sometimes all you need to do is to find the other way..��

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  • the_collector 16w

    Sound of silence

    When the sun goes down
    And all the trees look pink
    There are no thoughts
    Left to think ....

    When the wind has whistled
    One last time
    There’s one last empty glass of wine
    And the pearls in the sea that shine....

    When the yelling has finally ceased
    The world is now at peace
    When the phones are all put down
    And there is only you that's around....

    When there’s no more singing from the birds
    Silence is the most beautiful sound
    I have ever heard....


  • the_collector 32w

    Be the one

    Be the hope, be the cure

    Be the kindly spoken word

    Be the one less to be heard

    Be the one that listens more....

    Be the holder of the key

    Be the one that lets it be

    When advice is given free

    Tread with that advice lightly....

    Be a comfort to the soul

    A help to those who need it most

    Praise them high while staying low

    No one likes a know-it-all....

    Be the breath that's always fresh

    Be the last one that is left

    To those in need, a helping hand

    Be the one that says you can....

    Be the light that's in the dark

    Be the changing of the guard

    Be the tiniest of sparks

    Be exactly who you are....


  • the_collector 57w


    Some people find the lovepool

    And decided to dive right in

    Before even testing the temperature

    To see if it's warm enough to swim....

    Some people lather themselves up

    Just to lay out in the sun

    As they watch all the others frolic

    Wishing they could join in on the fun....

    Some pools are rather murky

    So you must keep and eye on the sharks

    Shallow or deep they'll take you off at the knees

    For a closer advantage to tear out your heart....

    Some step out of the pool

    After a swim in the deep end

    Play the part of a wading fool

    And jump right back in again....

    With no life guard on duty

    To blow the whistle when you've had enough

    You best be careful when you swim

    In the lovepool....


  • the_collector 66w

    MESS IT UP❇️

    You're scared of it
    But you want it so bad
    You dream of it
    Something you've never had....

    It's strong
    But extremely perishable
    It can last long
    And be very dependable....

    You approach it with intention
    Wanting a forever
    Knowing nothing is perfection
    Cause there will be error....

    You want the first
    To be your last
    And this curse
    Will strike you fast....

    Was it all too much
    Or just not enough
    Our minds having a similar touch
    That made a bond so tough....

    Do we have to go and mess it up?


  • the_collector 94w

    She's the one

    She's the cover that draws you in
    From the front to the back
    She's the book I'd love to read....

    She's a real page turner
    Dog eared from right to left
    She's the book I'd love to read....

    You just can not put her down
    And with that being said
    She's the book I'd love to read....

    With a voice angelic
    From the vast heavens above
    She's the song I'd love to sing....

    Sweetly hums her melody
    From here to kingdom come
    She's the song I'd love to sing....

    Is there anything more welcoming
    Than the air filled with song
    She's the song I'd love to sing....

    Sweet fragrance to the point
    Where that is all I need
    She's the air I'd love to breathe....

    Feeling all a-flutter
    Light headed in her breeze
    She's the air I'd love to breathe....

    Far more than my lungs could hold
    But not less than I need
    She's the air I'd love to breathe....


  • the_collector 95w


    Just when I think I've conquered anger
    It rears it's ugly head….
    Just when I'm in most need of patience
    There isn't any left….
    Just when I feel I'm moving forward
    I fall two steps behind….
    Just when I'm sure I've made it
    Somebody moves the line….
    Just when things are running smooth
    I hit a bumpy road….
    Just when I've got it all figured out
    There's something new I'm shown….
    Just when I'm about to make my point
    I can't remember what's been said….
    Just when I'm about to sharpen it
    I run out of lead….
    Just when I feel I can take no more
    Just when I've had enough
    Just then is when I see the need
    For the power of your love….


  • the_collector 96w

    I want to see

    I want to see what makes you laugh
    I want to see what makes you cry
    I want to see deep inside your heart
    And know the reason why....

    I want to see the time it takes
    To get close to where you are
    I want to see where love comes from
    As we're held in each other's arms....

    I want to see our beginning
    But I never want to see our end
    I want to see it now And I want to see it then
    I want to see the sunshine
    Reflect off your morning smile....

    I want to see it once
    And then again a million times
    I want to see all your desires
    Mixed in with all your needs....

    I want to watch you sleep at night
    So I can see inside your dreams
    I want to see the playback
    When all of this comes true
    Then I want to see it rewound
    And watch it all again with you....


  • the_collector 101w


    You have grown flowers in a withered garden
    Sprouted lilies and sunflowers
    Where other seeds never prospered
    From unforgiving soil that conquered....

    You grew consistency and created hope
    Like the faithful caretaker you are
    You quenched the thirst of a dehydrated spirit
    In every corner of my heart you visit....

    You have done more for me
    Than any poem I write could explain
    You are everything one can gain
    You wash all my problems just like rain....

    You caress my face with your warm hands
    You offer only love and no demands
    Sometimes I wonder how can it be
    All I want is you to rain on me....

    Your soft gaze assures me
    Because it's wasteland what others see
    But you wonder with us together
    What a beautiful place it can be....


  • the_collector 106w

    The light of our home

    Majestic, wonderful, a beautiful art.
    One single touch can heal a broken heart.
    Time passes by, but her beauty never fades
    Her hugs so tight, I no longer feel scared.
    Enchanting kiss gives me strength to dare.
    Remarkable woman, no one else can compare


  • the_collector 108w

    You are Home♥️

    No matter how
    Indoors or out
    I never am alone....

    Inside the heat
    Or cold on the street
    You are what's going on....

    There's no surprise
    It's always you that
    I find Where I am going....

    I count it all Blessings
    for sure Because you
    are my Home....

    With memories Sweet as can be
    You're where they all come from
    In you I find The best in this life....

    That I have ever known
    Take it all in from beginning to end
    All life's highs and lows....

    From the very start Beat of my heart
    Because you are my Home
    MY MOM