Dark night with no light ,which i shouldn't get used to ,but i have gotten used to it..

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  • the_cheerful_sorrower 39w

    In my mind
    I still try to find the feelings
    which I tried to hide...

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 52w

    Me after listening to five true crime podcasts in a row

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 55w

    All we got is fighting

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 55w

    Safety of woman is myth

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    Demons does not lurk in shadows , they lurks inside darkness of human

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 56w

    # tears

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    When your mind is clouded , rain is needed for sunshine

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 56w

    Flawed feelings flowing flawlessly .

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 59w

    Once a flower is withered it will never bloom again

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 65w

    Even if I am the cause of your pain
    I still won't provide you condolences
    Because if I do that, then it will be all in vain
    As you will fail to absorb what it embraces

    Rather than being a reason for your failure
    I will be cause of your singularity
    Because in my brain I know
    We are same poles
    So we should repel
    Atleast this way you will prevail

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 66w

    With my heavy heart
    I wave goodbye
    Yeah we fall out
    Yeah we were hurt
    Still I wished for magical spurt
    Neither the spurt came
    Nor pain went away
    So my wish remained unfulfilled
    For us to stay
    I agree
    I was naive like child
    Everything I felt was trite
    Yeah we should have remonstrated
    So that things wouldn't end that way
    Maybe Our path will wend one day
    But now singularity is my solace
    My mundane life is my euphoria

  • the_cheerful_sorrower 66w

    All we can do to increase our phase and hope that demons can't keep up