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  • the_inhabitant 2w

    Raining diversity,
    An arch of vibrant hues,
    Integrating differences,
    Nullifying tenebrosity,
    Bowing to the sky,
    Opening a gateway of hope,
    Welcoming unity in existence.


  • the_inhabitant 2w

    I laugh and jump,
    flowing smoothly down the mountains
    of life,
    Dodging each obstacle as I bend and maneover
    through joy and strife,
    I try my best to keep my composure,
    for I know if I lose it, things might never be the same ever,
    I have the capacity to swallow all hurt and hurdles,
    but, if tested beyond extremities,
    I do carry the might to drown your entities..


  • the_inhabitant 3w

    Happy birthday(s)

    I was born,
    when pain engulfed her self,
    wringing her core to tears,
    yet, she bore it,
    for her child was now near,

    I was born,
    when thunderstorms laughed during the night,
    and he used to relate tales of brave warriors,
    so that I win the battle of my fright,

    I was born,
    when in school that little girl
    extended her hand cheerfully,
    and I took it, placing my first step in trust and fraternity,

    I was born,
    when in college, despite of conjectures
    and denigrations piercing me left and right,
    I had to gulp down tears of anger,
    for no one would consider my plight,

    I was born,
    when being left alone made
    me realise that happiness is just a phase,
    it's just the memory that stays,

    And I was born,
    in every other moment,
    where life would send me on a stormy voyage,
    and I would return bruised, yet with enhanced


  • the_inhabitant 3w

    For her,
    alchemy was that art of transformation,
    through which her broken thoughts
    were molded into chain of gold verses,
    which gave her a new life,
    for her tears formed the sea of ink
    on which her boat of poesies sails,
    never to sink.


  • the_inhabitant 3w

    #idiom #wod

    Idiom used : Apple of Discord- Dispute/Argument. It generally refers to a dispute stemmed from a small issue that amplified in magnitude.

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    The Living Cadaver

    Once upon a time,
    when days clanged
    and nights chimed,
    the heart and brain took
    a bite of the apple of discord.

    "You're not dead", said the brain.
    "Get up and everything will be fine",
    Sshh..let her stay as she likes", interceded the heart,
    "sometimes you gotta stay alone and keep duties apart",

    "Okay then stay as you like. Don't listen to me",
    the brain snapped coldly.
    "They're just words not weapons. They cannot harm you",

    "You see, that's where the difference lies", the heart
    "Weapons penetrate and kill you once and for all",
    "Words push you to a death that is a never-ending fall",

    So saying the heart slammed its doors
    and the brain abruptly left the floors,
    And she lay there barely moving,
    for she had long been a corpse of life,
    a physique that functioned with a soul dying.


  • the_inhabitant 4w

    A tribute to my bouts of Writer's Block

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    Since many days,
    there had been a dearth of activities
    in the right wing of the cranial headquarters,
    so I decided to run an inquiry,
    I asked the Thoughts,
    "Hello, are you folks okay?",
    They said Yes.

    "Then, why haven't you guys answered my earlier calls?", I further probed.
    "You promised us that the Words will be here, so we

    I had nothing more to say. A thick fog of nothingness had me surrounded.

    "The choice is yours", I heard their voice.
    They asked the last question,
    "Do you choose to give up on us and let us fester, or do you choose to extricate us?",
    I nodded. "To give up on you shall be the last thing I do. And that time has not come yet.",
    Saying so, I picked up my pen.


  • the_inhabitant 8w


    Edit: Thank you so much @writersnetwork and @mirakee
    And to all of my Mirakee family, you guys made my day..

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    I almost saw

    They say, "Beauty lies in
    the eyes of the beholder"

    But, what if, the beholder
    has been denied such privilege?

    What if darkness and void,
    is all that dwells in that damaged choroid?

    Does, then, beauty cease to exist,
    for the blind,
    who never beheld the daylight,
    or the stars and the moonlit night?
    The answer is No,
    the beauty never disappeared,
    it just developed for them to be felt and heard..

    The beauty is enhanced,
    amplified, accentuated in what they perceive,
    Be it the drops of dew,
    Or the chirrup of the oriole,
    Be it the fragrance of the freshly cut grass,
    or the heavenly showers, they see it all,

    In the laughter of kids, they see the sun rise,
    And in the cricket's song, they find the star-studded skies,
    The zephyr of cool evenings show them the sunset,
    And they yearn for nothing more, just to retain the moment,

    For them, beauty is not lost,
    But it is born in everything they come across,
    Beauty is not confined in any shape or hue,
    for it metamorphoses to something that is felt through and through..

    Redefining its identity,
    remaining in the existence of the beholder for eternity.


  • the_inhabitant 9w

    Today, when I have reached
    where people aspire to be,
    I wonder,
    was it really worth those tears that called me home,
    and I never answered for I was always busy..


  • the_inhabitant 10w

    The swing that broke,
    the bruises that spoke,
    spoke a thousand words when
    I couldn't,
    For society told me that I shouldn't,
    But now when I look back at that life,
    I feel I could have escaped
    that strife,
    for all it required was one voice,
    and for me to make a choice,
    And since I remained quiet then,
    today I lie enshrouded in hopes of blossom
    in a world that is barren.


  • the_inhabitant 12w

    I am late, yet felt like giving it a shot��

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    All that glitters
    is not gold,
    and truth is not always the one
    which we behold..