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  • the_hypnotised_cat 2w

    Existing without existence.

    As the soul resonates
    The fear of losing
    The conscience seems functionless.
    In so many whys
    And infinite hows
    I stumble across
    The pages of my destiny.
    Unfurling with melancholy
    I read
    Spilling those creatures
    Signifying infinite grief.
    Maybe it's just a phase
    That too shall pass
    But the fear
    I feel
    Is exceedingly unbearable.

    We the cradle of emotions
    Stich the mishappenings
    With threads of hope.
    Hope the insane power
    Limits our limitations.
    "Hope" the entirety of existence
    Meets with persistence
    Turning fear into belief
    That someday this too will end.

    Circumstances are critical
    And tests are hardest.
    There's a soul
    Fighting the battle
    With each and every breath
    And I being the promising valiant
    Couldn't just do anything.
    The fear has stripped
    The reason of my existence
    And I bleed
    An endless sea of emotions.
    Will my prayers be heard?
    Will I find a way?
    I don't know.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 3w

    Ain't I selfish?

    How selfish we all are?
    We pretend,
    We manipulate,
    We treat others as mere resources
    To meet the unending greed
    We inherited
    From the tales of adaptation.
    Is it good
    Or worse?
    I never had an answer.
    In reality
    Selfishness governs humanity.
    We all are mean souls,
    And it's ok
    Untill someone's existence
    Is turmoiled by our greed.
    We all are
    The remains of irreparable misery.
    We search in others faces
    The forgotten tales of happiness
    Left behind
    In realms of our history.

    It's ok to develop trust
    And bear the pain
    When it's broken
    To infinite pieces
    By so called
    "Nearest ones".
    It's ok when your wishes
    Doesn't lead result,
    Because my dear friend
    Life isn't a tale of success only
    And failure is indeed a blessing.
    So accept and continue
    Traverse the path
    You always wanted to.
    Because infinite possibilities
    Are always there
    To bless you.

    Happiness and sadness
    Are indeed the momentary things
    Coming along in shifts
    And you my friend
    Please develope
    The art to shift
    Because that's the key to survival.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 7w

    Time traverses
    Memories fade
    But scars remains imprinted.
    We the most cruel beings
    Never forgive ourselves
    For those tiniest mistakes
    We committed unknowingly.
    For our whole life
    We breathe
    The traumatised air
    Designed by our mere conscience
    Blaming our existence
    For whatever
    We are going through.
    Am I good enough?
    Why they left us?

    They say
    "Don't give a damn care"
    And you will attain tranquility.
    But the alienation
    This damn mantra brings along
    Is just unbearable.

    Life is transient
    And we the tales of adaptation.
    Mortality is the only reality
    So accept it
    Because nothing stays
    Really nothing.
    So treat yourself
    The way you want
    To be treated.

    Build your own kingdom
    On terms governed by you.
    Dream about infinity
    Because there isn't any limit
    Or the foremost destination.
    Keep traversing
    Keep growing
    And keep shining.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 7w


    How mortal this life is?
    Those staying with us yesterday
    Or no more today.
    Those smiling faces
    Bringing charm
    In our lives
    Are lost
    Now to an eternal abode.
    How impoverished we are?
    We sleep at night
    With millions of expectations
    And infinite plans,
    Without even realising
    Whether we will witness
    Tomorrow's sun or not
    How inexistent our existence is?
    Full of unsurity
    But sured dreams
    We plan and keep planning
    But the wheel of life
    Runs at it's own pace
    Uncontrolled and unexpected
    Always reminding us
    We are mortals
    However powerful we become
    We can't and we won't
    Control the subtle
    Destined to happen.

    Parting is never easy
    But at last
    Acceptance is the key
    To a peaceful life.
    Hope the path to traverse
    Patience being the guide
    Eternal and unavoidable.
    Whether you want it
    Or refrain from accepting
    It's the way
    The universe works
    Adapt, accept and persevere
    Let the nature
    Be the master
    As in this game of destiny
    He is the undefeated
    And the only absolute
    The only player.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w

    A letter to younger me

    Oh the cradle of decency
    How satisfied you were
    In your little universe.
    Those little dreams,
    Pure yet insane
    And the curiosity
    To decipher
    And know almost everything
    Around you.
    Lost in the world of words
    Exploring the unknown
    With infinite intensity,
    How confident you were
    Asking those so called
    Weirdest questions straight
    Out of your mind
    Without any hesitation
    And prejugements.
    When people said
    You need to socialize
    You stayed behind
    With breathless friends
    Who oxygenated your existence
    With fruits of knowledge.
    I'm damn sure
    You never expected
    Me as your future.
    Yaah I breath curiosity,
    I have gained more knowledge
    And am a bit mature
    But the confidence you possessed
    Is now a forgotten musing.
    I resonate with frequencies
    That aren't mostly mine.
    I subdue my conscience
    And crush those upcoming
    Queries by
    So called matured conscience.

    Hey dear, you know
    Now relatives no longer
    Advise me to socialize
    That's a big achievement
    I guess
    Stained in Fakeism.
    I live in a conundrum
    Of my own actions
    And imagination.

    Oh dear don't worry
    I will continue your legacy
    For sure
    As that's the
    Only identity
    I really adore now.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w

    How lost?

    How lost we are?
    Are we truly living or just pretending to be?
    These soo called prestigious titles
    Or the unending tales of success
    Do they really exist?
    Paired with pride
    Rotten by lust
    Peace a meak creature
    Trying hard to sneak in.

    Like most of you
    Here's your friend
    Warped in a space time
    Designed by others.
    It's kindaa antique
    As others are rulers
    And I a puppet
    Living on their aspirations.
    Space and time
    Always perpendicular
    Space here's me
    And time my unchanted dreams.

    Do this do that
    Earn more live more.
    Hard earned truth is
    It depends on me
    To be whatever I want.
    Nothing really nothing
    Can help if don't want it too.

    I treaded the unimaginable
    Wearing glasses of imagination
    Reflecting tranquility
    Absorbing uncertainty.
    Here I am
    Like Schrodinger's Cat
    Submitting my existence
    To other's choices

    Fear of losing
    Chases me
    Everytime I fly
    Like a deadly demon
    Engulfing my soul
    And degrading the will
    To fly and do the
    Why do we surrender without even facing the odds?
    It's me it's you
    Who will define
    What we are gonna be.
    So face it and take it
    Because me and you yes you
    Are born to be what we dreamt.
    We can rise
    So we will
    With enormous speeds
    Until we reach
    The infinity.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w

    The dramatic dilemma

    How devloped we truly are?
    Do information makes us informative?
    The world of today
    Is a puzzle
    Most of us
    Couldn't even ponder
    To decipher.
    The more we think
    We know it
    The more we get confused.

    Lies are legitimised
    Conspiracies rule the conscience.
    We the proud dwellers
    Are puppets of bigotry
    We think we have the power
    To shape, devlope
    And alter our beliefs.
    But in one or the other way
    Our preconceived notions
    Define what we really believe.

    Men in power
    Manipulated our mindsets
    And instilled their ideologies
    In packets
    Served as so called "must information."
    In the past decade
    The world has turned dramatic.
    The infinite rise of internet
    On one hand
    Proved to be a bliss
    That transformed
    The idea of collectivity
    And unified the world
    Into a little web
    Connected by dots
    So powerful and antique.
    But unfortunately
    The other side of coin
    Is an unimaginable nightmare.
    Fakeism being the brutal force
    Depriving us of truth
    And the essence
    Of the true humanity.
    Slowly and steadily
    It paved the way
    To 'silent terrorism'.

    In the world of algorithms
    Elites rule the information.
    Without us even realising
    We become victims
    Of information.
    So before framing your opinion
    Be a bit vigilant.
    Than and than only
    You will attain independence.
    Having control
    On one's imagination
    Is indeed
    The biggest freedom
    One can ever achieve.
    Be free, Be truly free.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w


    It hurts my friend
    When you like a hopeless romantic
    Roam around a soul
    Knowing that the love
    Is only one sided
    And you won't get it back ever
    But still you try
    With infinite intensity
    And there you crumble
    Each and every day.

    It hurts
    When you try too hard
    To make a place in someone's heart
    And when you feel you did
    He/She vanishes leaving
    Bitter memories to crush
    Your existence like a tormented tomb.

    It hurts aah my friend
    When you want to talk
    To someone so desperately
    And he/she ignores you.
    You don't know the reason
    But still you have
    To bear the unbearable.

    It hurts oh gorgeous soul
    When you dream of something
    And try too hard to achieve it,
    But just when you are one step away.
    You loose with tiniest margin.

    It hurts my dearie
    When someone
    You have a great admiration for
    Spills words you never imagined off.
    Like fire balls
    They burn your existence
    And leave you shattered
    But still you stay still.

    It hurts when someone
    Cries for help
    And you just
    Couldn't lend a hand
    To evade the pain
    That soul is going through.

    It hurts aah so badly
    When death engulfs someone
    You loved from the core
    And dreamt to live along
    But just couldn't.

    It hurts when a friend suffers
    So badly
    And you try the best you can
    But you can't let the pain
    Evade out of his/her mind.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 9w

    Women attained victory

    From artified enchantments
    To sculpted pain
    Than she broke
    Each and every chain
    When patriarchy barked
    And judgements were laid
    From what she wore
    To how she swayed
    From what she spoke
    To how she stared
    Everything was targeted
    With bitterest judgements
    With every step she took
    People threw punishments
    Sometimes with blames
    At others heinous abuse
    Caged she was
    In illogical excuse
    But she never stopped
    She treaded her ways
    From shacks of patriarchy
    Arose few rays
    Enlightening the world
    With light of confidence
    She traversed the forbidden
    With absolute persistence
    Standing tall and firm
    Rewriting the history
    With ink of progress
    Women attained victory.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 9w

    The Sophisticated Sychrony

     Today I stumbled across
    The pages of my destination
    (In my imagination, obviously .)
    The unwritten book of an ordinary dreamer
    And pondered
    What I did
    In my 19 years of life.
    Did I live those moments the way I wanted to?
    Did I make any difference to this adorable universe?
    Of course, I increased entropy
    And contributed to global warming!
    Oops me inhaling pessimism here
    But isn't that good?
    For the time being
    You should be pessimistic!
    The promoters of optimism
    Instill a sense of hate
    For negative vibes.
    But in reality
    We must be negative
    Because that's what
    Balance is all about.
    Am still pondering
    What's life?
    What's the so-called living being?
    Yeah, we have books
    Filled with infinite explanations
     Metabolism, consciousness
    And every other
    Maybe I'm unaware of it.
    But just for a moment
    Leave that bookish knowledge
    And ponder what life means for you?
    Every teenager has a dream
    To change the world
    In his beautiful way.
    With time it gets crushed
    By mere aspirations
    And so-called success.
    I mean the stigmatized version
    Of it.
    We are a generation
    Of dreamers who mostly
    Subdue them for so-called
    "Secured future"
    We are a generation
    Inhaling anxiety
    As a bliss
    Without even realizing it.
    Isn't it antique?
    We bleed shyness
    And warp ourselves
    In the world of algorithms.
    By sophisticated synchrony
    We turn to the hypnotized
    Versions of reality.
    Yeah, we are robots
    With a subconscious mind, of course.
    So ponder and give this a thought
    Did you ever felt that?
    That's a reality
    I have a firm belief.
    So try to be the version
    You wanted to be
    I know it's not going to be easy
    But yah still
    You have a chance.
    In this world of probabilities
    Maybe you achieve
    A realm designed by
    You and only you.