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  • the_amorist 1d

    Relationships, their sanctity
    I would uphold for eternity
    Would turn a blind eye
    To existing ones as far as be the concerns of intrusions
    Saying I accept things as they are, would be a lie
    For I’ve never been the type to merely settle
    Till I came across an entity
    Simply otherworldly, a gift to humanity
    By the gods
    It’s these thoughts
    I love and loathe
    For it’s unnerving
    When I feel deserving
    Of something
    Of which I feel unworthy
    Yet ‘tis not a fact
    Whose alteration I possess not
    The capability
    Silly it may be
    But what be my options
    When I seek to stick
    With my discovery
    Of the only temple
    That feels like home?
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • the_amorist 4d

    To you I surrender
    A touch; oh so tender
    Flavoured with a scent
    Like lavender; so redolent

    My heart flaxen by your ember
    The call to my answer
    The darkness where I had to fall
    Becoming merely a shadow
    The price I paid for being callow

    Mistook you for a genie
    As I wished to be free
    And an illusion be
    All you bestowed upon me

    Tattoos of freedom and individuality
    Now just shackles merely
    Our world's came into collision
    As you blinded me from my grave decision

    'All part of my vision'
    You mumbled as your schemes tumbled
    'Destined for fruition'
    Humbled as your dreams crumbled.

    With glee do I beam in retrospection
    As I sit on afternoon tea
    Turning a deaf ear to your plea
    Grateful I can finally see

    #Life #Love #writersbay
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • the_amorist 1w

    Misery like quicksand
    I stretch out my hand
    Into whistles in the dark
    Have my cries metamorphosised

    The more I struggle
    The deeper I descend
    Running out of hope
    Vainly I yell 'pass me a rope'

    Never sank so deep
    This pain; mine to keep
    In the distance does my spirit weep
    A nightmare without sleep

    My fantasy my only relief
    No more tricks up my sleeve
    Sinking beyond my cranium
    Where my thoughts be uranium

    Naked and raw
    At the last straw
    I wear your smile
    At my exile

    Never been spiritual
    But I pray for a miracle
    A message subliminal
    Of a dream unfeasible

    #Life #Love #MentalHealth #writersbay
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A Miracle


  • the_amorist 1w

    Hot pink
    To signify our identity lest it go awry
    In this journey of awakening that society be on the brink
    For life which we celebrate. For the life of each individual discriminated and left for dead
    Symbolising healing from the wounds and scars
    We suffered from a lynch of injustice by a society for whom we be the festooning fringe
    Granting sunlight for they who in the midst of storms were forced to mellow
    For nature in whom we be iridescent and to whom we be no stranger
    Reminding us we're works of art
    Everytime we're told it's 'a matter of choice'
    Promising serenity to every entity
    For the prosecution they had to undergo
    Remniscent of mankind's spirit
    To which man has every so often been blind

    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    The Pride

    The Pride Flag's Initial Colors
    Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo & Violet.

  • the_amorist 1w


    I face the music
    Having been toxic
    I used to be a hopless romantic
    Here I now sit, hurting with no anesthetic

    A darkness seeking to consume me
    Echoes of voices telling me I should let it
    "You're an entity with no empathy
    The cause of this atrocity, reconcile? Forget it!"

    Amidst the chaos, i glance over
    To a beam of light with a source so kosher
    Glistening on me, causing a desire overflowing with fervour
    Helpless, best I can do is express with candour

    This dream, this fantasy
    As unworthy as I may be
    I still wish be a reality

  • the_amorist 1w


    In me, you evoke an inebriation
    The kind that resides in the mind
    I juxtapose you to a manifestation
    One of dopamine in human form

    A fons et origo that was a fortuity
    Derailed to an abysmal finale
    It's my fate I must coxswain
    Towards the cure to my pain

    A panacea that's unqiue
    Painting a Chesire's Cat's grin on my face
    When I fall from grace
    And all else looks nothing but bleak

    The hand I hope to hold
    The face I hope to behold
    Somewhere in the future that unfolds
    The one whose smile I hope to cause
    On days when all else seems lost
    As I gaze into the blankness so somber
    Till the days when the greys on my head outnumber
    The worries and sorrows in it
    Right next to me is where I wish you slumber

  • the_amorist 1w


    Surrounded by clouds of rue
    Who could fathom what would ensue?
    Misdeeds like acid rain
    Pour down on the peace I seek to attain

    Hope like a wandering firefly
    Dwindling as it passes by
    Oblivious I am to its intention
    Grateful I am to its decision

    To what did I owe such an opulent sighting
    As rare as being struck by lighting?
    What deems me worthy in the cosmos
    Of a meek with an entity so grandiose?

    From the moment we met
    I likened thee to a flower bearing the name of cosmo
    Never waivering and never failing
    To bloom or grow inspite of adversity and woe

  • the_amorist 2w


    A demeanor so passionate
    On the prefect, dysomania's perfect candidate
    Whose treatment no matter how affectionate
    Be regarded as not having lived up to expectation yet

    Emptiness in him like the grand canyon
    A pen and a pad be his only companion
    Melodies and fallacies the only distraction
    A notion rendering him incapable of attraction

    Time heals all wounds
    But what of the cicatrices?
    The echos refusing to put him at ease
    Pain crashing into him like typhoons

    Habitually life can be comical
    For the eyes that sport humour-tinted glasses
    And for the one with fewer privileges,
    The view be cynical

  • the_amorist 2w

    Note: I got inspired by a Bollywood love song I happened to listen to. It became too tempting to try and write sth since a lot of bollywood songs are some of the most beautiful and richest ones(much like the cultures in Indian) imo. :)

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    Two Hearts disentangled by interspace
    Palpitating with fervour
    Helpless, thoughts enter space
    Hunting for a hope-filled precursor

    We were the moon to each other's stars
    Healing each other's wounds, kissing each other's scars
    The Andromeda to my Perseus
    Blessed with beauty so outrageous

    Impossible a task it be to remain impervious
    Holdin' your hands, Emboldened I am
    Fearless as I voyage through the great expanse
    Invincible I become laying waste to foes like Cetus

    And come the day we perish
    Right next to each other in the vast firament
    Must we be embellished
    For that be my greatest wish

  • the_amorist 3w

    A Blast To The Past

    An argument atop an escalator
    Doesn't that sound promising?
    Once in a while must one be an excavator 
    Dig into the past

    History has a way of reminding one of itself
    Lest it be forgotten
    Millions downtrodden 
    Yet humanity brims with vanity

    Credulous factions of an ilk
    Cajoled to ween their consanguinity
    Be akin to raw silk
    The only kind that be pure 
    Yet their beliefs be fabricated
    Clad in haute couture
    They mosey around with a grin
    As those they deem inferior be exterminated