Life took happiness away, so I painted galaxies out of my pain :)

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  • the_creative_mind 45w

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    You're precious, yes you~

    How to fall in love with yourself?
    A fallen leaf from the autumn tree
    Drips of dew on frozen swings,
    A caterpillar cacoon now it's free
    With glitters of gold on fiery wings.

    A cacophony of whispers, vivid dreams
    And a symphony of unsung syllables,
    Wrapped around my unheard screams
    And comforted my hushed fables.

    A pen bleeding tired-void sonnets
    Spinning poignant melancholic galaxies,
    Tangled in twisted lies and fervent poets
    Were millions and millions of fantasies.

    It reflected the deepest fears & desires
    That the wretched heart couldn't vocalise,
    A glance at the chevel glass
    And thousands of memories characterise.

    The betrayed metaphors and roses,
    The broken and torn proses;
    The doubting suspicious thoughts,
    The endless fights we fought;
    All flooded into a hazy recollection as crimes,
    And I went back, back in time
    When I had quenched the thirst for infinite rhymes.

    Hues and cries,
    Blacks and whites,
    All of that is you and I.

    So embrace yourself in those lonely nights,
    And wipe your tears with a timid smile,
    Standup bright and blow the horn
    And drive yourself an extra mile.

    Cause you're your own
    You can hear it,
    You know it,
    And that's how you fall in love,
    Fall in love with yourself.

    ©Allisa Fawn (the_creative_mind)

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    How to fall in love, with yourself?

    You're that ray of hope that can make me smile. You're that rain of summer under which I cry. You're me, but wiser and stronger than ever. You're the only thing that lasts forever.


  • the_creative_mind 62w

    If I were rain...

    I would pour down, washing you of those broken memories you're trying so hard to forget. I would quench the thirst of all those dying flowers, which died because of drought OR lack of care.

    I would fall for all those lovers who wanted to dance under me, in the dark of the night. I would fall down and cleanse every creak and pore of those fantasy lanes which had turned to lonely streets, because of cruel reality.

    I would allow those lonely dancers to dance and forget themselves in my embrace. I would wash away your tears of hurt and pain, and drench you with my own tears. As I would embrace you with my cold arms, and scream your frustration in the form of lightning and thunder.

    I would let the whole world know what you're going through, as I'll beat down every window and shake every house. I would give you company when, you feel like there's no reason or hope. I would let you rant about your life, as I would drench you with my icy water.

    I would listen to you, go on and on about all the things that went wrong. I would stay till, you rage. And then, when I would leave you, I'll leave behind a beautiful rainbow. To remind you that, there's hope after every time you feel like there's none. I would remind you that, it's OK to cry. I would remind you that, it's OK to not be OK. And that, I would always come back to remind you, I'm there for you.


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    Let me drench you in my embrace, and wash away your tears.


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    •—R. E. J. E. C. T. I. O. N—•

    A vine of rejection
    From the endless pit
    Wraps around my neck.
    Twisting, turning,
    Closing on me.
    I squirm under it's pressure
    As my feeble arms try
    To break free.
    As my eyes tear up,
    Why me?
    Can I be this? Can I do that?
    I ask
    With hope in my eyes.
    Getting a short "No"
    I crumble
    With muffled cries.
    I sit and look
    At the blank wall
    With unshed tears.
    Am I not trustworthy at all?
    Am I that careless?
    Ain't I deserve any happiness?
    Everytime joy knocks my door,
    They shackle me to sadness.
    Weighing me down
    Cutting my wings
    Suffocating to death.
    The cold rejections
    Make me shudder,
    And I drown
    In an endless cavern.
    Now, they've broken me so bad
    That I don't even ask
    My curiosity is dead.
    I shut up,
    Back up,
    Lock myself up,
    With a smile intact.
    As after every rejection,
    I swim in my tears
    And die singing lullabies.

    #rejected #lost #repost #hurt #pod #mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    The heart wrenching truth about how unwanted and worthless you are...


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    She was a wild flower with a delicate stem; who swayed with the rhythm of the wind.
    But when love contaminated the air, the wind blew a little too harsh on her,

    Breaking her and leaving her bleeding on the dusty floor of broken memories.


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    I cried when you cried
    I even laughed along,
    Now tell me darling
    Where did I go wrong?

    Where did we go so wrong??


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    You broke me into pieces.
    And I survived that blow....

    Now, I'm picking myself up,
    P i e c e by
    p i e c e
    But know what?
    I'm missing a piece my heart :)


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    Ever wondered where I go at night?
    I go searching for those
    b r o k e n
    pieces of
    love that you gave me...


  • the_creative_mind 63w

    Heya guys! I'm back... But the old version of me, isn't back. A new me is here. A broken me is here. So, let me introduce you all to this broken girl, who is going to write from now on.

    I'm Allisa, a normal teenager who went through a lot in these few months. I've learned a lot. I've lost a lot. And... I'm finding it very hard to move on.

    So, this post is dedicated to all my dear friends, who have lost their love...:)

    #skip #rant #love #idiotic #raw #true #feelings

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    There was a time in my life, when colour seemed hopeless...and my nighttime was spent in tears. There was a time, when even the smallest word of a song, held a truckload of meaning. The tiniest thing held plenty of meaning.

    I would re-read our messages and arguments, and then cry over them. And then there were times when a tired and wistful smile would stretch on my dry lips, holding on to those distant memories of us. In that time, wine seemed like water and blood didn't scare me anymore. I became friends with my Nightmares. Laughter came out in dry coughs, and tears rolled down unconsciously. There was a time, when I remember myself waiting for his one text, and his normal flirting would make me smile and happy. Those day long arguments and chats, those small secrets, those signs and annoying texts. Those teasing messages, but now they are only memories. Memories which are dear to me. But….I have forgotten how to feel, I'm now only left with our every chat memorised and floating in my memory. Stuck in it, frozen in Time. In that time, day and night passed, and I just existed. I didn't live. And that's life, after the heartbreak. I used to wonder if I even invaded his mind, cause he was stuck in mine…. I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever love again or if I will ever be loved and cherished by someone or not…. Or if I'll ever find myself again. But one thing I knew, I wanted him happy, no matter what. And I wanted to find myself again.

    Think about it, he made the right choice by choosing her over me. Cause apparently, he had loved her since he was 12. And I'm not even close to him, like... physically close. I can never be with him, or comfort him. But she will be able to. So, she's right for him. And also, he knows her since they were kids, as for me? He knows me only for….hardly 3 or 4 months. How can I even think that I'll be able to take the place of his childhood love? That's very selfish of me!

    But you know what? I'm selfish, very selfish and jealous. I can't stand to share the people that I love….but I guess, he taught me that… You won't always get what you want. Yes, he hurt me. Very much so… But, he taught me as well. And if by any chance, I become a great writer. Let me confess right now, all my love interests and friends, will definitely be the reason behind my success. Because it's all their lessons, talks and values, that taught me everything that I've learned about people. All my experiences, feelings, emotions, etc. Will be the reason why my characters will be realistic. And I won't trade a single experience, day or lesson in my life. Cause it's my treasure, and it's mine to keep.


  • the_creative_mind 79w

    Hey guys I'm back! Here's my new poem!! Do like, repost and comment! And don't forget to turn on the post notifications so that you don't miss any of my post updates!

    Lol, I sound like a youtuber.

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    Midnight Memories

    The moon is hiding behind the clouds,
    All are sleeping amidst the crowds.
    The stars twinkle at us; smiling,
    Your eyes holding so many promises..
    But they are all white lies; I see,
    Because otherwise you won't be here with me.

    The fireflies are dancing beneath the starlit sky,
    Countless of dreams are soaring high.
    The owls are staring at us in interest,
    While I'm trying to swim amidst your waves...
    I get sucked into a different world far away from reality,
    Away from this world filled  with raw cruelty.

    The midnight silence is showering us with peace,
    And in comes with it; that satisfying breeze.
    I'm holding your hands tight,
    Fearing that you would slip away if I don't....
    I close my eyes and count till three,
    Cause you held me close at the end of the street.

    Then you took me by surprise taking that stance,
    Reminding of out eternal dance.
    I got carried away as we swayed to the rhythm,
    Even Goddess Hera envied us from above...
    I sucked a deep breath when you dipped down,
    And painted my lips with your overrated crown.

    Still I continued to believe in your lies,
    And got carried away like flies.
    I spun constellations around our stars,
    Only for them to fall apart...
    Crumbling to dust under the midnight,
    Where we lost our non-existant spark.


  • the_creative_mind 83w


    My first acrostic poem on December!

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    Back to December!

    D - Dark blue decor, sparkling lights,
    E - Enthusiasm of kids, dazzling bright
    C - Calming snowflakes, Golden roses,
    E - Every writer writing prose.
    M - Midnight coffee, starlit nights,
    B - Buzzing, smiling; Christmas lights.
    E - Endless talks, faded smiles
    R - Rushing adrenaline—walking miles.