Aye, we love birds are in a pair here. Just like “do jism ek jaan” that offcourse we are but here we are “do shayar ek naam”.

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  • the_diary_of_a_couple 161w

    ... a secret, unplanned yet beautiful post and very closed to my heart and damn true..... Written by me in her love��....

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    ... She, came like a spring in my life. She holded my hands when I had nowhere to go. I didn't even realize how and when this person just got mixed with my blood and soul so fast and sweet that it became almost unimaginable to even think of my separation with her even in my worst nightmares.
    I can't live without her. I just can't.
    She doesn't know I am writing this for her now. Neither I had any plans to write it. It is as abrupt and pleasant as her arrival in my life was when I was a mere broken man with an awfully damaged and beyond repair emotional state.
    She doesn't have wings but an angel she definitely is and I can bet on that from the moment I saw her holding my hands and getting me out of my darkness with her love.
    I have definitely fallen for her and my affection has been directly proportional to the age of our relation.
    Indeed I am not decorating my post with any fancy words or trying to make it look special and needlessly profound.
    Even she is like the way this post is. Simple, yet honest and full of life. Her eyes have more beautiful smile than anything in this world. Damnn the way she smiles. It just kills me. Her lips when they get streched wider and her chubby cheeks just part ways from each other, my god every time she smiles, my heart screams 'SHE IS MINE'.
    I love to keep reminding her how only I have all her rights. How only I can hold her from her waist and get her tightly wrapped in my strong arms and place a peck on her forehead and play with her lips whenever I want. And how, only I can hold her hands by crossing my fingers with her on the road and sleep in her lap with her fingers caressing my hair.
    I can spend my whole life just staring at her in her eyes and that eye contact has more peace and satisfaction than any other thing i will ever achieve in my life.
    The most beautiful thing about her is how she is as a person. How beautiful her soul is. How high her morals are and how truthful she is with her family and all those she is answerable to...
    I can keep writing till I complete a novel on my sweetheart but my words just won't end.
    She is the love of my life and it will last till my heart keeps beating and stops with my breathe.
    I LOVE HER AND........ ohh she messaged, I am already missing her, guess I would go back to her and have some quality time in her arms. Well before going I would just write one thing, whenever one asks me what love is, I just point my fingers on her virtually and say to him in my heart, "you will never know until you meet her". She HERSELF IS THE LIVING DEFINITION OF LOVE FOR me.
    I feel I am the luckiest man alive having her in my life and being her choice, though I know she deserves much better but still I just can't let her go. I love her.


  • the_diary_of_a_couple 161w

    .... Hii everyone,
    we never knew we would get this much love on mirakee. We seriously had no idea our very first post will cross a hundred plus hearts (❤️s).
    We honestly are overwhelmed with joy and kind of scared of the expectations you would have with us but yeah as they say, "love fears nothing" so here we present our next write up in our Love Diary.

    This is not just another post from us but so damn special to ourselves and you can sense that with the title itself.
    Yeah it is a mixed write up of both of us so we have named it as "महा Collab". It is so uniformly mixed and fused with each other that we don't even know how to split up the parts but had we known it too still we wouldn't have done it either.

    We sincerely expect your honest opinions on our content down bellow. Grace us with your experience and kindly let us know if it was a good read for you or not. ��

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    महा Collab

    Mere wazood mein kuchh iss qadar gehra utar sa gya tha wo,
    ki fakat mere kuchh kehne sey pehle wo meri her baat maan leta tha..
    jo kbhi puchha krti thi main ussey ki kaisa hai wo...
    wo mujhse hi palat krr khud ka bhi haal jaan leta tha..
    beshaq sau martaba hoti thi taqraarein hamari,
    hote they kbhi halat ghalat, ya hoti kbhi thi galti humari,
    par mere roothe dil ko mnane ki beqarari mein
    do ghadi do peher ka sabr bhi bardasht nhi tha usey,
    aur wo muskura kr sare ilzaam apne sir le leta tha.
    yun to humare darmyan they mehez shehron ke faasale
    magar phir bhi ger kisi k jehen sey meri aabroo par nigaah dalne ka khyaal bhi guzre
    wo iss gustakhi ko gunaah - e - azeem maan leta tha,
    aur jo humare ishq k nasheman ko jalane ki hasrat rkhe sara jamana bhi,
    wo badi bekhudi mein anjaam sey befikr sa hokr,
    jamane bhar sey dushmani sar - e - aam krr leta tha.
    yun to keh deta tha ki, ye tumhari hai jung aur ye rasta tumhara hai...
    aur kis trha mujhe uper uthane ki koshish mein usey mera girna bhi ganwara hai...
    par uski mohabbat ki masoomiyat k agey, uske irado ka zorr chalte aaj tak dekha nhi maine
    kyu ki jo ladkhadati bhi thi main apni rahon par chalte chalte, wo her baar girne sey pehle mera haaath thaam leta tha...

  • the_diary_of_a_couple 162w

    ...Je t'aime

    ✴️It says "I love you" to you all in the language of Love i.e French.

    We in the name of LOVE ❤️hereby write our very first and welcome post on Mirakee and are the sincere expectants of the heartiest blessings of all the sugar hearted mirakean souls.

    Oh yea, it is not just me. It is "US"
    This is not just a platform for us where we are sharing our writeups but literally it is our precious Diary of Love.

    We are here to spread love in the air of Mirakee and establish strong roots of affection and harmony deep in the hearts of our readers.

    Also, since we stand for Life, Love and Optimism, anyone of my dear fellow writers are surrounded with any sort of negativity or diabolical thoughts in their heads, feel free to contact us. We will help you get out of your darkness whenever we will get some spare time in our lives. Any of us or maybe both of us will definitely reach out for you.


    One more important reminder to you all, we both are ONE so, one moment it is the one who is writing the comment but may be the other one would be replying you.

    Well guys, wish us luck. We hope we will stand up to your expectations and our JOURNEY of LOVE will outlast even writer's network here.
    Thank you so much for reading us.