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  • the_late_night_tales 1d

    Birds vs The Wind

    O the little bird
    Go and fight the wind
    Strike it hard with your wings
    You won't kill it, but you must try

    Don't look out for reasons
    There aren't any
    And even if you find some
    That would change nothing

    You're a bird
    and that's what birds do
    They just fight the wind
    They just face storms

    Don't believe those
    Who talk of peace
    They will give you reasons
    To not fight the wind

    But o the little one
    You can feel it in your gut
    That all true birds
    Fight the wind


  • the_late_night_tales 6w

    I picked up all the pieces of my heart
    and put them in the right places
    It's whole again, but incomplete
    The warmth of your touch is still missing


  • the_late_night_tales 6w

    I don't know whether it's magic or delusion. Even if the world is about to collapse on me,
    when I wake up and see you lying next to me peacefully, everything seems alright.


  • the_late_night_tales 7w

    I have seen myself changing many times. But nothing change me like pain does.

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    The Two Types of Tears

    I always feel relieved
    When tears come out of me
    As they take out some of my pain

    But I know of another types of tears
    More powerful
    Sometimes dangerous too

    The tears that never come out of me
    They run in my veins along with blood
    They keep the pain within the body

    Now it's up to me how I deal with the pain
    I can fight it and become tough
    Or embrace it and become wise


  • the_late_night_tales 9w

    "Pain and Pleasure"

    Often, in the middle of the night,
    Pain knocks on my door
    I don't open the door
    But he creeps in anyway
    I don't know how he reaches to me
    I never told him who I am
    Or where I live
    I always try to ignore
    But he sits next to my bed and stares at me
    And stays with me for long

    So many evenings,
    I've invited pleasure over
    to my house
    I've always kept my doors open for him
    We would have so much fun together
    And it would make me a little sad
    When he would have to go
    But he's always in hurry
    He always have to go away from me

    Now I suspect sometimes
    Pleasure is pain in disguise
    I failed to recognize him early
    And now he knows me so well
    And he knows how to reach me
    Oh God! He knows all my weaknesses

    Now I have a plan to get rid of him
    If I stop seeking pleasure
    And inviting him over to my house
    Maybe pain would stop coming too

    #pod #writersnetwork #creativearena #writingcontest

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    Stop seeking pleasure. Otherwise, pain will find you. Pain is pleasure in disguise.


  • the_late_night_tales 10w

    Hide and Seek

    I will hide behind the drap of light, said darkness


  • the_late_night_tales 10w

    All our teachings tell us to fight and win. But for how long? Challenges never end in our lives. We deal with one and the next is already coming our way. We need to master the art of how to deal with them without losing our peace.

    #pod #writersnetwork #creativearena #writingcontest

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    The Wounded Birds

    A wounded bird
    Lying on the floor
    And a heavy heart
    Beating slowly in my chest
    Both knocked down
    By storms

    Ah! It's hard to fly
    With broken wings
    And it's even harder
    With broken dreams

    I sit next to the bird
    We wait together
    To our wings to heal
    And to the wind to calm

    This time would be different
    Now we understand the wind better
    This time we won't fight it
    We will rather play with it.

  • the_late_night_tales 10w

    I live among people,
    Yet I am alone
    As alone as a tree would be
    In a forest full of trees


  • the_late_night_tales 11w

    You can't know life by knowing it's parts or aspects. To truly know it, you have to embrace it completely. You have to become life itself.

    #pod #writersnetwork #creativearena #writingcontest

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    The Truth of the Tree

    When I was a kid,
    I would believe
    That to know a tree
    Was to know it's
    Trunk, branches, and leaves

    As a young man,
    I would claim that
    The tree was all about
    The smell of its flowers
    And the taste of its fruits

    Then I grew wise
    To think that
    The truth of the tree
    Was hidden somewhere
    in it's deep roots

    But now I am old enough
    to realize that knowing the parts
    Is not knowing the tree
    There is no way of knowing it
    Unless you become the tree

  • the_late_night_tales 12w

    It's not easy to fight and come out of darkness. But it's harder to live with the guilt of not trying.

    #pod #writersnetwork #creativearena #writingcontest

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    The Tunnel

    I am standing in front of
    The scary tunnel
    Which can be my escape
    From the darkness I live in

    I have heard many stories of the braves
    Who dared to step in and walk through it
    Who crossed the darkness
    And reached the eternal sunshine

    But, then again, I have witnessed
    Many people who tried and failed
    Who either gave up
    Or were consumed by the darkness

    I become more afraid
    When I think of the odds
    Those who crossed the tunnel are only a few
    And those who failed are too many

    But I have to step in and give it a try
    Despite all the fear
    For I don't want to live with the regret
    Of not trying