i hate people who like my post randomly without reading them��

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  • the_black_flames 127w

    ��I just want to let my feeling out, I am not an environmental activist nor an animal activist but still I am filled with sadness...��

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    "Amazon is burning , so is my heart"


  • the_black_flames 149w

    Isn't life a simple beauty ?
    It repeats but never forgets
    to make us regret each and every single time.

    We crave,
    We cry,
    We carve.

    Don't we all wanna escape the cry part ...
    Well the only time I know we can escape it is , when we have a birthday cake to crave and carve.

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    We crave,
    We cry,
    We carve.


  • the_black_flames 150w

    ........................��An important notice��....................

    I found this letter �� lying around , I couldn't find who this is addressed to. That's why I posted here. Do you think it's a letter from someone you know to you.

    (Sorry I read your letter, but it seems a person who lost the will to paddle is like non existent to the boat(life)).

    Repost this to let the addressee find it..

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    "An empty boat in a moody sea",
    that's me.
    tearfully yours,


  • the_black_flames 150w

    *⃣ Actually I was writing another poem, as I was thinking about first two lines to give it a start , I thought of a scenery to start my poem, but the scenery entered my mind to create a seperate poem for it... I hope you understand this poem...��

    #⃣ From the director of mushy mushy poem��

    #⃣Tried out another new genre... I keep diversifying myself hope you like it..

    It's simply artistic beauty, read the poem keenly and try to understand what I am portraying then you could find a beauty , it's not like the other 3 poems of mine to connect with you suddenly..

    ✍................. Is title needed for this one...................✍


    I wonder, if that was love,
    If not, what was it?
    I'll tell you a short tale of two,
    and you decide what to do.

    I dipped my feet in small mounds of sand,
    as I walked by to meet a friend.
    I already took a glimpse of her from far,
    a glimmering blueish attire gave her away.

    I picked up my pace to see her face,
    Aww! as always she started waving at me.
    I really wanted to fall on her,
    but I waved here back with just my smile.

    I brought my chair and a umbrella roof,
    as it was mid of a sunny day.
    I unrolled it and sat polar to my friend,
    and started watching her glittering dance.

    A guy near me said "isn't she a beauty",
    I was proud of my friend and replied,
    "Yes, she is a true beauty to be adored".
    he mocked me saying "I am not speaking about the stupid sea that you are adoring ".

    With a broken heart I turned to the human he pointed.
    As I turned, a slight breeze flew over her hair.
    Just One look at her,
    Boom! a storm just blew my heart afar.

    She was the eye of attraction of all eyes,
    but all failed to get the attention of her eye.
    I knew I was out of her league,
    but felt happy as no one took her away.

    The atmosphere was getting hotter,
    as the sun was entering as a competitor.
    Many mocked it ,as how would he get a chance,
    with no six pack up his sleeve.

    But he swam over the sky,
    reaching the horizon,
    leaving his duty of day behind.
    With a lot of confidence,
    he gave a smile of radiance.
    Engulfed by his charm,
    she shied away ,
    with a blush of yellow radiance in her face.

    ___________________THE END__________________

    ��Is it love or not?

    If you dont understand just ask in the comments..��

    ��hope you understood the poem, if yes comment how it was ,except ( amazing, wonderful, beautiful) just say what you think... & Repost if you think it is good or just ignore.��

    0⃣ Say if title is required or not..

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod
    #tod_wt #jdmreads

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    He swam over the sky,
    reaching the horizon,
    leaving his duty of day behind.
    With a lot of confidence,
    he gave a smile of radiance.
    Engulfed by his charm,
    she shied away ,
    with a blush of yellow radiance in her face.


  • the_black_flames 150w

    *⃣ @dharitri_subhashree I choose your title cuzz I find it close to my poem. I sincerely all my mirakee mates for giving a title.��

    #⃣ From the director of Mushy Mushy poem.��

    #⃣Tried out a new genre. And it requires a title.

    �� Read the poem calmly and slowly to extract it's beauty better. & If you see this "....." after a word, leave a pause to read the next word.

    ✍................The twenty first -t lub ik dub .................✍


    This is the first line of the poem,
    calm your mind to feel the rhythm.
    The rhythm of tik......tik......tik,
    in a silent room of me and a clock.

    Tune your mind to its finest imagination,
    as you are going to live the moment through my narration.
    The ruler of space and time was bored,
    so he sent me to a room with a note.

    A note with a red ink,
    "Death at the twenty first tik".
    As soon as I read it ,
    I heard tik......tik......tik of the clock.

    I wondered if there's a way out,
    but it was a closed room, painted with gleaming white.
    Tik.....tik......tik,it was the sixth click,
    "what the f**k!"was all I could think.

    I looked the note a second time,
    it had a second line.
    "Death at the twenty first tik,
    make a noise and escape ,just think!"

    Death has never ruled over my heart,
    I know it comes when it feels like it.
    To make a noise I gave a hard shout,
    but all I heard was tik......tik......tik.

    A sudden uneasiness spread like flames,
    burning the shell of my heart into fumes.
    "Where did my scream go!"I exclaimed,
    "I don't know!" My brain replied.

    I clapped my trembling hands once,
    but heard tik......tik.....tik,thrice.
    Tried to make a noise once more,
    only to spread my uneasiness more and more.

    Tik......tik......tik the sound got louder,
    No! my senses got keener.
    I noticed I couldn't even hear my own breathing,
    the life of absolute silence is so horrifying.

    I had never feared death before,
    but now ,am falling apart to its roar.
    Hundreds of emotions and memories,
    are just flocking my mind like flies.

    "Am I going to be dead" I thought,
    I wanted to see my family a lot.
    Every tik......tik......tik, of the clock,
    meant death at my door "knock....

    I fell on my knees,
    so did my tears.
    I never loved the world nor did it love me,
    but somehow I felt, I wanted to live.

    I looked at the white lit floor,
    punched it hard as I couldn't handle it anymore.
    Blood splashed from my knuckle,
    painting the floor with my struggle.

    Tik.... Just two clicks away,
    by now I had even lost my will to pray.
    Tik...... number twenty,
    I started to cry hard like a baby.

    Tears started pouring like rain ,
    rushed like river to mix with the droplets of blood.
    The misery of my cry
    is that, I couldn't hear my own cry.

    The fear of death mixed with my blood,
    to burst my veins and overflow like flood.

    I closed my teary eyes to die at the last click,
    ___________________t..lub..ik dub.__,
    I opened eyes wide,
    I was indeed saved.
    My salty tears,
    turned to sweet ones.

    I heard another click,
    which overvelmed the tik of the clock.
    Indeed I was still hearing the dubs,
    lub dub..lub dub..lub dub..lub dub.

    My heart was scared,
    so the poor child drummed,
    with all his life,
    to save my life.

    I woke up from my dream,
    but still heard the rampaging drum.

    I tried to cool my heart,
    by saying
    "Don't worry buddy,we still didn't depart,
    our lives may be short,
    but we are yet to see our best part,
    so never lose heart my heart,
    Let's paint our lives with the world of art."

    *⃣ Read it a second time as you may truly know the flavour of this work.
    Say your views and repost��

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  • the_black_flames 152w

    �� I had asked readers to give me a title. And I had chosen one .

    1⃣ @mismagical . I choose your title..cuzz it's more closer to me.

    2⃣ @twilightqueen . I sincerely thank you for your care of my poem.

    3⃣ I sincerely thank all my mirakee mates for giving me a title.
    #From the director of Mushy Mushy poem.
    #Tried out in dark genre.

    .............................��It ate me whole ��........................

    A hole in my soul,
    a hollow scar ,gifted by war.

    A war of endless rage,
    bathing the arena with reddened wine.

    A lone warrior ,my soul,
    an abyss of demons also my own.
    Each demon with its own dagger,
    waiting to taste the wine, dripping from my flesh.

    The cries of my soul so loud,
    sympathy from you or me won't stop his roar.
    The red painted arena so awful,
    a minute in it,would turn you a dreadful fool.

    A demon rose from the abyss,
    Like none I have seen before.
    Dressed in dark flames,
    Bore a pitch black sword.

    Piercing through the flesh of my soul,
    it's dagger massacred through my senses,destroying the core.

    Neither did i cry in pain,
    Nor spilled a tear with my lifeless eyes.
    Should I even care about it?
    As it doesn't bleed or pain.
    Its like a void that isn't connected to me,
    shutting my emotions one by one.
    I found out its not just a hole,
    but a blackhole,
    a vampire of my essence.

    The hole gets bigger and bigger,
    sucking my soul bit by bit,
    I feel like a meat,
    who is feeding myself to it......


    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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  • the_black_flames 153w

    ...............✍No questions ��, just read it✍..................

    As all amateurs do,
    I also surged my mind to give me a clue.
    Oh well ! if you are wondering why I used my mind,
    I wanted to write some poems to enlighten my mind.

    Well, I wanted to write a poem but I came up with all the repeating topics,
    only to face palm myself for dreaming to be one of the epics.

    Then I turned around to look for something to write,
    I saw the window, door ,curtains, ceiling, it's not tempting to write right?
    Then suddenly, I noticed Mr. Mushy Mushy who didn't have a name few seconds ago,
    I wondered, if he thinks I am a weirdo.

    I thought he would give an honest opinion to me,
    as he's the one more closer to me,
    But the thing is, he can't answer to me,
    Oh! Poor me.
    Still my mind was tempted to get his opinion,
    So it made a crazy plan which I couldn't deny as it's only minion.

    So it told me that it would create a living version of Mr. Mushy Mushy in my head,
    I did knew that i would be crazy to accept but the thing is, I was just bored in my bed.
    My cool virtual self entered the realm of my mind in all its marvel,
    Only to be upset that no one awaited my arrival.

    I asked my mind where is Mr. Mushy Mushy,
    It said he is behind the tree feeling shy.

    I just went near the tree and asked him why are you shy Mr. Mushy Mushy,
    He replied that he was not Mr but Miss Mushy Mushy,
    Which made my cheeks blushy blushy.
    My mind poked me saying why are you blushing you pervert,
    I replied Come on man! She is girl and I am an introvert.

    Then I asked her my question " will you marry me ?"
    Sorry! Ohhhh me!
    That wasn't the question right?
    You know what she was a beauty dressed in light.

    Anyway I asked her the intended question" do you think I am a weirdo"
    And dear readers don't use your imagination to think I would have waited for a reply like " absolutely No ! You are my Romeo."

    *********��������Intermission ��������**********
    *(Attention readers this poem would diverge and have two types of endings , if you want a funny ending which is similar to first part then choose **part 1**, if you want to experience my experiment then choose **part 2**) .

    *********************Ending part 1******************

    Well she replied " No! But you do funny stuffs most of the time " with a smile,
    I didn't even listen to her words, I was just glad my pillow is girlie.

    If you are wondering who is Miss Mushy Mushy she is my pillow,
    And by the way male readers you aren't allowed to say to her a 'hello'.

    I would have great sleeps from now on,
    I think it's time to wrap this silly poem and move on.

    Hey readers!
    Become this poem's commentators.
    Hope you are fine after reading something about my pillow,
    Or do you want to beat me with a willow.
    I know some of you thought it was funny,
    And some would want to boil me in their curry.
    Sorry for wasting your time if you think so,
    And also ,
    Do you think I am a weirdo?



    Ending Part 2

    Well she replied " No! But you do funny stuffs most of the time " with a smile,
    The whole realm of imagination turned so silent,
    The red blushy face turned pale,
    Eyes started to cloud with water,
    The funny messy little poem you were reading turned sensitive,
    Readers start to wonder why is the poem getting weirder,
    Even the michiveous mind held his head down as he knew what her line did to me,
    It shattered my funny ryhmes ,
    Made my heart heavy,
    Got sunken with guilt,
    And a great pride towards her.

    I was a monster to her,
    Kicked her,
    Punched her,
    Weaponised her,
    Jumped on her,
    Rested on her,
    With no remorse for her,
    But she only sang her silent melodies at night,
    Making me sleep like a baby protected by a knight.

    I know she is my imagination not a real thing,
    But her words felt so real which made a sting.
    She suddenly said " why so dull, just be the funny bunny you blushy",
    I replied " you are the sweetest pillow in all the heaven & hell Miss Mushy Mushy".
    Then she vanished like a sparking fuzzy,
    Now I stared at my pillow who is Miss Mushy Mushy,
    I promised to take care of her ,
    Oh ! Blessed are my nights to have her as my caretaker.

    Hey readers!
    Hope you are fine after reading a story about my pillow,
    Or do you want to beat me with a willow.
    I know some of you thought it was funny,
    And some would want to boil me in their curry.
    Sorry for wasting your time if you think so,
    And also ,
    Do you think I am a weirdo?



    #weird #weirdthoughts #random #funny #casual #happy #fun #mirakee #helpme #help @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersworld_ @writerstolli

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  • the_black_flames 153w

    ..........................✍MY THOUGHTS��✍..........................

    �� I felt sad one day and started to write what ever came to my mind.✍

    ...............✍My heart is fragile but still its hard as a rock to fly in the sky. The days and nights are strangers to me , whatever the color the sky becomes, my mind just seems clueless. My mind created its own world , an unbound cage where the walls are non exist but still am imprisoned. The meaning of life isn't my concern, the meaning of meaning itself is my question. My mind just asked itself a question which is the most taboo of all the taboo questions in the world. I know if I don't give a proper answer to it I could be destroyed.

    ..................But I think it knows in its inner self that nothing truly has a meaning , the meaning itself is like the water shapeless it doesn't have its own meaning, it just attains the shape of the thought that our mind creates, the shaped jar is sold to the other and soon spread like a flu to every mind it can enter, the created jar which shaped the water is soon turned to be a so called true meaning. Some break the jar but they only create another unique jar and start to say it's the true meaning, this meaningless world has seen far too true meaning jars than it can count , when I close my eyes, I imagine the world is laughing like a fool , watching the fools of the world trying to enclose the waters of the universe in a simple unworthy jar they created.

    ....................I know we are fools but I know I am a greater fool for not understanding that to drink the waters of understanbility of the universe , you need a jar ,it may be worthy , unworthy or may be ugly but you need one or you may become like the water that you have never drunk. Not drinking this water will not make you thirsty if you have never tasted in the first place , you will just become like a meaningless shapeless just like the water. The water gets its flavour from the jar you chose to drink , each jar has its own flavour which mixes with the water and each gives a new enlightenment to the mind . You can never drink the water without a jar ,no one has tasted the raw flavour of water, all the souls have tasted it with the added flavour of the jar. The one who can taste it raw must be the one who flows with nature of the universe with no jars but swims in the waters of the universe the one who could see the entire waters of universe as his sip of tea , the GOD himself. Or maybe GOD himself is a jar created by man to contain vast waters of universe.��

    ......Hope u had a great time reading this ��.��


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    My thoughts

    ~Read the captain~


  • the_black_flames 180w

    Of all the endless possibilities in life,
    I chose few and became the 'me' that you see.
    Have you ever wondered of an another you,
    Well , I have , the perfection of 'me'.
    A 'me' that chose the golden path,
    And lives my fantasy as his reality.
    Yet he is 'me',
    All I could wonder where is he.
    Hey 'me',since you are me,
    You would know what I would ask thee.
    All I want is to swap our lives for a day,
    And live my fantasy till my tears of joy blind my eye.

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  • the_black_flames 181w

    An indirect message to God

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