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  • the_finger_quill 7w

    Aug 27,2021 11:36 PM
    #coffin #hope @writersnetwork

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    And what was left was
    a coffin with a live human
    willingly locking in;
    daring not to talk or mingle;
    breathing the hopes hanging
    from the ceiling of coffin door.

  • the_finger_quill 8w

    #city #acrostic @writersnetwork

    10:24 PM; Aug 19, 2021

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    CITY - An acrostic

    Citylights on horizon, unreachable, unlike fireflies
    Independently derailing into mindlessness
    Tinkering every blemish on canvas to appeal none
    Yearning for some shooting stars yet never looking at sky

  • the_finger_quill 9w

    Midnight mumblings..
    01:17AM ; July 7, 2021

    #memories #rain #metaphors #kaleidoscope #cage

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    Forgotten memories come back as clouds
    Rains of regrets drench me and go
    Will I ever see a sun or rainbow?
    Or my vision is too lost in the brain fog?
    I try to reach you somewhere in the air
    You keep changing forms like
    a broken piece of glass
    caged in my kaleidoscope!

    Will we ever relaize
    it's us
    if we meet again?

  • the_finger_quill 16w

    26/06/2021; 02:02 AM

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    6 words series #97

    Don't let compounding factors mislead you

  • the_finger_quill 18w

    ~ here's my gratitude, for you, for those few minutes, for our friendship @the_burning_ember
    10/06/2021 ; 6:30 PM
    #gratitude #acrostic

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    Grown apart, away and afar
    Reaching out with hesitations
    Adoring from distance with unsaid words
    Thinking of uncountable memories
    Impossible to turn back time or forget
    Touching the words on your old letters
    Unexplained undercurrent running between us
    Dissolving the dunes of miscommunications
    Enlivening a hibernating relationship
    {After all you're The Burning Ember}
    Yours, ©the_finger_quill

  • the_finger_quill 34w

    February Rains - A Pluviophile's plight

    Where are the days of me awaiting June
    As if it's a bird I feed every eve
    But then I start to write about rains
    In May itself with #mangoshowers

    What happened to the monsoons?
    Have they lost the time clock too?

    How to call this February Rains?
    Is this an early mango shower
    or late late winter monsoon?

    It's not just a pluviophile's plight
    (Yeah I got another content to write)
    It's not just another random downpours
    But a warning sign of pique of Mother Nature

  • the_finger_quill 34w

    #6ws #rendezvous
    19/02/2021 ; 07:20 PM

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    6 word series #96

    We were some
    wrecked railroad rendezvous

  • the_finger_quill 36w


    Does the moon consider me her friend too
    in the same way I do?
    Has she been my friend in all my past lives too?
    Will she be my friend in all my future lives too?
    Isn't our friendship transcendental?

  • the_finger_quill 37w


    On the corpse of my incomplete poems,
    I pray your rain pours

    Making me blossom again
    Only for your eyes

    - metamorphosis


  • the_finger_quill 40w

    - anointing -

    When the waves reach your feet,
    I hope you feel my tears
    anointing the ocean with our love