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  • the_alchemist 59w

    My Peace

    As I wandered off my path
    I found two mountains in front of me
    Beautifully covered in red
    I took a walk through them
    Calm and soothing thought caught my mind
    A feeling of being absolute
    As if they wanted me there
    The sheer beauty of them
    Left me in an awe


  • the_alchemist 132w

    Death & Immortality

    Death is more forgiving they say but I would rather chose immortality to welcome death with open arms only to realise there isn't one for me.

    I'll die each day yet live to see another, being forgiven everyday for the sins I never did.


  • the_alchemist 151w

    I walk through all the episodes again
    Remembering everything I could
    Seeking the element of peace
    A hopeful surge to find something new
    Only to deny what I already know


  • the_alchemist 155w

    People tend to cling on to the past getting themselves lost in a delusion world of their beautiful thoughts just to feel accepted once even if it's in a tender imagination.


  • the_alchemist 159w

    As the music played in my ears
    Found my mind dancing along with the melodies
    I lie down on my bed letting it all happen
    Every verse taking me to an inconceivable place
    A beautiful kaleidoscope of my very own thoughts


  • the_alchemist 169w

    Now that you tend to return
    I don't know what to feel
    Should I be afraid of not knowing you over the past years
    Not having any clue of your new life
    Be happy about the arrival of a better you
    Standing at the edge of this mountain
    Submerged in this dilemma
    I guess my confused mind is allowed to feel both ways

  • the_alchemist 170w

    Aren't we all writers for a reason. Just as music is a musician's passion, writing is our way of letting what we burried deep under that pretentious heavy heart out. Out of the system for our own betterment. Why dwell in the bad when you can make something beautiful and happy out of it by remembering all the good that was there. It still hurts a little but it's our way of reconciling with our own self and making peace with what haunts us the most on our darkest days. Doesn't matter how or what you write because it's the way we choose to portray our soul in the most beautiful and artistic way.


  • the_alchemist 179w

    Many a times I wish I could turn back time when the days were simpler but then we do have to live with the choices we make.


  • the_alchemist 184w


    They rally for their corrupted kings
    Heading into the unknown
    With no surety of tomorrow
    Sacrificing a life of their own
    Memories not made
    Festivals unsung
    Still selflessly protecting the ungrateful
    Dipped from head to toe in loyalty
    To possess a quality so rare
    Makes them a precious jewel
    Waiting to be loved
    To be appreciated
    To be respected


  • the_alchemist 185w

    Captivated by her unfathomable presence
    Found myself tripping on her redolence
    Carrying fire amidst of all darkness
    Light I have been waiting to find
    Rising sun to my breaking dawn