #fable #wod

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    The emperor with no clothes

    The king was in his counting house counting out his money,
    The Queen came about and said, "oh you need new clothes, don't you honey?"
    The king immediately sent out for tailors of all kind.
    Until he was completely assured about his find.

    "Yes your highness we shall make the robes" the tailors said,
    "But robes only the witty can see!" And so everyone into a trap they led.

    They were pretending to make clothes for about a year,
    "Will I be able to see the clothes?" was the king's only fear
    And here the day comes when they presented an empty box,
    But everyone wanted to acknowledge it, and be the witty fox.

    And so they all praised the king for wearing nothing at all,
    The king too felt proud, was standing tall.
    He took rounds about his kingdom,
    Only to realise how dumb he had been, where was his wisdom?


  • the_poem_place 30w


    We expect.

    From experiences, from places.
    From what we see in the mirror, to a plenty other faces.
    From situations, and from people.
    Some strong, yet some feeble.

    We expect to grow, we expect to glow.
    We expect people to go with the flow.
    We expect love, we expect attention.
    We expect comfort, we expect affection.

    It went on for days, for months, for years.
    And my expectations just began to show me my fears.
    Its okay for us to expect people to let us bloom,
    It becomes a problem if instead of expecting, you assume.

    From friends to family to even a place,
    Expect if you're ready to accept with grace.
    Expectations are quite a delicate thread,
    They could just slip by "what somebody said".

    We expect.
    From experiences, from places.
    From what we see in the mirror, to a plenty other faces.
    From situations, and from people.
    Some strong, yet some feeble.


  • the_poem_place 30w

    *Not a poem

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    We have a lot to be grateful for

    If you're a student cribbing about online class, an alumni complaining about missing out on a grad, a friend upset about not being able to hang out at the mall ; hope this helps.
    Whenever you're upset about the things but going right in YOUR scheme of things then just take a moment and look around. There are people being evacuated from hospitals, people with no jobs to rely on, people with no families to confide in.
    Pause, look at the bigger picture.
    I'm not saying your issues don't matter, but does it matter "most"? Maybe not.
    As long as you have a roof on your head, are able to have three meals a day, and are amidst your family, you're good :)
    Times are grim, the least we can contribute is by not throwing tantrums and crib. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE GOING THROUGH THIS.
    The last thing we can do right now is be petty, so let's try and not get there :)
    We're GOING to pull through!
    Stay safe <3

  • the_poem_place 32w

    What school has meant

    With the start of every morning so pleasant,
    Everyday here was no less than a present.
    We could debate, we could sing, we could dance, we could learn.
    In this ocean of a lifetime, every drop ; school helped me churn.

    When I think of school, I. remember ;
    Those memorable days,
    Of assemblies amidst the sun's glaze,
    And the echoing laughs amongst all that craze.

    When I think of school I remember ;
    The CCAs that unraveled people within us, we ourselves couldn't see,
    School helped me become everything I ever wanted to be

    When I think of school I remember ;
    The busy rehearsals be it for exhibition or cultural day,
    And how subtly for our personalities, such a strong foundation it lay.

    When I think of school I remember ;
    Wishing teachers 'good morning' as though it were a song,
    And how we didn't realise, it was becoming a memory all along

    When I think of school I remember ;

    The hustle, the noise, the crowd in every lunch break,
    Alongside us, so many memories we're going to take.

    When I think of school I remember ;
    The panic of not having cut your nails or not wearing a blazer on a Monday,
    Or long walks in the corridor with your friends that dodges all your worries away.
    It hurts me to accept the fact that we now need to bid adieu.
    So, school ; here's a big big big thank you!

  • the_poem_place 32w

    ~ Your bad mood is never a license to be rude ~