I am a new potential author. I live in Jamaica. My passion is writing poetry but I have recently started to dabble in story writing.

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  • thatweirdislandgirl 23w

    I think its a bad idea to drink red wine and write so late in the night. #latenight #randomthoughts

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    A Poem From My Heart

    I wrote you a poem today on the four chambers of my heart.
    The walls of my heart were the four corners of each page
    As I write each word of love with the blood in my heart as the ink
    My heart became extremly happy and began to beat and danced to its own rhythm
    So I decided that I would send the poem that I wrote for you in my heart
    I signed it with love , and used a string from my coronary arteries to hold it together.
    And as my heart pumps blood to the rest of my body, my heart pumps my eternal love to you.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 23w

    I'm not Ok

    In my state of vulnerabilty as I nurse a broken heart , you asked me three simple words "Are you OK?" and I burst into full blown tears. So, no I'm not OK.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 23w

    Writers Block

    It would appear that I have writers block
    As I stare at an empty page and watched it stared back
    It seems to be saying nothing and everything at the same time
    It seems to be saying, " just write one word, write one line"
    It seems to be saying " don't overthink, just write what is in your thoughts or write what you feel in your heart"
    But still I had nothing not even the title of what I want to write , which sometimes come last
    For a second I thought I had a thought but it was nothing because in a second it was gone- forgotten
    So I guess I will write about nothing or simply see what's on TV to see if I get inspired
    I always do that and then I get tired and go to sleep or just get some weird cravings for something weird to eat

    I think it's best I just rest and let it happen naturally
    Words will revisit along with the voice of what I want to say
    So yeah...I have nothing to write today because I have writers block.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 24w

    Take Me

    Take me for who I am
    Just me, a simple human
    Take me for what you see
    And who I can be potentially
    Why don't you take me?
    And love me
    For me
    And only me
    Please take me.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 24w

    You make me Smile

    Sometimes It's not just the art of your sweet lovemaking
     that makes me smile
    Sometimes, its the way you gaze at me lovingly
    And kiss my forehead that drives me wild

    Sometimes, it's just simply hugging me from behind 
    and kissing my ear
    And sometimes it's getting me a gift for no particular reason 
    or pulling out my chair

    I smile when you kiss away my tears 
    After crying for something  silly like a pretty earring
    And it makes me smile 
    when you tell me I'm still beautiful and sexy 
    after childbearing

    It makes me smile 
    when you call in the middle of a hard day
    just to say "I love you"
    And my frowns disappear 
    When you say "I'm busy
    but I'm thinking  of you too"

    I love when you write me a poem 
    that doesn't rhyme
    And it makes me smile
    when you make up for not being on time.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 24w

    When It Rains

    Sometimes when it rains

    It puts me in an awful mood

    Where I hate the sound of other people's laughter

    And the taste of my favorite food

    Because it was on a rainy day

    when you said you love me

    As we lay in bed eating pizza and drinking beer

    On that same day we had a pillow fight

    And I remember how hard we laughed

    As we watched the feathers flying everywhere

    Now I can't sleep on a feathered pillow

    Because I keep remembering how you use to lay next to me

    How it's like I can still feel the warmth of your breath on my neck

    Or your hands caressing me

    Sometimes I feel like the rain is taunting me

    As every drop mirrors the tears pouring down my face

    And the thunder seems to magnify the sound of my heart breaking

    As I curl up in a ball and cry for days

    But I guess with time

    The scar around my heart will heal and lessen the pain

    And the sun will shine so bright for me

    That I will learn how to be happy and smile again.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 24w

    We are actors and actresses in this life. Sometimes we cover up what is really happening on the inside with a smile and deep down we are crying out for help inside. #thereishope

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    Tomorrow is a New Day

    They say tomorrow is a new day
    But I don’t think I’m going to  be there
    I don’t think that I should stay
    They say joy comes in the morning
    But I don’t think that I can wait
    I’m too tired to stay awake
    I don’t want to be here
    Lately, I’ve been thinking
    That I feel so empty inside
    Is this why I’m sinking?
    My bottles are empty
    Maybe I should start drinking
    I don’t think I want to be here
    No pills can take away the pain
    No drink strong enough
    I don’t want to be here
    I’m not strong enough- I can’t take the shame
    Only death can give me peace again
    I don’t think I should be here
    Am I so invisible?
    Why can't nobody see me drowning?
    I just need a little air
    Someone to remind me why I am here
    Am I supposed to be here?
    Help me!
    Someone just help me
    Someone help me, please!
    They say tomorrow is a new day
    What if I want to stay?

  • thatweirdislandgirl 25w

    You add flovour to my life

    I opened my kitchen cupboard this morning and I started to cry
    I don't know why but I was reminded of you by the flavour of my favourite spice
    As I took down the small glass bottle with its white grains all clustered together
    I was reminded of us and how much you had add flavour to my life and then the tears just keep pouring from my eyes as I remember all the lies that you told me and the beautiful dream of forever that you sold me.

    As I look at my bottle of salt, I remember how you came in my life and revitalized it and make it more tasteful. And just like the flavour of salt that adds flavour to everything, you were my everything so how could you have added too much salt and corned my heart and make me so hateful? Yet I know that our love and time spent together wasn't an act that was wasteful because you were the flavour of my favourite spice, you were the salt in my life.
    I know it's just the pain of me missing you because just like my favourite spice that adds taste to everything you were my everything.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 25w

    Knock Me Off My Feet

    Softly, slowly, sweetly he kissed my cheek
    Silence, breath trapped, words lost I forgot to speak
    My sweaty, shaky hands he placed upon his chest
    And my heart raced, stopped, then fluttered beneath my breast
    I love him deeply, boldly from the darkest of night to the light of day
    And with bated breath, patiently, quietly I listened for what he'd say
    "Here" he said, "This my heart, is yours to keep"
    And louder, faster and harder my loving heart it beats
    "I love you" he said,” my air, my heart, my soul, my skin"
    And on bended knees and upon my finger, slowly and gently he placed a ring
    I needed a chair, some air, my knees they felt weak
    And as I said yes, I thought this was what it meant
    To knock someone off their feet.

  • thatweirdislandgirl 25w

    I Dare You To Love Me

    With a heart that is shattered
    Until all that's left is splinters
    With a heart that has lost all of it's sunshine
    And stuck in eternal winters
    I dare you to love me

    With lips always so taut
    That speaks only words of hostility
    And hips that no longer sway
    Because I've lost all confidence in my sexuality
    Go ahead! I dare you to love me

    With a face that is hardened  with anger
    And eyes so cold
    And a soul drained of all love
    And replaced with a hatred so bold
    By all means, I dare you to love me

    To see my bitterness
    And know it's pain
    To be brave enough, to step out of your  sunshine
    And stand with me in the rain
    Go ahead...I dare you to love me

    Because you would not just be crazy
    But also strong
    To dare love a partially damage
    And a completely broken woman.