Pretending to be happy but my poems say it all!

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  • the_despondent_soul 55w


    Sadness to me is like salt in the sea,
    Trapped in this heartache there's no place to flee.
    Sloughing tears have now become a routine,
    Life's loaded with grief; Joy nowhere to be seen.
    Feelings haven't died; they've just altered,
    Leaving me weak and my hope faltered.
    I am a writer, I revamp silence and turn them into feelings,
    I hide behind these words; never to confess only for concealing.
    My every single thought is a strong wave for me,
    It unites me with the past and brings me back to my knee.


  • the_despondent_soul 56w

    I am alone
    there is no one to save my skin,
    Everything seems as the end;
    There is no courage to begin.
    What once was mine,
    Now seems lost;
    Life was a blunder;
    Now it's a holocaust.
    I am blocked
    By the walls of sorrow,
    With no purpose
    To Wake up tomorrow.
    In a world full of grief;
    Nothing is my Elysium.
    And now my world is falling apart
    As I cry out in delirium.
    I am often silent
    While I am screaming inside
    The memories still haunt me
    Even though the tears have dried.
    I am in prison where I am the sufferer
    And mental imagery the cruel jailor.


  • the_despondent_soul 62w

    Choosing life over death was a huge blunder.

  • the_despondent_soul 63w

    There will be shades of grey; there will be days of gloom,
    There's hope in you; hold it tight and let it bloom.


  • the_despondent_soul 64w

    Confounded, miserable, weak, lost in the vale,
    Left to die; making my life a perfect epitome of a distressing tale.

    I am losing hope every minute and there are unnumbered impediments in my way.
    Everything seems lost; there is no longer a purpose to stay.


  • the_despondent_soul 69w

    A smile on the face and a mind full of darkness,
    Joy out of sight and a night which is starless.

    Always quite in the corner; I resemble a dark soul,
    Broken is what I am; I think it'll take eternity to be again a whole


  • the_despondent_soul 69w

    Hits you on the head with a brick: to be stuck in a terrible condition.
    Nick: (here) a small cut.
    Doomsday: a time or event of crisis or great danger.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Sometimes life hits you on the head with a brick,
    Keep in mind that you have a life ahead of you and this is just a nick.

    Hold on to your hope; contentment is on the way,
    Its just a bitter hour and not a doomsday.

    Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs.
    Forget what's done, it's time to move on, there's further to this breakdown.


  • the_despondent_soul 69w

    I love the town on a rainy night,
    As it reminds the days of happiness;
    when darkness was barely in sight.

    I wish this sorrow could wash away my pain,
    This is the hour when tears roll down my cheeks and
    I disclose the sorrow I contain


  • the_despondent_soul 69w

    Dissenting: (here) the act of protesting.
    Dearth: lack of something.
    Ersatz: not real

    #concoct @mirakee @writersnetwork @ _mxnxshx_

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    My soul is concocted by
    Pessimistic thoughts,
    How evil it feels
    Watching my soul dissenting with my own thoughts.
    There is a dearth of someone
    Who'll help me escape this and
    Reassure me that all of this is erstaz.

  • the_despondent_soul 70w

    A million times
    I start to tell you of this battle i have within

    But these blasted words Won't fit together
    And I don't even know where to begin

    Stop now, Love
    Really listen.
    Can you hear what I cannot say?

    Or do you perhaps
    Prefer the chatter To echo the empty, and fill the day?