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  • the_intermittent_expressionist 46w

    Second Thoughts!

    The moment we catch ourselves thinking about what society will think is the exact moment we should realise that this is the part of society we need to give zero fucks about. Because those who really care about you and what's important to you will have zero judgments to pass but absolute contributions to make.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 48w

    People on 1st of January of every year:
    "This year is a new book with blank pages so let's write a new story of our life."
    The same people busted on 31st December of the same year:
    " Realizing that the year was used more like a toilet paper."

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 51w

    I don't know how people say breakup hurts the most and it's hard to move on.
    Beta kabhi kisi sapne se beintahaan pyaar kya hai?
    Uske tutne par move on karne m L***e lag jaate hai!!!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 51w

    It is just surprising to realise that the choices we make and the cravings we have in life are a reflection of things that we lacked at some point or things that made us feel vulnerable in those times of tribulations. Subconsciously we all are trying to fill our voids paying very little attention to what shape it is!!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 69w

    We are so different from each other in terms of ;
    financial status,
    mental, emotional and physical strengths,

    ...and yet here we stand competing and comparing on the incomparable grounds!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 76w

    Post Sushant Singh's sadly demise a major crowd is suddenly reaching out and propagating in one or the other way the quote "I'm there for you!"
    I mean how the hell has everyone become an avid listener now?
    Yes i do sound a bit harsh , but until before yesterday people weren't even mentioning mental health to this level the way now they are preaching how to deal with it!

    Let the time flow and within a few months the same people will be ignoring your calls and messages while you try to share your trauma and misery by quoting " mai meri life ki problems se deal karu ya iski problems sunu. "

    I ain't saying all of them will be behaving as such some will be genuine supporters, but if you are posting such content just because it's trendy and gives fancy vibes stop right there because you're not aware of how a depressed mind will take toll when your promises turns out to be a hoax.

    In the end, what i am really trying to say here is that don't even try to say "Your There" if you don't really mean it, for it will only give birth to unfulfilling expectations.

    #amateurwriter #writer #thoughtstowords #ripsushantsinghrajput #agony #depression #anxiety #panicattacks #justtalk #healyourself

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    "Being a true listener for someone else's problem doesn't comes from a place of compulsion but a place of compassion. "

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 80w

    Is it just about the locker room talks or the talks in general!

    On the vogue topic #boyslockerroom people on social media have successfully acted the advocates, the court and the jury elegantly, painting the entire narrative black and white (accused and victims). Yes all of us assume we have done a lot of rightfull talk on topic(s) but actually have failed to talk rightfully!
    Boyslockerroom and manav's suicide are mere componental display of what is being faced equally and mutually by both the sexes.
    But there is a bigger picture, the locker room talks are far less concerning than what we are communicating in general.

    1) Day to day remarks made by our elders, society and by us has set standards in respect to height, colour, caste, creed etc. that has set benchmark as for "what is desirable" leaving a particular group of people superior over the other consequently giving them authority to pass louche comments about people who are left with the labels of being "undesirable."

    2)How much is it right to preach the definition of consent to just one component when everyone must ask for permission before invading someone's personal territory irrespective of sex or gender? Whether we like it or not but there is quite a number of people from both the sexes having fragile egos who can't take "NO" for an answer and the repercussions of which are witnessed ever now and then in news channels and papers.

    3)Yes! women and girls have suffered a lot at the hands of toxic masculinity but at the very same time if we look at it from a different perspective boys who have been fed and raised to men by this mindset are real victims for they have been fooled into believing that they have ownership and control over a woman's life and body!

    Amidst this day to day trendy chaos of #notallmen and #notallwomen we seem to have forgotten that social media is a forum to present our thoughts and opinions and not pass verdicts based on our prejudice and assumptions!

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 111w


    Forgiveness is good they say, forgiveness is kind!
    But only till the moment it starts messing up with your soul, heart and mind.
    When those narcissists constantly keep feeding on your soul,
    You continue to portray that you are still intact and still whole.
    When their words leave your heart with long lasting scars,
    When they rob you off of everything even though they promised you moon and stars!
    You still manage to say it is not too much I'm Fine!
    And I'm forced to ask you how much is too much!

    - Rishabh Bhadupote

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 121w

    Amidst the chaos of that Indian platform,
    Where everyone was running for something i stood there waiting for my train patiently!
    Just wanting to reach home as soon as possible.
    And then something happened which is quite a rare occasion.
    My sight landed on this beautiful creation (of course a human being��‍♂️)
    (Let's use "IT" to refer to keep it gender neutral for it could be my story or yours!)
    As "it" moved across from my left to right God blessed for i didn't died since my heart skipped many heart beats!
    My vocabulary burst into admiration inside my head finding every god damn word of appreciation that could justify "it's" personality.
    My eyes turned into a X-ray machine scanning "it" from head to toe and vice versa in an infinity loop.
    My head turned into a sunflower following the movement of this radiant sun.
    Cursed every single individual that obstructed my moment of #nainsukh
    My heart pounding!
    My body sweat as the adrenaline rushed!
    My soul craved for just one thing
    Slowly my wildest imagination took the reins of my thoughts,
    Making every cell of my body sensitize the comfort of when we hug , our body brushing against each other's,
    Thinking of our body maximizing the surface area for a mesmerizing body to body touch

    And then! interrupting my crazy thoughts my heart whisper to me:
    May be this is the love of your life!
    May be you are soulmates and this is it!
    But now when I am sitting in my room going back in that moment cuddled up in my blanket in this cold night I think:
    What could have happened if I would have approached and confessed my feelings?
    I might have got my answer : a Yes or a No!
    As I look back i wonder that may be isn't this holding back of what we feel for someone has kept us deprived of having that person in our life and creating the kind of memories that we want to create with them!

    And I also wonder that isn't this is the kind of way our generation and following one's are falling into love !
    That those sudden rushes of hormones that makes us go crazy actually deceives us into believing about a certain person being the love of our life, when all we could barely do is define love in it's true sense!
    Or may be we have never been taught what real love is !
    Or may be we have been taught but we chose not to learn!
    And as i lay down and think of a perfect definition for love my soul slaps me and say:

    "Hey you moron! How can you define something which has no boundaries and something that can only be experienced!"

    #love #mirakee #whatislove #emotionstowords #writer #life #apieceofmysoul #loveislove #poet #writing #beginner #word #generation #youngsters

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    for love isn't something that happens it is something you build...

    - Rishabh Bhadupote

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 139w

    Guns loaded ,
    Bombs exploded,
    Religion on hail,
    Humanity fail!
    Once had a home now a nomadic life no wonder,
    Staggered by the reality , does anyone care they ponder.
    Thunderstruck by the reality of how we human beings really sucks at being human,
    Cried little Mustafa, Fatima, Marceline and Norman .
    How their happy world of imagination, dreams and love confined to just one word !
    - Rishabh Bhadupote