Happiness in Small things

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  • the_inked_script 2w

    Black, White & Grey

    Born as a white soul
    Falls in the world of black.
    As the time passes,
    The black taints the white
    And now, it's grey.

  • the_inked_script 4w

    A War Scenery

    Smokes, noises,
    Cries and screams are
    a part when the world
    fights a war. Greed, fear,
    reflects from their eyes.

  • the_inked_script 6w

    #sometimes #summer #heat #tanka #firsttime #wod
    Azured: Bright blue
    Sweltering: Uncomfortably hot

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    The Summer Heat

    Sometimes the sky
    seems azured, and the
    bright Sun allies.
    The noon is sweltering,
    and burning mankind as buns.

  • the_inked_script 7w

    A blissful smile from my rosy cheeks, as I look at the snow.
    I jump on the white bed, soft yet, mushy and rolls around it.
    I open eyes, to seek who whispered. Oh! It was a dream.

  • the_inked_script 10w


    Saranghae life,
    For surprising me everyday,
    Saranghae eyes,
    For showing me the world,
    Saranghae sky,
    For inspiring me,
    Saranghae coffee,
    For comforting me,
    Saranghae ocean waves,
    For relaxing me,
    Saranghae shores to let me sit and enjoy it,
    Sarang hamnida,
    Stories and poems who express my inner most feelings.

  • the_inked_script 12w

    Twinkling warmth

    Your starry eyes
    Twinkled into my winter nights.
    Will languid of my mind end?

  • the_inked_script 12w

    These are the thoughts we all might had or have in some part of our life.
    #lifelessthoughtsofalivingbody #thoughts #poetry

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    Lifeless thoughts of a living body

    Years I have lived are minimal,
    Yet it feels longer than I have existed.
    How long will it last?
    How much grains are left in my lifeglass?
    Why does it feel meaningless to be alive?
    Why am I still alive?
    What was the purpose of my birth?

    "Live for your dreams" is what they say,
    I do have dreams but I wonder now
    Are they really mine?
    I don't see myself,
    If I can't fulfill that dream.
    Even so, I lack ambition to fulfill it.
    Then again, I am lost in thoughts
    About what is the meaning of life?
    Why are people alive?

    "We are tied with duties from the day we are born" is a fact I have seen, felt and realise.
    They are binding me with its chains.
    Once, I free myself from one of them,
    I get punished by reality of humanity,
    And the daily world of morden society,
    Where money can fullfill your wishes,
    Which gives you happiness.
    I also want it but I lack determination,
    Then again, I wander in my thoughts
    Why are we running for what aren't ours?
    What is the meaning of life and to be alive?

  • the_inked_script 12w

    Not all & every

    Not all poems are written to be read,
    Not every legend is to be known,
    Not all Stories are composed to be told.

    Not all friendships are meant to be last,
    Not every lovestory is happy,
    Not all happiness is from love.

  • the_inked_script 14w

    Sometimes even though time pass by, the wounds stays same.

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    They say time is a great healer,
    but am I really healing?

  • the_inked_script 14w

    #Haiku #Nostalgia #Technologyandpast
    I got inspired to write this down when we found our late grandmother's Letter to my father.

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    Letter of Nostalgia

    An Old tawny letter
    In age of technology,
    Brings Nostalgia.