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  • the_dawn_wisper 22w

    I am a daughter

    This young creature was the very embodiment of sweetness and innocence joined with such beauty and withal, so genteel. She is the prettiest, kindest, loveliest, sweetest daughter. Her beauty , though unparalleled is the least perfection. There was no virtue which she did not possess.
    Let the girl child be embellish with love and honest of the world

  • the_dawn_wisper 25w

    ANGEL in disguise ✨

    "Ne'vr try to hurt them!"
    With your inhuman nature
    Don't let a women suffer
    She is everything ,
    She is a mother,
    "She makes a beautiful world!"

  • the_dawn_wisper 25w


    The fireflies will be dancing through the fairy neem ,the breezes athwart the lotus stream , the sweet fragrance all o'er the fields , the rains of pearl will kill the stubborn viruses that makes a deadly year2021 and a beautiful day'll soon arrived with the sun shining bright ,each little birds will sing ,each little flowers will open ,he'll make a glowing colours for a whole new dazzling world ,without viruses ,without mask ,we all will unite

  • the_dawn_wisper 25w


    Its her heart loudest cry healing her pain finding a solution thinking, observing, remembering all those memories that makes her day
    Remembering at times when she feels sad
    As a tab to cure her present reality life
    Arms folding, heads on her palm ,eyes opening wide again closing turning from left to right ,right to left
    Her life suffocates inside a tiny box
    And silence becomes her bestfriend in the end

  • the_dawn_wisper 25w

    The heart inside me cries softly
    My eyes feel its pain
    Tears rolling down
    Lying the head on the folded piece of cloth
    Inside the bed in a different world
    Sees no one,hears no one
    Atlast console me
    In a melting sweet voices❤
    My dearbeautifulsoul

  • the_dawn_wisper 25w

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    When the world seems dark ,when there's no hope to live ,there's only one that pulled me up from the deep black ocean to a beautiful new world of peace, hope and happiness
    That is you ,that is love, that is your love sparkling in my heart ❤